First Quest Season 4 Proposal and Deliverables Update

First Quests



Behold#1783: Tech, Dynamic Content, Governance
The Psych Guy (IST)#8880: Dynamic Content


Quietfox#2574: Dynamic Content
Jarlaxle🏴#6714: NJS

Aim of this workgroup:

Improve the onboarding experience in BanklessDAO


Building a more personalized onboarding experience (content + content delivery)
Figuring out minimum viable content to get a new member ready to contribute/participate

Work done in Season 3:

:white_check_mark: Dynamic content
:white_check_mark: Scaling New Joiner Session and handing off to Education Guild
:white_check_mark: Translation of non-dynamic to 5 most requested languages

Work carrying over to Season 4:

Deploying Dynamic Content to the First Quest bot

Season 4 Focus:

  1. Deploying Dynamic Content to the First Quest bot
  • In Season 3, we had a focus to deploy our dynamic content to a web app. Our key partner for this had delays throughout the course of Season 3, and upon reaching beta, we discovered that essential FQ needs (Discord login, Survey and Conditional Logic gates) were yet to be implemented.
  • After observing other DAO’s experiment with onboarding platforms external to Discord, we are lowering our prioritization of moving the delivery of our onboarding content to an external platform.
  • Deliverables: deploy the dynamic content to the bot.
  1. Pass off useful onboarding data to Talent Coordinator and integrate bounties into the onboarding flow
  • Over Season 3, the FQ working group has decided that the scope of First Quests is to intercept a user once they enter the discord, and handoff that user to organized contribution efforts like working on bounties or being placed into projects by talent coordinators.
  • Dynamic content includes the ability to ask short form response questions to users as they onboard. We will work with talent coordinators to determine what data we can collect from users while they onboarding to facilitate their placement into appropriate projects or tasks.
  • Deliverables: Meet with talent coordinators, and develop list of data to collect. Build a mechanism for talent coordinators to easily access that data. Work with guilds and create at least one repeating onboarding bounty per guild.
  1. Bring analytics and data into our decision making
  • Since FQ inception, we’ve been busy working through easily identifiable issues with onboarding. That is no longer the case, and we’ll need analytics (and user interviews) to continue to incrementally improve the onboarding experience.
  • Deliverables: Identify key metrics, and bounty out creation of a publicly accessible analytics dashboard
  • I agree with FQ priorities for season 4
  • I do not agree with FQ priorities for season 4

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The team is currently calculating the funding spent this season and will add on this post with the funding request at a later date.

On a side note, if you feel you can contribute, please DM any of the champions and join our weekly calls.

------------------ Update with Budget Information ----------------------

At the time of drawing up this budget (04/18/21), we have enough funds in the FQ multi-sig to cover this budget request, so we will not require a disbursement from the treasury.

  • I agree that an additional 124,200 BANK from the FQ multi-sig should be authorized to fund ongoing activities
  • I do not agree

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Fine effort during Season 3 and the NJS, all 4 of them have been oversubscribed and helpfu. Closer work with the Edu Guild and Talent Coordinators will enhance these already effective on boarding efforts.

I’d like @d0wnlore and @TexasFarmer to work with the First Quest team in S4 to get some basic InfoSec training added.

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First of all, let me say that first quests was instrumental to engaging and retaining me as a newbie to BanklessDAO, so I am a huge fanboy of this project.

Some questions:

  • Are you saying you don’t need funding from treasury/grants?
  • Have you thought about packaging first quests up for use in other DAOs?
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Thank you!

To answer your questions:
We will not require additional funding from treasury/grants this season.

We did think about it in S2, but did not uncover a strong value prop that would make it worth prioritizing.

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