Looking for feedback on a grant proposal for the toknomics guild!

Tokenomics Leveling Up Initiative

Authors: Bl0ckB0y.eth :black_flag:#8972


  • Champion: Bl0ckB0y.eth :black_flag:#8972,
  • Sponsors: chuck25#4313, 0xHunter#3863, Joe_King#5039

Date Created: July 9th



This proposal is to develop a Tokenomics Certification credential for DAO contributors who want to prove their tokenomic capabilities with an onchain verifiable credential and access to an expert community

  • We are requesting $4,500 in BANK to develop an MVP of this program that would consist of
    • A website for users to interact and purchase the exam
    • An assessment built by tokenomic contributors within the DAO
    • A on-chain credential


Tokenomics is a hot and still unexplored topic in the web3 space right now. This leaves us with an opportunity to capitalize on this developing field by creating and administering a certificate program where contributors can prove their knowledge in the space and connect with their peers. We have a constant influx of tokenomic talent from a variety of backgrounds without the ability to prove their understanding of the field. This program will give DAOs the ability to internally verify tokenomic contributors as well as give contributors who receive the credential(members) the ability to interact with each other.


This will help the DAO achieve its mission of onboarding 1 billion people into the Bankless nation because as more people flee their web2 jobs they will be looking for ways to upskill themselves and build their personal brand in web3. This program will allow them to prove their understanding of the tokenomic ecosystem and onboard them on their journey to building an on-chain reputation. Additionally this program will create a community of tokenomic experts that will be able to connect with each other to build new token frameworks in the broader web3 community.


The scope of this proposal is to fund an MVP for this program which will include a website for purchasing and taking the exam, an assessment supported by a set of standards, and the design and smart contracts needed to create an onchain credential (nft). With this MVP we will conduct testing within the Bankless ecosystem before bringing it to the broader public. The scope of the MVP will be what is listed in July to help set the project up for success for further stages down the road map.


The MVP for this program consists of a website which should enable users to purchase an asynchronous multiple choice test in order to qualify for a synchronous presentation in front of the community members. If a user passed both exams then they will be qualified to receive a NFT credential that proves their qualification to contribute on a tokenomic project. The main components of this user journey are outlined and their financial implications are shown here[$4,500]. We are estimating that we can have an MVP built around the end of July to begin internal testing of the product in early August. During the development of this MVP we are planning on developing partnerships with other tokenomics leaders in the space to help drive credibility for the certificate and receive more funding.


The project would use the Bankless DAO brand as one of the DAOs that approves of the credential. This would be beneficial to the brand because ideally people would use this credential as a way of proving their tokenomics knowledge, associating bankless with high quality tokenomic thought leadership.


How will the project’s success be measured?

  1. Our objective is to build a mechanism for validating that somebody has the knowledge and skills to become a baseline contributor on tokenomics consulting projects
    As completed by
  • 10 Internal Bankless members take the exam by the end of August
  • Finish internal MVP by August
  1. Build an education wireframe so people feel equipped to take the exam
    As completed by
  • Host 5 working sessions to onboard members through the user journey
  • 10 External Bankless members take the exam by the end of September
  • Take 10 peices feedback from internal members and iterate over it


Once this proposal is accepted our immediate next steps would be to 1) Finish the standards and assessment 2) Hire a developer/designer to begin the smart contract and website development 3) Build a gitbook whitepaper that outlines the full implications of this project


Who you are & disclose your interests with making the proposal

Project Champion: Bl0ckb0y.eth, I have been a contributor in Bankless Tokenomics and bankless consulting for 6 months spending the majority of my time doing research for back office initiatives. My background is in sales and marketing operations/strategy spending time setting up enterprise software tools as well as using them. I want this grant so that the Bankless tokenomics community can begin to build up our brand and curate a community of thought leaders in the space.

In the background you speak of “internally verify tokenomic contributors”, but of course the business model assumes externals sign up for it. Should be clearer it develops from internal to external reach - aiming at setting a standard.

Another aspect in the background you could add is that bDAO will need this talent as it is operating in a multichain environment - externally and at some point internally, too.

Am curious - why a collaboration with Bankless Academy may not be helpful - or do you prefer to create an independent entity which is easier to modify and custom built for purpose? How about adding the BANK value in brackets behind the USD sum you are requesting for indication purposes. You can add the exchange date for clarification, as I assume, given the price fluctuations, you prefer USD as proposal reference sum. I did not feel you answered your own questions regarding SUCCESS METRICS OR KPIS OR OKRS.

I find it easier to read when less common acronyms are writen out first before using them througout the text (e.g. MVP).

In the specifications you speak of “an asynchronous multiple choice test” and then of “If a user passed both exams”. That needs more clarity. In general, more info on the type of testing and (broad) topics. Have these test already been developed now or would that also need to be finalised?

The expenses cover the the one-off expenses - what are the recurring expenses (e.g. hosting of website) and who would carry them if the project were to fail? Who would actually enter into the contracts? Would it be run by bDAO, a separate entity or by an individual?

As a reader I would also like to know there the profits (if any) of this project would flow to. To bDAO or the project or somehow shared?

Currently two partnerships have been agreed upon (bankless Consulting, TocenomicsDAO). Perhaps more specifics what these would entail (benefits, referrals etc.)

Some formatting issues: credential(members) (nft), 10 peices

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