Do we Need to Change the Code of Conduct?

Please vote yes or no on whether we need to change the code of conduct.

Note; this is whether it needs to be done. Not if we are accepting any revised code or conduct drafts that are out there.

Here’s the current - GitHub - BanklessDAO/bankless-dao-constitution: BanklessDAO Constitution and Community Handbook

Simple as that

  • Yes
  • No

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I think it’s not so much the code of conduct. Rather our ability to police and “enforce”.


Which would be a change to the code of conduct. (The current doesn’t discuss much around accountability)

However I understand your line of thinking

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Oh right. I get what you mean now.

So like include some clauses to say. If you breach xxx you will burn in hell. Lol.

Shucks. Haha. Not sure if it will vibe well though.

In the land before time. There was once I hired someone in the Dao to do design work. And this person stole the design from Disney. And I was completely outraged and wanted to burn him on the stake. But the kind DAO accepted him back and told me not to be so unkind. Oh well. That’s how it is. It has good and bad.

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Well. The coordinape attacker had been calling my work his, and he was even paid on one area that I did the work for. I was also told to cool down before coordinape got attacked.

We’ve got to do a better job of accountability, and try not to be so heavy handed with the blind positivity that is sometimes not warranted.

We will all be fine, but we also need to start being real
With ourselves

In that realness. It’s possible we can find out that the code of conduct is fine, but there are other aspects and processes that may need to be considered instead. @angyts :thinking:

As needed as the Grants Committee, we need a specialized team of DAO members that are aligned to the values, i don’t think that we need a explicit Code of Conduct, i mean, we have the values in the constitution, but we have to be sure that all of us are playing the right cards and are not just front running the other members and contributors.

@CryptoReuMD So what are those specially aligns members going to enact?

We do actually have a code of conduct.

What you are saying makes sense. But it also calls the current code into question. Also, a specialized group of of contributors based on what criteria?

Also, what would there be violations of, If there’s no code?

You may think I’m critical of your response, but it’s perfect to continue the conversation!

You are right, and no… It´s a good criticism.
Well you are right, but maybe we can start writing this code, and just continue evolving.

Unless the protocol, constitution, arbitration, whatever, could suffice without it. :joy:

The decision would just have to be a group of people stating “this is the plan” and starting from there.

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I work RL in an ethics committee and i´m surrounded of a lot of differente professionals, i think we are going to pas this and learn a lot.