DAO Infrastructure - Snapshot Strategy Maintenance Compensation

Title: DAO Infrastructure - Snapshot Strategy Maintenance Compensation

Author: Icedcool​:black_flag:#494, MantisClone :black_flag:

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  • MantisClone :black_flag:has been developing and updating our snapshot strategy since season 2, and has been a valuable infrastructure support for governance.
  • For all this work, he has not been compensated.
  • This proposal is to compensate him for his 40 hours of work that has been done for this critical work on the DAO.
  • Snapshot Strategy github


MantisClone :black_flag:has spent 40 hours of work and development, to create and support the BanklessDAO snapshot strategy, that includes all places BANK tokens are used:

  1. BANK on Ethereum
  2. BANK on Polygon
  3. BANK in Balancer on Ethereum
  4. BANK in Balancer on Polygon (including staked BANK)
  5. BANK in Sushiswap on Ethereum (including staked BANK)
  6. BANK in Sushiswap on Polygon (including staked BANK)
  7. BANK in Uniswap V2 on Ethereum
  8. BANK in Uniswap V3 on Ethereum
  9. BANK in Arrakis on Ethereum
  10. BANK in Rari Fuse on Ethereum

This has enabled all of our BanklessDAO contributors to be properly represented on snapshot.

This proposal is to gain approval from the DAO to compensate MantisClone for his time.

Snapshot Development Links:
Discord Thread

In the future, we plan to work with OPS department to get this funded and be part of a larger operational initiative.


  • 40 hr - 40,000 BANK

Upon approval by the GC, the GC Multisig will send mantisclone.eth 40k BANK.

Vote to approve Compensation
  • Approve
  • Deny

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This is underpaying @MantisClone I’m sure. He’s very humble but the value delivered by maintaining snapshot is more than 40k BANK FOR SURE.


Thanks for doing very important and much needed work on this @MantisClone!