Tokenomics Leveling Up Proposal

Tokenomics Leveling Up Proposal

Authors: 0xBlockBoy.eth :black_flag:#8972


  • Champion: 0xBlockBoy.eth :black_flag:#8972,

  • Sponsors: chuck25#4313, 0xHunter#3863, Joe_King#5039, Icedcool🏴#4947

Date Created: July 9th

Date Posted: August 8th


This proposal is to develop a tokenomics course for DAO contributors who want to learn more about tokenomics and earn an on-chain verifiable credential to prove their capabilities

  • We are requesting 63,000 in BANK to develop a tokenomics course to be shown on a white-label bankless academy website
  • The project has the potential to create a strong brand image for Bankless tokenomics and encourage more contributors to come and experience the DAOs Treasury guild


Tokenomics is a hot and still unexplored topic in the web3 space right now. This leaves us with an opportunity to capitalize on this developing field by creating and administering a course program where contributors can up-skill prove their knowledge in the space. We have a constant influx of tokenomic talent from a variety of backgrounds without the ability to prove their understanding of the field. By creating this standard of knowledge the DAO will be able to attract more talent as well as level up talent which will be crucial in giving us a competitive advantage in the web3 space.


This initiative will help the DAO achieve its mission of onboarding 1 billion people into the Bankless nation because as more people flee their web2 jobs they will be looking for ways to up-skill themselves and build their personal brand in web3. This program will allow them to prove their understanding of the tokenomic ecosystem and onboard them into the Bankless DAO. Additionally this program has the ability to create a sub-community of tokenomic experts that will be able to connect with each other under the Bankless brand.


The scope of this proposal is to fund the production of 3 main sections for a tokenomic course on a whitelisted Bankless Academy site. It will include mini quizzes after each sub lesson. There is potential to use this as an MVP for the rest of the Bankless Nation to add their own courses to generate educational value to our contributors. In addition there is potential for this project to serve as a test for building governance and treasury lessons which could then be monetized with a Bankless GTT(Governance, Tokenomics, & Treasury) standards exam. A draft of the current course outline can be seen below:


This project consists of 3 major working teams with other outsourced labor involved too.The first major working team consists of the project champion who will spend time creating the course content, working on the technical deliverables, and other operational tasks. The next major working team consists of tokenomic experts who will review and edit the content for accuracy and strength. The final major working team will be the writing style team who will work to clean up the style of the writing to give it narrative.

These estimates are based on our best judgment and are subject to be changed. The money when received will be kept in BANK and our whole team has been sourced from BDAO to help ensure that BANK becomes the currency of the project. This expense sheet shows recurring cost as translated into a one time payment which can be executed by our project champion, BlockBoy.


The project would use the Bankless DAO brand as the genesis DAOs that approves of the credential. This would be beneficial to the brand because ideally people would use this course as a way of spreading and proving their tokenomics knowledge, associating Bankless with high quality tokenomic thought leadership.


Our objective is to build a course for Web3 tokenomic contributors to up-skill their knowledge and to build a foundation for the Bankless Tokenomics brand.
As show by

  • 50 contributors taking the lessons
  • A shoutout from 3 podcasts


Once this proposal is accepted our immediate next steps would be to 1) Source members for our writers team 2) Continue to develop a strong relationship and roadmap with Bankless Academy 3) Continue to develop course materials


Who you are & disclose your interests with making the proposal

Project Champion: 0xBlockBoy, I have been a contributor in BanklessDAO Tokenomics Department and Bankless Consulting for 6 months spending the majority of my time doing research for back office initiatives. My background is in sales and marketing operations/strategy spending time setting up enterprise software tools as well as using them. I would love to receive funding for this grant so that the Bankless tokenomics community can begin to build up our brand and curate a community of thought leaders in the space.

Should the tokenomics leveling up initiative receive funding from the grants committee?

  • Yes
  • No

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Hey also if you vote no I would love to hear your feedback, thank you!!!


Awesome work on this blockboy, This can help establish bDAO as an authority on the space of tokenomics education and hopefully help the average crypto user be able to identify good projects vs bad ones as well as level up everyone’s knowledge base!


Training and retaining talent is a must for our community - especially in the area of tokenomics where we so desperately need to evolve $BANK utility and behaviour.

We’ve been gearing bAcademy up to serve as a training/credential playground that bDAO guilds/projects can leverage to level up contributors and give them an inter-DAO resume that communicates their successes. Tokenomics will make an excellent first.


Absolutely I think this is a great mission to deploy, it’ll give many they opportunity to educate themselves in which they also gain insight to bankless

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Much-needed initiative :+1:

Is there a plan in place, by default, to monetise these?

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Great idea. What are the best in class tokenomics resources currently out there to draw inspiration from?

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There is potential for monetization through other initiatives down the line like if we decided to develop more courses then launch an ecosystem wide ‘standard’ exam such as a GTT(Governance Tokenomics, & Treasury) Essentials Exam. With a strategy like this we could make money per exam, as of now the strategy would be to bring in and up-skill more talent.

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Yes, this notion page isnt extremely well kept but if you look at the general resources section there is a whole list of lists of resources!

Awesome, thanks so much @blockboy

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Thanks for leading this initiative @blockboy! The outline of lessons demonstrates how thoughtful and intentional you are with this. The BA white label partnership makes a lot of sense. And such a modest BANK request. Great job!

let me know if you want help creating a Token Ninja NFT?

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I guess, with a small change here, results can be better & consequential.

Once this ‘tokenomics’ is in place, if marketed well, perhaps with help of Marketing Guild, you might get break even quickly. That would give impetus to develop more courses, even perhaps without asking for $BANKs further.

You may always give a preferential price to members, or prefer for payment in $Banks.

With this:

  • You onboard new talent & up skill them, at large.
  • Spread awareness of Bankless & $BANK, at speed.
  • Grow sustainable, quickly.

Bottom line is: you can achieve all your objectives & more.

What needs to be done, if you are OK with this idea, is: to include marketing budget in the ask (after checking with Marketing Guild), and you are set to go.

This looks great. I would love to be a member of the first cohort and throw my name in the hat for the writers team.

Just came over here after reading the L2 liquidity proposal thread. +1 all the way and would also like to be part of the first cohort when it happens. Will stay tuned in and keeping an eye out for when it drops.

we just about have a basics (very basic) in BANK tokenomics (supply/distribution) finished in Edu Guild

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I love the concept of this proposal, and would like to throw my name in the hat as well for when you’re ready for the first cohort. Tokenomics specifically is such a huge part of the success of any project, so furthering education here is crucial in my opinion.

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