[DAOstewards.eth] Season 7 funding proposal

Project Champion: jengajojo.eth🏴#5896

Squad: @0xbaer, @senad.eth , @thinkdecade, @links

Purpose: Public Good

Affiliation: None

Authors; Editors: jengajojo, @0xbaer

Funds requested: 600,000 BANK

Project wallet(s): 0xd4879f876ee383067f80acadbe283b93141908e9


DAOstewards is a meta-governance group from BanklessDAO. We aim to encourage good governance in the DAO space by expressing Bankless values and fostering a collaborative environment for the space to grow.


Project Description

DAOStewards act as professional delegates who help in the day-to-day administration and coordination of DAOs we partner with. We are currently delegates at SAFEDAO and EulerDAO. We are also scoping our engagement to VitaDAO as a part of their recognised delegates program.

Each delegation consists of 2 leads supported by Governance analysts.

Protocol Leads Tokens delegated
Safe @links @Think Decade 46,000+
Euler DAO @Oxbaer @Jenga jojo 2,100
VitaDAO @Jengajojo @Think Decade 0

The long-term sustainability model for the group is to mine governance rewards by

  1. Making a compelling case for delegators to delegate to us
  2. Actively involving ourselves in governance

Past/preparatory activities

Votes Proposals Protocols Tokens delegated
8 6 3+ 48,000+

Engagement at Safe DAO

Protocol Leads: (Insert your forum IDs )
ENS: dmat-build.pod.xyz 46K SAFE voting power

As part of the Safe token consolidation efforts of BanklessDAO, our members joined the Safe DAO in October of 2023 and are stewarding the Bankless Mission forward.

With more than 46,000 SAFE tokens delegated to us for projects and DAOs like Sismo.eth, we are working towards achieving our established goal of increasing decentralisation and community engagement at Safe DAO.

Our engagements in bullet points

  1. Reviewing and active engagement on Safe DAO proposals.
    1. Our members were active in the Safe DAO forums and gave feedback on relevant and interesting proposals. [Link to forum profiles of our Members]
  2. Authoring Proposals that derive decentralization to Safe DAO
    1. we have authored proposals to induce community engagement and decentralisation to Safe DAO

      Title: [SEP] Improve Communication in SafeDAO
      Authors: @links on behalf of Bankless DAOstewards
      Edits: @thinkDecade, @Paulito, @0xBaer
      Created: 2022-11-30

We are also maintaining 100% voter participation at Safe DAO and publically stating our rationale on our Votes have also voted on. Track Our Rationals here

Our voting history can be found [here] In S7 we will polish our product offering and start actively marketing on Twitter.

Engagement at Euler DAO

Protocol Leads: (@Jenga jojo @0xbaer )
ENS: bankless.pod.xyz 1.6K EUL voting power

We have expanded our governance participants to Euler DAO after meeting Euler Protocol Team at ETH Lisbon and learning about their existing structures. Since joining the first governance call in November 2022, taking an active role in DAO’s decision-making.

During the short period, we have authored 4 proposals in different phases of the
governance process.

Our pre-RFC proposal on updating the governance process has given birth to 2 proposals from independent authors. In our opinion, this is the ideal way of decentralised participation and proposal building

  1. RFC: Formalise Governance Processes
  2. Allow token holders/delegates to vote “abstain”

Track all proposals we have authored here


The project has not yet conducted any retrospective but plans to do the same in S7


Protocol Leads: 200,000 BANK (thinkdecade, links, jengajojo, @0xbaer)

DAOStewards Seasonal Coordinape: 200,000 BANK

Marketing/Bounties: 200,000 BANK


Factor KPI Success Metric
number of DAOs in which DAOstewards are active delegates # number of DAOs in which DAOstewards has active delegation #2
Number of snapshot votes # % of snapshot votes participated in #90%+


DAOstewards are happy to help any group funded by BanklessDAO with partnerships, sponsorships and grants. An example of this can be found in our latest post with Euler.finance supporting Bankless Academy with 40K USD


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Thank you for the update on activity relating to the delegated SAFE tokens.
Are there any plans to provide regular updates to the groups that have delegated these within bDAO?
I think rather than relying on people seeking out the latest or happening to see it on Twitter, this team should be pushing out updates directly to their stakeholders.

In what form @Trewkat? Email? Discord? CC?

We are a small group so we have to limit our communication channels. Your feedback could help us choose where to prioritize

Community Call might be good… or we could put it in the Rollup - possibly both.

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