Local Bankless Support Network

Do folks think this would be an appropriate way to start getting traction for Local Support and IRL events. This is what I can do in my area this month, I will be heading South to the california coast in late october to do the same.

I would like to Travel to Boise, Portland, and Salem, this month, in order to help host some meetups in these areas and connect with Bankless Dao members in my region, is there any problem with me asking the DAO at large for PayPal contributions to help cover my gas expenses?

I should be able to use my Expense App to track and report expenses to the DAO for those interested in helping with contributions.

This trip have me returning back to Medford Oregon by the 27th of Sept.

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I like the idea of IRL support from DAOs. I know FWB is trying to do something called DAO houses where they can host members of the DAO that need a place to crash. I’m open to hearing people’s thoughts about this. I think IRL support is a good way to differentiate us from many other DAOs and we would probably be ahead of the trend.

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