Guild Grant Template (as of S9)

Guild Grant Template

This template was ratified by the Grants Committtee on Oct 27, 2023 and supercedes all previous templates. An edit was made on Nov 9, 2023 to the Funds Requested section based on this Grants Committee poll.

Authors: The author of this proposal - must be L1 and above.
Editors: Any editors of this proposal.
Date: The date the proposal was submitted.
Wallet surplus: Detail any expected surplus available to you for the next season (further details below).
Funds requested: In addition to any surplus above, where applicable.
Multisig: List any multisig address used on any chain (hyperlink to the respective Safe address).
Multisig signers: List all signers on the multisig(s).

Guild Description & Mission/Value Alignment

Briefly outline the guild, how it helps BanklessDAO achieve its mission, and how it aligns with BanklessDAO values

Seasonal Summary

Previous Season Activities

Briefly summarise activities from last season.

Previous Season DAO Updates

Link to Community Call slides where you reported your progress to the DAO.

Next Season Plan

Briefly describe plans for the next season.

Financial Implications

Previous Season Accounting & Current Holdings

How did your guild spend its funds last season? Provide an accounting, including a current balance of all assets in all guild wallets. If you have a surplus specify why.

Funds Requested

Use the following formula:

  • Seasonal Guild Funding = 15,000 * # weeks in the season (not including gap weeks)

Budget Breakdown

How do you plan to distribute your funding within the guild?

Third-Party Funding and External Revenue

Do you receive or generate additional funding? This includes sponsorships, grants, donations, non-financial benefits, or any other revenue-generating activity.

Guild Members

List your active members.

  • What’s your methodology of assessing active membership within the guild? i.e. How is active membership status gained, tracked, and lost?
  • At what intervals is this updated?

Additional Information

Provide links to additional information when needed

  • Guild Notion Page
  • Working agreements
  • Any other organisational information of interest