Guilds & Project Fund Tracking (Season 1) [Analytics]

I’ve made a dashboard to show how funding moves throughout Bankless DAO.

The dashboard is organized by Guilds and Project, each with

  • Total $BANK Received
  • Total $BANK Distributed

Additionally, there’s a table showing how received funds were distributed to various individual contributors associated with a guild/project. (Data was referenced from the Guilds Multisig page; some guilds/projects did not have a transaction and are not included).

At the top, we have the Grants Committee. In season 1, we see that the Grants Committee received 11M $BANK and distributed out 9.4M $BANK.

The table on the right indicates an even split among the various Guilds that submitted their funding request (get yours in by Sept 27!):

note: the figures in this screen cap indicate initial allotment and if you scroll down the table, you can see subsequent funds distributed throughout the course of Season 1.

For the rest of the guilds/projects, the data is organized in the same way. Funds received, funds distributed and individual contributors receiving varying amount (see table).

Finally, all figures are denominated in $BANK (some guilds have renumerated contributors in DAI, but we’ll focus on $BANK for now as that represents 99% of the fund movement).

No, onto the other projects:

Bounty Board cc @Icedcool

Marketing Guild

Writers Guild cc @siddhearta

Developers Guild cc @jameswmontgomery.eth

Analytics Guild cc @AyrtonB26 @Mamer @saulthorin @RunTheJewelz

Legal Guild cc @Eagle


Translators Guild

First Quest cc @Behold @angyts

You can find the live Dashboards here

Feel free to let me know what other features you’d like to see :point_down:


I love what the analytics guild members are pumpin’ out. Thanks so much for this @paulapivat; transparency doesn’t really happen w/out accessibility thrown in. You’re making things TRULY transparent w/ posts like this that make it easy/accessible to the average bDAO member to see what’s happening.


Thanks for putting this together. Can you imagine having a dune dashboard for how your taxes are spent? As previously stated by @Bpetes your work, layering access on top of transparency, provides true accountability and is what this is all about.


I really love how our analytics guild is really killing it.

Transforming us to a first class data driven media DAO.


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Interesting data, and a lot of work, congrats

nevertheless, I looked some numbers and do not see fit in Treasury guild between total distribution (9000 BANK) and amount in the table, where there is 9000 BANK, but also two other transactions - 120000 BANK and 168000 BANK, could you give some hint about this misalignment?

That was my mistake, just updated the dashboard:


The team of @saulthorin @RunTheJewelz @McKethanor @paulapivat @Mamer continue to amaze me each time i hear from them great stuff lads!!!