dYdX Grants Bid

Hey everyone, I want to give the dYdX grants bid an airing, and the opportunity for awesome feedback and governance. Here goes.

Grant Offered
dYdX want leading edge research into how WGs - Working Groups - are built, operated and led in Web 3. bDAO are in a superb place to offer dynamic, leading edge advice.

bDAO Proposal hosted by RG
Scope covers full lifecycle:

Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, Deforming, Dissidence, Dissolution, Repentance, Reforming

Offered as multiple deliverables:

  1. Coordinape as introductory stimulus and governance
  2. Using Liberating Structures to unleash group creativity, yet retain conference of outcomes
  3. Elinor Ostrom impact on group norming
  4. Remuneration research, comparing remuneration levels with eg both redirect levels and effort levels
  5. Dispute management, what happens when WGs start breaking down, and how to negotiate and resolve issues
  6. Use of Contributor and Idea Pathways to resurrect burnt out WGs

Research Headlines - WIP


  1. Project fact finding (current)
  2. Proposal submission and agreement
  3. Research production
  4. Follow up consultancy

RG to manage submission and treasury
innov8tor3 project manager
Subject experts already identified

Proposal Draft
Working Draft Proposal


I like it and I support any proposal that helps our members utilize Bdao and themselves in other web 3 communites.

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Apparently proposal is not through yet.

Otherwise, Sounds awesome :+1:

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Post Title
This was not what I thought it was going to be when I clicked the proposal. Suggest adding something about workgroup (WG) structure/process analysis into the title of the intention is to attract more discussion & constructive feedback.

Origin & Implications Seems Unclear
I’m also confused about the context of this initiative, even after skimming both attachments. Was this undertaken from within an existing guild/projects or was this a self-organized group? A “popup workgroup”, per se.

If the latter, will the initiative provide anything back to the DAO beyond a report of the findings? I’m not sure what BDAO protocol is on brand usage but seems the value of whatever is being exchanged could be explained/communicated more clearly for those curious to learn & comment like myself.

I def support the content and overall idea, I’m stoked for this group of people to potentially get a sizeable grant to support them; but, I’d also love to find a reason to be hyped about this for the community at large.

This does a great job of laying out coordination challenges to explore within WGs. However, I didn’t catch anything covering coordination between WGs.

We’ve been spending a lot of time at Crypto Sapiens defining & documenting our Workgroups, Workstreams and Workflows. For example: at Crypto Sapiens we have a Metagovernance WG and a Metagovernance Workstream (screenshot below).

The WG allows for contributors to self-identify interest, participate in decision making and track ops/admin info. While, the workstream is the similarly evolving collection of research docs and workflow/process docs which sometimes can involve multiple WGs.

I’ve started to use the analogy of sprints & epics in the agile development framework to conceptualize the difference between the following:

  • Workflows: a thoroughly defined series of steps intended to produce a specific outcome,

  • Workstreams: a collection of complementary workflows (processes) that interact & result in the creations of a synergistic series of assets.

I’ll try to keep tabs for updates, but, please do feel free to spam the Crypto Sapiens Ops & Metagov WGs when the findings are available for comment.

All in all a very cool initiative and solid plan to gather data on how Workgroups actually work!


This was the origin, @FlowScience !

I loved your commentary, very interesting, and can be a part of bDAO proposal submissions, I feel, supplied to partner DAOs for grants they are offering.

I do also feel this matters when it comes to WG formation, and indeed management.

As an update, dYdX are having a big reorg, I think they are building their own chain, but the process of WG formation is an important one.

Maybe we could formulate an article between us and submit to Bankless Publishing?

There was also the matter of RG - Research Guild - and their standard research format on publication. This could equally have a close look at workflows and work streams, so RG might like to collaborate with you on this.