Customize channels for guilds and topics

I have been hanging around in bankless dao for couple of weeks, it was alright but recently something made me more and more distracted. There are too many guilds and topics in the channel, which is too difficult for people to focus on certain guilds and topics, it’s sometimes quite dizzy scrolling up and down to find the topics I am after.

I have a suggestion to make it convenient for people to add/remove guilds or topics under a guild . It is something like guild-select channel:

People can tick on/off the emojis under the options to add/remove the guilds they want to show up in their discord channel.

Under each guild, there should be something like that to add/remove topics under that guild.

If we can customize the guilds and topics under a guild, this can make bankless dao discord more convenient and friendly to use. People can easily find their guilds and topics tailored for them and concentrate on them.

You can mute channels and then set muted channels to be hidden. If nearly every channel had a role there would be dozens and dozens more roles, which would create a lot of work for the admins. It would also mean when you look at someone’s account to see where they’re working it would just be an endless list of Roles. Also, within each guild I don’t think there are many channels that aren’t useful to that guild. If there are we archive them. If you’re working with a particular guild the channels in that category are likely ones you want to keep up with.

discord channels would be muted if left for some time. So whatever you mute or not, they become muted after sometime, which makes it hard to find particular topics.

This is something similar to the dilemma of current Ethereum, too many data crowded on the mainnet, maybe bankless can come across the same problem after scaling up in the future. Maybe we can think about similar strategy to side chain solution, put some topic discussions outside of bankless dao and leave a link there.

With endless channels created, I admit this is a heavy burden for the admins. So we can reduce this by leave some channels outside just like a side chain, and put a link in some document inside the bankless dao, which is like ‘bridge’ from side chain to main chain.

But anyway, this looks like a common existence for almost all chat tools, like slack, telegram.

We implemented something like this on the 21st. Does this fit your needs?

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Also, moving this to general as it doesn’t follow the proposal format.

Thanks @frogmonkee that’s something I was after.

BTW, it looks this thread can also solve the problem I described.

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