DAOStewards S8 Proposal

Project Champion: @Jengajojo
Squad: @Baer.eth , @thinkdecade, @links, @cryptodad @LiviuC

Purpose: Public Good
Affiliation: None
Authors; Editors: jengajojo, @Baer.eth
Funds requested: 600,000 BANK
Project wallet(s): 0x8872fd5F66728Fc7cF01898199e162ee26f47BA8


Bankless DAOstewards is a meta-governance group from BanklessDAO. We aim to encourage good governance in the DAO space by expressing Bankless values and foster a collaborative environment for the space to grow.


Project Description

DAOStewards act as professional delegates who help in the day-to-day administration and coordination of DAOs we partner with. We are currently delegates at SAFEDAO and EulerDAO. We are also scoping our engagement to VitaDAO as a part of their recognised delegates program.

Each delegation consists of 2 leads supported by Governance analysts.

Protocol Leads Tokens delegated Budget
Arbitrum jengajojo, LiviuC 200k+ 2000 BANK/lead/week
Euler @Baer.eth @jengajojo 2k+ 2000 BANK/lead/week
Optimism jengajojo, thinkdecade 1k+ 2000 BANK/lead/week
VitaDAO @jengajojo @cryptodad 0 2000 BANK/lead/week
Safe @links @thinkDecade 48k+ 2000 BANK/lead/week

The long-term sustainability model for the group is to mine governance rewards by

  1. Making a compelling case for delegators to delegate to us
  2. Actively involving ourselves in governance

Engagement overview


  • Maintained active voting base
  • Proposal for building a user manual for DAO governance

Euler DAO

  • Ideation draft on improving the current delegation process
  • Kickstarted delegated grants council conversation


  • Engaging with the community forums
  • Working with governance stewards to kickstart delegation
  • Proposed BanklessDAO for receiving the delegation

Arbitrum DAO

  • Created a delegation campaign

Optimism DAO

  • Received 27.5K OP for BanklessDAO projects under RPGF2
  • Working on an L2 Newsletter grants proposal


  • Working with the Treasury Department to administer the allocation.



The project has not yet conducted any retrospective


Protocol Leads: 300,000 BANK
DAOStewards Seasonal Coordinape: 300,000 BANK
Marketing/Bounties: 200,000 BANK

S7 leftover funds after paying liabilities: 200,000 BANK

S8 ask = 800,000 - 200,000 = 600,000 BANK


Factor KPI Success Metric
number of DAOs in which DAOstewards are active delegates # number of DAOs in which DAOstewards has active delegation #3
Number of snapshot votes # % of snapshot votes participated in #80%+


Bankless DAOstewards are happy to help any group funded by BanklessDAO with partnerships, sponsorships and grants.

An example of this is the recent 27500 OP tokens which BanklessDAO projects received due to our active engagement with Optimism’s RPGF2. 10% of this income goes straight to bDAO Treasury



Fund DAOStewards with the ask as stated in this proposal for S8?

  • Yes
  • No

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