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Deleting ro reword questions

it’s really difficult to understand your questions. Feel free to join us on Friday at 12 pm PST on friday to come together and make improvements to the constitution and community handbook.

Thanks @ernest_of_gaia. Would you possibly be able to help me word them so that they would be clearer? Thanks for the invite, but unfortunately I cannot attend at that time.

So what we have been doing this week is reading the constitution and identifying any section that is unclear. When we get together friday we will put everyone’s feedback into one doc and then probably spend a week assessing the sections by priority. And then we can fix most of the errors in the constitution over the next 8 weeks and go into season 8 with a deeper understanding and clearer picture of our dao social agreements.

feel free to drop in the governance workstream your version of the constitution with any sections that are unclear highlighted and a description of what is unclear so we can add it to the discussion.

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@ernest_of_gaia I am unable to attend at that time. I appreciate the offer. Is there any thoughts of how to add aligning contributors priorities to that? Maybe you can help provide context, as I was not here at the time.

  • When did the first constitution Mission & Values - Bankless DAO become depreciated?
    Additionally, I have found another BanklessDAO Constitution, developed in 2023 that isn’t deployed yet DAO Org Units | BanklessDAO -deploy-preview-7–flourishing-swan-3b1253.netlify.app/docs/dao-org-units

Here are the recordings of the discussions we have been having. The Gitbook was deprecated prior to the end of Season 1 at least. And it wasn’t a constitution. Notice the playlist

It has helped me to understand that we have a Consensus Based Governance Model based on Referendums that follow our Proposal Framework. To understand the Decision Making domains of the dao it helps to go back and follow the “referendums” which are the forum posts and snapshots that have accumulated over time.

The Constitution and Community Handbook was the first Document that was agreed to to be the one source of truth that tried to capture most of the social agreements that have accumulated over time. Prior to the C&CH there was not one document that captured all of the previous dao social agreements.

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The main one I had a problem interpreting is the first of the three polls. On first reading it doesn’t actually ask a question, but seems to leave the sentence open-ended. But I think if it was changed to this it would be more fitting.

Do you believe that the current BanklessDAO Constitution, was implemented by the GSE’s - ?

I answered Yes because I think the core of what you were asking with poll #1 is if the constitution is even valid or not. Which I do, but not because of the S5 Spec as your question would have had me answer no.

This is was the vote that did this a month after that S5 spec vote: Snapshot

Polls 2 & 3 are easier to follow and more straight forward.

We’ve barely had the constitution for one full season, going on two, and I think it’s fair to give it a longer chance imo.

Thanks for the feedback. I agree that the questions, particularly the first needs to be worded differently.

Moving this to archive will reword questions