Guild Funding Template

What does this mean? It sounds like @raybankless.eth is saying to use the member-based guild funding formula, and you are saying not to use it. Furthermore I can’t find anything in the two linked posts which says that no funding method will be used.

Can you make it more clear ?


i think it should live in it’s own proposal (or in the constitution may be) and we can give a link in the template.

bDIP-07 does not address guild funding methods.

The S7 Spec does not address Member-Based Guild Funding, but it does address not moving forward with the Purpose-Driven Guild Funding approach. Also referenced are two votes to update the Project Funding Template and the Department Funding Template – no vote to update the Guild Funding Template.

This new template appears to provide little guidance on how Guilds should budget their requests, only to justify their requests with specifics. As written, this should be interpreted by Guilds as a removal of a cap on their funding request based on the number of defined active members.


I will try my best to. It is a bit unclear to me too.
I do not see any guidelines for Guilds on what funding method to use for Season 8 in this template, the bDIP-07 or the Season 7 Community Direction snapshot vote.
The only reference to funding is in the Season 7 Spec, which indicates it will not be Purpose Driven funding.
I am also unclear if this would need to be a bDIP, as written in the summary of this proposal, it would change the constitution. As of now, GC only reviews Seasonal budgets. They do not distribute budgets.

The GC announcement on March 25 [here] states that

Guilds and Departments should subtract the amount of BANK remaining in the multisig from the total BANK their Season 8 Budget requires.

This template requires instead a qualification process to explain and justify any existence or use of a surplus.

Current holdings

(What is the current balance of all assets in the guild wallets? If you have a surplus specify why. How do you want to use this going forward? What are the risks associated with your approach? Why, in your opinion, should this surplus not be deducted from your current funding ask? For example to reduce their surplus, guilds could request permission from the GC to support a guild internal project before this project approaches GC for further funding.)

Which instructions should Guilds and Departments follow in designing their funding requests for Season 8 (which are due in 9 days)?


I will try my best to. It is a bit unclear to me too.
I do not see any guidelines for Guilds on what funding method to use for Season 8 in this template, the bDIP-07 or the Season 7 Community Direction snapshot vote.
The only reference to funding is in the Season 7 Spec, which indicates it will not be Purpose Driven funding.
Possibly, a good route is just to plan for what is needed.

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The season 7 spec mentions a proposal to switch from member-based to purpose-driven guild funding which was pending at the time and did not ever pass.
Therefore the status quo stands, surely.

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Are you guys taking revenue gen into account now instead of the voted on member based guild funding?

These are the same question it seems.

This seems to be the same question again with outside funding. I also thought that the current funds were just deducted from the total ask.

It seems to me that this template is not complete.

Confusion over this template can be clarified if we were to understand the purpose of the template revisions, and the information it seeks to extract.

I don’t think the GC is trying to overturn the will of the DAO to have member-based guild funding, but the form does seem to imply that. So for us, please clarify:

  1. does this new template seek to overturn member-based guild funding, or does the GC believe it’s still the basis to fund guilds? I see this comment:

But I also see confusion amongst the GC. Perhaps a poll by the GC in the GC poll channel would help clarify the GC’s understanding of this template and what it seeks to accomplish. Part of the issue, of course, is that this template was put up before GC reached poll consensus. So move fast and break things, but maybe not that fast and not with guild funding.
2. And the real question that I think this template is geared towards, but is not stated anywhere, which is that GC seems to want to subtract S8 funding based upon S7 wallet holdings. Please clarify whether the GC is contemplating such an offset. Mindful of the attempt to do it last season was met with stiff resistance, not so much because of the idea, but of the way the GC attempted to implement it at the last minute with no notice. So I’d ask the GC to be transparent about their intent for S8.
Thank you!


@Bananachain asked for my suggestion, and I suggested to add an adjusted forumla for member-based guild funding based on weeks instead of seasons. Here is that formula:

Season 8 Guild Funding = 16 * (21,000 + 770*#active member)

Up to a max of 1,247,680 BANK

To explain the formula, here’s the breakdown:

Seasonal Guild funding = (# weeks in season) * (weekly role compensation + weekly active member bonus)

# weeks in season = 16 (15 + 1 gap week for Season 8)

weekly role compensation = 21,000 BANK
    = 20,000 BANK (for guild-decided roles) + 1000 BANK  (Guild notion admin)

weekly active member bonus = 770 BANK * # active member
     (up to a maximum of 57,000 BANK/wk)

Why 770 BANK/week for active members? I took the previous seasonal amount (10K BANK), divided by 13 and rounded.

Why a max of 57K BANK/wk for member bonus? I took the amount of contribs that would max out the seasonal budget last season (74) and multiplied by 770 BANK.


Thank you for working this out links
If guilds choose not to pay role holders for gap week do they just replace the 16 with a 15 ?


Let me start with a :face_exhaling: - I’m really sorry for the confusion my forum post has caused. It was the first time I used Governator to gather consensus. As an absolute noob in using the tool and as unfocused as I was I saw “approve” and thought “yeah, we have consensus”… lesson learned, my bad - I’ll take the blame!

More importantly, @Bananachain and I didn’t mean by any means to replace the member-based guild funding formula the DAO (and soon constitution) has adopted with this template. What we wanted was more clarity on a) outflows and allocation of existing funds (and the role of requested funds if there’s a surplus) and b) the methodology in defining active guild members.


I can just reiterate what was said before. The template is only meant as a tool to make the application process easier for the guilds and more comparable for the grants committee. A template would be an unsuitable tool to attempt a policy change anyway. I would suggest we and the guilds run with what we have here for now, collect the information we need, see what works and what needs further improvement and adjust this going forward. If it is felt there is any need for clarification we can always add an accompanying note.


This is really helpful

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Why was a limit of 4 roles included as a limit for funding?

AFAIK it’s not a limit, but a kind of a « baseline » set of role hours (ie every guild, even very small ones, will need at least 21 hours of effort each week to function)

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Where can I read more about this baseline? Thanks

Hi @LiviuC Guild funding was first seen here, it was seen again here on the forum. It was ratified through this snapshot vote of the Season 5 Seasonal Spec

This also includes Guild general role hours : 3 roles at 5 hours/wk for the season.

Thanks @Sprinklesforwinners !

Also of note are the spec that was referenced in the S5 season snapshot and the retrospective meant to further refine it in S7

For your original question @LiviuC , from the spec:

It’s important to note that guilds can do whatever they want with this funding. They can decide to have 4 roles at 5 hours a week or have 2 roles at 10 hours a week. They can create more roles, they can kick off smaller internal projects/education efforts, or they can allocate it to a coordinape. How the guild uses their funding is up to the guild.