Ideas on the whole "level" thing

I’m throwing out a model quickly to see what yall thing:

There are four tiers of ORGANIZATION, not control.
Level 0 - No $BANK
Level 1 - Min $BANK required
Level 2- Contributor status - 35K BANK

  • Core members are elected by snapshot on a per-season basis. Each must propose their application and include OKR for the season along with KPIs
  • Level 2 members must be nominated by other level 2 members. >50% majority is required. Level 2 status can be revoked at anytime by >50% of level 2. Any member can request a vote to remove a level 2 member.
  • Level 1 can vote on snapshots, participate in forums posts and discord convos.
  • Level 0s stay in a “courtyard” area with community mods. Mods that notice members that contribute heavily can nominate them for Level 2 (and maybe even subsidize the BANK they have to purchase)

Came up in convo with @EliteViking, @Silver4k, and @AyrtonB26


Sounds like we better get to work LOL

I like it. It’s a good articulation of the current structure. I think having something somewhere for everyone to see transparency wise would be key

Yeah, turns out this is tricky. I’d like to get each level read access to channels 1 level above them, but sometimes private information gets disseminated and that’s not cool. Not sure what to do

If it’s not broke, don’t fix it. Things are working, and we currently have an 80% good enough solution which is all it takes to succeed

I’d perhaps suggest things like workflow, structure, and transparency on projects are more pressing - I can see a lot of angst building over the stop-and-go nature of projects and from coordinators having their flow side-tracked.

I see a lot of value in this idea, however I do see just as much risk.


I agree on the whole level 0 thing. Everyone should be able to join regardless of background.
I agree with Core members elections.
Don’t agree with the other levels. There should not be any other levels.

  • Level 0 non member.

  • Level 1 member

  • Core member (elected seasonally or periodically)

I explain this further in my reply to your post ‘Brain Dump Deuce - Framework for balance of Power’