DAO's Action Points

I have noticed and many are complaining about duplication of requests and that there doesn’t seem to be a place where we are coordinating this.
So I think it is a good idea that instead of making proposals we should decide what is needed first. Then make the proposal. This way everyone has visibility and have a reference place where to check. This way we are also more organised
Then this thread can be used to give your opinion on what is needed then we can cast a vote on what proposals we should put forward .

We can have this discussion periodically before every season or when it is needed.

So I will start by saying what I think the DAO should do first:

  • Establish it’s legal structure if any.
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I agree it would be good to summarize all our priorities.

For me, guild organization is top of mind - whether through the Constitution/Mission work or Discord access or PM tool, organizing is a high priority.

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