Season 7 Seasonal Funding, Final Budget Items

Two guilds (DAOlationship guild and Legal guild) and two project (Bankless Academy and InfoSec) have not been approved within the S7 snapshot deadline.

The Grants Committee has finished revision and discussed with the DAO Treasury and wants to ask the BanklessDAO committee whether this seasonal funding request can proceed to snapshot.

Proposal Champions: Grants Committee

Date: March 4, 2023


This additional budget package is to authorize the disbursement of: 3,330,000 BANK for Season 7 funding to DAOlationships Guild, Legal Guild, Infosec and Bankless Academy.

Historically, these budget items would have been included in the Seasonal Specification. Due to outstanding questions in relation to budgeting, these items were unable to be included at the time that the Season 7 Specification went to Snapshot.


DAOlationships guild = 573,000 BANK

Legal Guild = 683,000 BANK

InfoSec = 734,000 BANK

Bankless Academy = 1,340,000 BANK

Fund projects / depts / guilds that were not approved before the deadline with 3,330,000 BANK for Season 7

  • Yes
  • No
  • Abstain

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Is there a reason this needs to be on the forum? One would assume the GC could just post to snapshot?


I requested this to go to forum because we already submitted the seasonal funding to snapshot, and felt concerned because it was an additional funding request without forum approval.

The previous additional funding request, had forum approval, but was ommited in the seasonal snapshot funding request by mistake.

These items were ommitted, because of outstanding requirements from the GC.

The larger concern I had is that, no one party should have access to immediately put something up on snapshot without DAO approval.

Basically, making sure that no group can continue to ask for more funding, without DAO awareness and approval.


I hope I don’t come off as overly fussy, but having to have one answer for all budget requests, is a bit unfair on the voter. Maybe someone wants to approve one budget but does not want to approve another one.

I understand these budgets are way overdue so I voted yes, but in the future we should take this issue into consideration.


That is a general problem with the current way of approving seasonal budgets. This one follows bDAO practices which might want to be revisited.

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