Discord Reorganization

Title: Discord Reorganization
Authors: aditi#3821, frogmonkee#6855, cryptodad🏴#5814
Date Created: 12/08/2021
Date Posted: 12/12/2021


With Bankless DAO growing and the number of channels on Discord hitting the maximum limit, this proposal introduces

  1. A channel limit for each guild and project category within Bankless DAO discord.
  2. Pre-defined channels across all guilds and projects.
  3. Specific branches to be added as threads within a guild or project channels moving forward.
  4. Move all Geography channels to Threads.


Original Forum Post: BDAO Discord Re-organization 2.0


1. Setting a channel limit

Given the 500 channel limit within discord, Ops Guild is introducing a cap on the number of channels each Guild and Project category can have.

This will ensure there is room for projects to create their own categories (we’ve added 12 this season).

PS - When creating new categories, please follow this guide: How to Create a New Discord Category

Naturally, a cap on channels will limit coordination capabilities for each guild/project. In this case, Ops Guild will provide guidance on how to best use threads, as voted upon in the initial forum post (step 3). This will reduce the need for channels since each guild and project can use threads for dedicated space for specific tasks, discussion, and additional communication. Pros of threads:

  • These aren’t counted towards the maximum channel limit.
  • There can be a maximum of 1000 threads within a channel.
  • If there is no communication on a thread, it will automatically archive after 1 week. These archived threads can be unarchived whenever needed.

Proposed channel limits:

For Guilds: 6 total (5 text channels + 1 voice channel)

  • Agree
  • Disagree

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For Projects: 5 total (4 text channels + 1 voice channel)

  • Agree
  • Disagree

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This is only if guilds/projects need the channels. If you can make do with 3 text channels, then please do so. (Please note that voice channels count towards the 500 channel limit.)

2. Pre-defined channels

We also want to introduce pre-defined channels for projects and guilds, which will be the same across all guilds and projects to maintain a consistent workflow across the DAO. These are already set up in guilds and a few projects and can make discord a bit less intimidating.

Proposed Predefined channels:

For Guilds: 2 pre-defined text channels (guild-start-here, guild-general) and a voice channel

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For Projects: 2 pre-defined text channels (project-start-here, project-general) and a voice channel

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  • Disagree

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Within each start-here channel, projects/guilds can list the active threads in which coordination happens (see Guidance on Thread Best Practices)

With a wide range of work being done within each guild and project, there will be flexibility for guilds to add 3 text channels and for projects to add 2 channels that they feel is required. Plus there can be threads within each channel.

3. Guidance on Thread Best Practices

4. Move Geography Channels to Threads

With dozens of geography channels, Ops Guild will move them to threads instead and create a single #geography-start-here channel with an index of threads. The category will no longer be gated either.

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If agreed, the guilds and projects should start discussions about reorganizing the channels (in addition to the predefined channels, if passed) within their category and figure out what threads should be within those channels. If they prefer their current workflow, they can refer to current channels and create active threads for them. If they wish to introduce a new workflow for the new season, they can decide accordingly.

Please note that channel data does not transfer into threads. Any important pinned posts and links must be backed up and re-pinned in the newly created threads.


Thanks for the proposal. We faced this problem in the IMN project of having inadequate channels, so members ended up starting a new discord channel for the project. This might eventually happen with all projects and guilds as having 4-5 channels/project or guild is too little to entertain the activities that go on in some groups.

In the short term, it’s good to clean some clutter on bDAO discord, in the long term, people might get lost in the rabbit hole of discord links which takes them to different sub-discords and sub-DAOs and bDAO discord might lose its luster as the one-stop shop for all things crypto.

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Thanks for proposing this.

It would be of great benefit for first questers to easily browse the DAO and guilds once they are organised.

Looking forward to a cleaner Discord.

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Sure thing reorganizing the discord will be of much benefit for new members

I like this proposal. In addition to the above proposals, I think we should clean up our existing channels.

Here’s some suggestions:

  • Remove scoap-squad-assemble and bounty-board and encourage members to run those commands in bot-commands.
  • Remove poll-discussions and encourage members to create a thread on a poll to discuss it.
  • Consolidate nft-club and gaming-nfts.
  • Consolidate perks-general and chat-channel.

I like the proposal but I disagree with forcing everyone to use 3 of their 5 channels for the same thing. You’re already asking for guilds and projects to eliminate channels by putting the 5 channel limit I think they should be able to decide how best to use those channels. Many of them probably will go with the recommendation of start here general and a voice channel but by forcing that you are now limiting to 2 specialized channels which is not enough for many guilds and projects.


limiting to 2 specialized channels which is not enough for many guilds and projects. (Guilds have three specialized channels, projects have 2).

This is intentional though. The idea is to incentivize people to use threads by introducing channel scarcity. We could limit the pre-defined channels to just start-here and voice… but my counter is what channels would you include in AV guild that can’t be threads?


I just looked through to see what channels are actually being used in AV and we’ll be fine. We need to rethink our channels anyways.

I liked the proposal, our server could definitely be more organized. A smoother experience will be beneficial to everyone, especially for new contributors.

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I agree that we should not be TOO prescriptive to guilds/projects on how to use their limited channels. I suggest #x-start-here as the only requirement. If a project never uses voice or doesn’t feel they need a general channel, let them make that call.


@frogmonkee @aditi While I am for this proposal (especially for guilds), I can see a couple of areas where this may be problematic. First and foremost is Bankless Academy. Since this project is made up of 8 distinct teams and a coordination layer, there are more than the 4 allowed (plus start-here) via the proposal. While the 11 channels are overkill and perhaps clutter, we would ask for an exception to the limit.

@RunTheJewelz , as far as I can see from Academy’s structure, you are not using threads so far. I think you could even reflect the actual project org structure more precisely by turning the workstreams into threads within the coordination channel. Threads work exactly the same way as channels with the exception that they disappear from the channels list to the left in Discord after one week of inactivity. However, any activity resurfaces it.

This way you save 8 channels right away. Let me know if this is unclear or you need help in setting it up.


I agree that less is generally simpler and better

At what point would Academy consider using its own Discord server? Is that even desirable?

Personally I like being able to hop in and out of projects on BanklessDAO’s server, but it feels like this proposal creates a line where projects are incentivized to start their own servers.


Agreed that we would like to see projects staying on the main Discord server, and I don’t see any reason why Academy would move off. However, Bankless Consulting may outgrow the channel limit when we have multiple client engagements that need their own threads. The general preference is to remain on the main bDAO Discord with role gated channels to manage client project work.

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I think consulting could be an edge case as each client has their own set of workstreams, but I will +1 what Rene said with academy. Yall aren’t using threads in your channels, so it seems feasible to move from channel to threads for academy.

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Wait wait. Hold on. Give us some time to migrate the Singapore channel.

We managed to create a bot to synchronise the Singapore discord channel with a telegram group. We will need to save the links as well and redeploy the bot.

Yeah, we’ll make sure we do this in phased rollouts. Haven’t talked in-depth about how, but we won’t rug anyone.

I think this is super important, because often when I onboard people they don’t know how to find threads, since discord kinda hides them if you don’t know where to look or haven’t been active in the specific thread yet.

Otherwise, threads are amazing tools that we use quite often in writers guild, so I’m in favor of this post.

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