🚀 Launch a BanklessDAO on DAOhaus

Hello all :wave:!

There have been several conversations taking place in the forum and discord about getting in place a more structured setup for coordinating members of BanklessDAO, and after a conversation with the #Writers-Guild I felt compelled to write this up in a forum post.

In this proposal, we will highlight some of the key reasons why DAOhaus could be a perfect place for BanklessDAO to summon (deploy), manage, and coordinate governance in an on-chain DAO.

But before we get into this, if any of this language feels inaccessible check out this glossary of terms that will help you along.


If you are unfamiliar with the MolochDAO framework, we highly recommend you check out this great explainer on Molochs and DAOs generally, which can be found here.

The TL;DR is that MolochDAOs introduce several novel mechanisms for reducing coordination failure within the DAO structure, and some of these mechanisms serve as crucial functions for the DAO to maintain structural benevolence and reduced friction for organizations.

Layer the DAOhaus platform on top of MolochV2, and what you get is a kick-ass dapp for being able to deploy, manage, and coordinate your community in a semi-trustless and permissionless environment.


The DAOhaus DAO model combines several factors that make for a strong permissioned core team with skin in the game, achieved through:

  • Token tribute/staking into the core treasury
  • A secondary vault for non-ragequitable funds
  • Arbitrary contract execution leveraging Minions

And still the greater token holder community is engaged through off-chain signal voting!

For those unfamiliar with ragequit, it serves as a pertinent function in Molochs that allows members to turn in their membership shares for a pro-rata claim on the underlying assets held in the main treasury.

To get a taste of the UI/UX, we encourage you to go to the explore page on the DAOhaus app, this is where you can see all of the DAOs on the DAOhaus platform :point_down:.

You may remember the original DAOhaus interface, it got some recognition at ETHBerlin a few years ago.

Well, we kept building, and is now a full-fledged platform of community tools, built by the communities that use them. MetaCartel, MetaCartelVentures, Meta Gamma Delta, RaidGuild, and a bunch of others. Check this for the initial vision of DAOhaus.

Benefits for BanklessDAO Governance

In addition to a slick and user-friendly interface, DAOhaus presents some nifty features that could directly benefit the BanklessDAO as it continues to refine its organizational structure into the future.

BanklessDAO could deploy on xDAI, Polygon, or Ethereum Mainnet. With an xDAI or Polygon deployment, BanklessDAO could engage in:

  1. Low-overhead and inexpensive on-chain governance, allowing
  2. Maximum experimentation

Skin in the game is a direct result of having members stake their tokens into the DAO.

Enter $BANK token.

Instead of members having to hold $BANK in their wallets to participate in governance or in the discord, they could hold DAO shares, which grant voting power.

This exchange could be done by having members submit “tribute” to the DAO through a membership proposal, and in return those members receive an equitable amount of shares.

The amount of shares received for a given amount of tributed $BANK would be based on a selection of factors decided on by the Bankless DAO; governance weighting might even incorporate the recent Snapshot Proposal.

This would allow BanklessDAO to free up capital that is currently held in wallets, and make it available to DAO members to coordinate and allocate funds to projects of our choosing, denominated in $BANK or any ERC-20 supported by the BanklessDAO.

Novelties of this DAO framework

Once BanklessDAO members are onboarded, the massive DAO coordination game could begin, with on-chain voting and execution happening at every member’s fingertips.

BanklessDAO could spin up a Minion, or an Arbitrary Contract Executor (ACE) that would allow the DAO to collectively hold any asset of the DAOs choosing and interact with any other smart contracts. Check this graphic below for a better visual.

The DAO represented by the circle on the left is the entire community, it is where all on-chain coordination takes place and an emergent community can flourish.

What is really neat, outside of the fact that we could collectively hold NFTs or tokens of projects that we collectively believe in, is that any assets held by the Minion Vault are non-ragequitable, which means if a member ragequits from the BanklessDAO, they will not receive any of the assets held within the BanklessDAO minion, only the DAO itself.

If any members would want to ragequit (Moloch Forbid! :scream:), the DAO framework makes it fairly easy for members to join and leave their DAO.

Additionally, there are a myriad of Boosts that can be added to a DAOhaus DAO, some of which are still underdevelopment (like Pool-Parties), but others are live in-action and being used by DAOs across the platform. You can learn more about boosts here.

We believe boosts will be the future of interDAO coordination and composability, and we think soon DAO2DAO relations will play an instrumental role in the growth and scalability of DAO ecosystems!

Where DAOhaus is Headed?

And so DAOhaus is a permissionless platform for deploying DAOs, and the goals of the community to decentralize have materialized in the deployment of the DAOofDAOs, or UberHaus, a DAO for managing all of the DAOs on the DAOhaus platform.

By decentralizing incrementally, DAOhaus believes that all of the DAOs on the platform will be able to assume responsibility for certain functions that the core team is currently serving within DAOhaus. This is a wider goal and ambitious, but we’re hopeful we’ll get there with time.

UberHaus is composed of +70 DAOs on the DAOhaus platform, and It is tasked with the honorable but trying test of driving the platform forward and governing it’s future into infintium. To learn about how UberHaus came to rise, check out this post.

Influencing Culture & Direction

Not only could BanklessDAO deploy on DAOhaus, but it could level up and get involved in UberHaus DAO governance.

This would give BanklessDAO a direct say over where to take the DAOhaus platform in the future, and possibly influence DAO development and governance more broadly.

Cultural and Community Fit

We think BanklessDAO has a lot to say on this matter, and as a patron the phrase “It is not what your DAO can do for you, it is what you can do for your DAO” comes to mind.

This is the same question that DAOhaus asks DAOs before they join UberHaus (what can your DAO do for UberHaus), and it is the basic tenet of proving value, merit, and commitment to an organization you’re passionate about joining.

Above all else, we see there is a lot of overlap between what BanklessDAO is building and what DAOhaus is providing, an open/permissionless community and infrastructure for collaborating on projects that we collectively deem are valuable.

So we ask with admiration to all of our fellow Bankless friends, Is this of interest to you? Can we build the future of BanklessDAO on DAOhaus?

Let’s blow some minds and slay Moloch in the meantime.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.


Something that I did not talk about in this post but am also excited about is using the DAO of DAOs framework that DAOhaus created with UberHaus for BanklessDAO and all of its different sub-groups or squads. For instance, Developers Guild, Marketing Guild, Design Guild, Writers Guild, and Media Nodes could all exists as there own DAOs, but could all be a part of the bigger BanklessDAO. That is something that will require an awful lot of thought and coordination, but with time I think we can get there. The benefit IMO is that this relationship or structure would create transparency between the different groups and allow payment to be managed in and between BanklessDAO and the DAOs under Bankless. The future is now, let’s take the world Bankless!


This is perfect! :100: Bankless Dao needs this 1,000,000%
The coordination between Dao for the greater good is #powerful


It’s an interesting option. We are trying to find and implement a system for governance and coordinating all tasks and projects. Is there any financial implications for being in DAOhaus?


The financial implications in the case of BanklessDAO would likely be positive, as members would have a structure to coordinate capital amongst themselves. Welcome to the dawn of the age of Totally Bankless communities!

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So there are no costs from using DAOhaus and their infrastructure?

Nope, & technically if you were a DAO that was very active you received tokens after their CCO or (community contribution opportunity) at the end of March.

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Nice, yeah this is something we can consider

DaoHaus is a great project. Maybe it could be a place where to launch BanklessDao sub-“self governing side-communities”

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Can you start a vote on this? I think its honestly ready to be put on snapshot. We should probably do a preliminary poll here to prove community interest. I really don’t see a negative aspect to doing this. Dao to Dao relations are going to be key for our success. You could argue we shouldn’t have all these different websites or something along those lines. But that is pretty reductionist and kinda gate keeping. The Bankless Dao will grow and people will be building all types of projects all over. We should embrace that.

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  • :fire: Deploy on DAOhaus (Mainnet Ethereum)
  • :fire: Deploy on DAOhaus (Polygon)
  • :fire: Deploy on DAOhaus (xDAI)
  • :x: Don’t Deploy on DAOhaus

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:rocket: Launch a BanklessDAO on DAOhaus

As much as I appreciate the energy around this proposal, it’s WAY too early to force a snapshot vote on what would be a significant change in the DAO’s structure, governance and member responsibilities. I feel this is both premature and inappropriate because the implications of this move have not been discussed or debated throughly by the community.

This is a big deal decision and shouldn’t be rushed or taken lightly. All DAO members should understand the implications of this potential move to DAOhaus and what it means for governance, consensus and Treasury management moving forward. Such a move would mean at the very least:

  • Individuals holding $BANK would hand over their tokens to the DAO (in exchange for DAO shares), at which point they would not be recoverable
  • Individuals who hold large amounts of $BANK would be able to “rage-quit” and take a large proportion of the DAO"s Treasury with them. The rage-quit functionality is borne out of a philosophy that these DAOs are developed by like-minded individuals with a willingness to put skin in the game to fund a DAO. It may be that this may not be a model for a DAO with 2,000+ members. Not every decision by the DAO will not be agreed to by all members. This means that anyone disagreeing with a decision can rage-quit and then take their proportion of the Treasury. The Minion, non rage-quitable portion of the Treasury is meant to protect against this, but it may not be ideal because the rage-quitable Treasury would be very small, and lead to incentive mis-alignment with $BANK holders.
  • This governance structure assumes that everyone in the DAO is aligned and willing to engage at the same level. We know that isn’t the case. For example, in the last vote for $BANK distribution there was a percentage of DAO members who were against the proposal. Does this mean that because they disagree with that collective decision that they should leave the DAO? This is what the rage-quite functionality implies. Rage-quit is like giving up citizenship to your country. And not having the ability to vote “no” without then taking your shares and leaving is not appropriate for a DAO of this size. And being forced to passively accept decisions because you don’t want to rage-quit is not a great option either.

Another issue I have with this forum post is that there is a hard/soft consensus approach being developed by the governance group in the Discord that is currently under discussion. Part of that process is determining when ideas are elevated to the forum, which is a precursor to a Snapshot vote.

I have not seen any meaningful discussion of the pros and cons of this approach in the Discord except for a few interested individuals promoting this post and asking people to review it. Now they are asking for a Snapshot vote. I get the feeling this is something a group of people are trying to rush through the process without the community really understanding what it means. That’s not cool.

The place for discussion of this approach should at the very least happen in the governance guild or be more widely discussed in the Discord before moving to a forum post.

The Moloch DAO structure, while simple makes a number of assumptions about the level of consensus and DAO members’ willingness to align around various approaches that – two weeks into this project – have not been determined, discussed and vetted by large numbers of people in the community.

I move that this proposal NOT move to a snapshot vote until more members of the community have had the opportunity to understand the implications of this structure for $BANK holders and soft consensus – at the Discord level, has been reached around a governance approach that may work for a large, diverse and distributed organization like the Bankless DAO.

I’m a strong believer that Forum proposals should not be posted to the Forum until there has been a consensus that this is something that the DAO as a whole should consider is clearly indicated in the Discord. But that’s another conversation.

For those interested in discussing the pros and cons of this approach, on the Discord, we are having a conversation about this right now in the Discord. I’ve outlined some of my thoughts about this proposal there: Discord


I agree with @davoice321 that we need to vet all of the best options we have available, narrowing the list until we have a solid set of options. I think DAUhaus is a contender but I don’t believe it is ready for a snapshot vote.

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Concur with @davoice321

DAOHaus was a complex concept for me to wrap my head around. I see the value in it, but it does force certain restrictions on governance that I’m not ready for.

I suspect we will get involved with DAOHaus in some capacity in the coming months.

BanklessDAO member and contributor to DAOhaus here. Good to see this discussion happening! @davoice321 in particular brings up some really important considerations. One of DAOhaus’ / moloch’s strengths is its flexibility in handling various types of DAOs and objectives on the same infrastructure, but its important that new DAOs (especially those with large existing memberships) think carefully about how to set things up appropriately.

Before wading in too much further, I want to make one relatively small (but important) clarification:

Members of a moloch DAO can always vote no on a proposal without ragequitting.

For anybody unfamiliar, the relationship between ragequit and voting is as follows:

  • If you voted yes on a proposal, then you cannot ragequit until that proposal’s voting and grace periods have ended.
  • If you voted no or did not vote on a given proposal, then you can ragequit at any time (as long as there is not a proposal still in progress on which you voted yes). But you are by no means forced to ragequit.

Thanks. We’re taking this conversation back to Discord.

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I asked for a vote before we go to snapshot I wasn’t trying to rush it calm down. Obviously I was wrong as most people seem to not like the idea.

Agree with @davoice321 that it is premature to force a snapshot vote on launching banklessDAO on DAOhaus.

I’d like some time to explore how on-chain governance via DAOhaus is compatible (or not) with the current soft/hard consensus mechanisms explored in various discord channels.

Some questions i’m pondering:

1). Would on-chain votes be reserved for only “hard” consensus?

  1. If a member submitted $BANK as tribute in exchange for DAO shares - how much of that BANK goes into the Minion Vault? (from the description, funds that get deposited into Minion Vault are not “ragequitable” so a portion of member’s $BANK tribute would be NOT be redeemable).

Agreed. In the discord we had some longer form discussion on this. This post was not intended to FORCE a snapshot vote, but to get the community thinking about how we could possibly deploy a Moloch DAO to solve for some of the issues we’re currently facing.

When a member makes tribute, 100% goes to the main DAO treasury and none goes to the minion, so all member funds are ragequitable


Ah ok, thanks for the clarification on member tributes going to DAO treasury, not Minion. :pray: