Marketing Guild Elections - Season 5

Welcome to the Marketing Guild Role Holder Election for Season 5. We received 21 applications from Marketing Guild members for the available 12 available roles. The last elections (Season 4) were set up via seshbot on Discord but we want to have more overview, more structure, and give you more details of the applicants and their vision to make better decisions for the selection of the role holders.

Election Process

The Marketing Guild elections for season 5 rely on the governance framework called the Marketing Guild Constitution that was introduced in season 4. All details can be found under Chapter 5 - Elections. Let’s quickly highlight the most important parts for this election:

  • Timeline: The elections will be open until July 21st 4PM UTC

  • If there was only one application for a role, there is still a Yes/No Vote to get consensus. There won’t be an automatic winner just because there was no competition

  • If there are more than two applications per role, a two-ballot system will be used: If there are more than two options available, two ballots will be needed: The first to decide the two candidates moving to a follow-up Head-to-Head Vote that will be open for another 7 days (until July 28th)

Election 1/12 - Guild Coordinator

Candidate: kravi#3015
I’m a week old in bDAO, and about 3+ months in web3 space. I’ve been an entrepreneur for over a decade, especially in web2 marketing, apart from being involved in many side projects. A brief : I can share any details as required.

Candidate: OrnellaWeb3🏴#1111
Being a Talent Coordinator for the past two seasons and an active participant in coordinating the guild in different areas has helped me understand how the guild works and how we can best provide value to the growth of the DAO. Our team is an excellent one, and I envision that if we keep building together in this way, we’re on our way to an excellent Season 5, thanks to everyone’s hard and mindful work. As Guild Coordinator, I’m confident I can genuinely provide helpful insights and guidance to anyone who needs it so they can thrive in the guild. I would like to provide value by facilitating initiatives and workgroups and help bring more opportunities by connecting more with DAOlationships and all other areas of the DAO. Thank you!
Link to previous work:

  • Kravi
  • OrnellaWeb3

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Election 2/12 - Talent Coordinator

Candidate: Mag’ladr0th#1391
I’ve been a part of bDAO for over half a year now, I’ve understood the process followed and the values upheld. My goal is to do my best to onboard new talent and help them get settled in the guild and the DAO, and to spread the bankless message.

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Election 3/12 - Governance & Treasury Coordinator

Candidate: Mr. V | Bankless DAO#2771
I am the current governance & treasury coordinator for season 4 and L2 Member of the bDAO. I would like to continue my service in this area for the guild for season 5. What I did so far: I was responsible for introducing DeWork as a bounty platform, wrote budget proposals S04 and S05, and wrote the Marketing Guild Constitution that recently passed the vote. Besides that, I am contributing to writing long-form Twitter threads and helping shape the marketing strategy overall. Additionally, my background as a digital marketeer in web2 was useful to write proposals for external clients (argent, hDAO, etc.) The goal for season 5 is to support members in formulating proposals and improving our bounty workflow to enable more output. In addition to that, I want to focus on building a reputation system that should help to deploy the best talent possible for a given campaign. I would be honored if you vote me into the role again :slight_smile: One Team, One Love
Link to previous work:

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Election 4/12 - Campaign Coordinator

Candidate: Son#9840

  • Experienced in strategic as well as execution-level of marketing
  • Good communication skills
  • Attentive to details
  • Numbers-driven always!

Candidate: intlcapitalist🏴 | BanklessDAO#6022
As Guild Coordinator for 3 seasons, and an original member of bDAO from the airdrop over 1 year ago, I’ve learned a lot about web3, cryptocurrencies, NFT projects, and DeFi protocols. Last season I shared the Campaign Coordinator Role, and was the lead on most incoming calls with potential clients such as Openblox, Parcel, Gitcoin, Banklesscard, and others. As CC I plan to do due diligence on all clients to keep the level of bDAO clients high, guide the campaign leads through the creation of proposals, and close deals bringing revenue to the DAO in this bear market. Thank you.

  • Son
  • Intlcapitalist

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Election 5/12 - Social Media Coordinator

Candidate: Eren Targ🏴#5275

  • I am the current social media coordinator for the marketing guild and in the past few weeks , with the help of the micro role holders have achieved followers growth which was one of the primary goals going forward in S4.
  • Helped in content creation by setting up the process of how we get from idea to the end product,( basically the content manager role was handled by as well)
  • Conducting social media and Instagram-TikTok calls weekly to get in touch with the micro role holders and talk ideas
  • The Marketing guild analytical project which was started by me in S3 kicked off and helped in building a pipeline of reports from social media platforms for campaigns.
  • Securing all the passwords of different social media platonic and aligning them towards the new bankless email Id to provide more security to our social media accounts.
    Link to previous work:
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Election 6/12 - Content Manager

Candidate: AhinoK#1800

Vision for the Role

  • Leverage the network of bDAO to scale the mkt influence and upgrade the bDAO sponsorship packages.
  • Enhance the brand image of bDAO as a global community and the onramp for ppl to embrace Webe by building the joint-force of social media channels.

Why fit this role

  • Have a good thinking about how to integrate the content organically and strategiclly, good at connecting dots.
  • Proven success for making good social media performance on bDAO CN node social media.
  • Proven success for building social media matrix and content marketing strategies for Fortune 500 and startups.
  • Quick learner with good hands-on skills


Candidate: taylans.eth🏴#2408

Working as a strategy & marketing professional for 25 years and an L1 bDAOist now, I am willing to contribute further to bDAO's broad scope of guilds and projects in line with my expertise. Before bDAO, most of my routine included doing marketing research, working with advertising agencies, running campaigns, attending exhibitions and creating content for both traditional and digital/social media. Recently, I found the opportunity to participate in two NFT projects, which allowed me to go deeper into the world of Web3.

Please find on Linked-in details of my work experience:

Since my onboarding in bDAO five months ago, I did translations, prepared social media posts (writing+design) and led the “Glossary” project for IMN-TR and the Translators Guild. Please find in this file what I have achieved so far.

As for the CM role, while working closely with the Campaign Coordinator, the Social Media Coordinator and Channel Specialists, I am confident that I will manage all expectations and am open to undertaking further responsibilities upon necessity. We all share the same passion; DAO-ing and creating awareness of Bankless money systems in our community.
My Contributions to bDAO - Google Slides

Candidate: Paulito#8869
I Paulito, apply for the role of content manager for the marketing guild. I am part of the team working on the BANK utility project in the AV Guild and am in charge of content creation for the project. Am very much interested in creating content about Web 3, Defi and Dex. My goal if I become content manager will be to create content that will help the marketing guild uphold the BanklessDAO vision of making a billion people go Bankless. I know what folks interests are especially the African community and as such I believe I will fit well into the role of content manager. Thank you

  • AhnioK
  • Taylans.eth
  • Paulito

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Election 7/12 - Micro Role “Facebook Specialist”

Candidate: Vickyone#0165
I would like to reapply and continue as meta specialist for season 5. I have done tremendous work to see that bDAO content is visible on Facebook with 185% increase and still counting.
Link to previous work:

Candidate: Muninn :black_flag:#8592
I have experience with running quality targeted ads for multiple small businesses. I have many relevant skills for the marketing guild to use. Relatively speaking, I’m new to this space, but I’m confident in my abilities to deliver good work. I have a sole proprietorship that currently works with 3 clients on their marketing. I’m happy to elaborate if needed. Link to previous work:

  • Vickyone
  • Muninn

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Election 8/12 - Micro Role “Instagram Specialist”

Candidate: Freedo_minant🏴1013
I have handled it it for the season four and also gathered a lot of experience to make it grow

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Election 9/12 - Micro Role “Twitter Specialist”

Candidate: :sunflower:Damilola.eth​:sunflower::honeybee:#4393
Just want to be devoted and move this guild forward

Candidate: Vibrantty#4886
I’d love to apply for the micro role of a twitter specialist as i got what it takes to handle the role, used to be a marketer in the real world before transitioning to web3 thereafter I work based on making researches on trending hashtags in other to read a larger audience for the guild, to making sure we met up with the KPI’s before the end of the season, I’m a social media coordinator for Bankless Africa i handle their twitter, facebook and Linkedin and i must say we are getting more traffic and outreach daily on twitter from daily update of educative contents, coming up with contents we can work with which can be posted to our tweets platforms to posting of memes…I love doing great things and also working with like minds thank you. Link to previous work:

Candidate: Tundeeey#9140
As a budding digital marketing enthusiast, I am a good fit for the job, I’m very active on Twitter (my personal account is a testimony to this and I’m great with content creation (these I’ve been doing on the DAO generally as an active contributor). With my digital skills I would make sure Bankless DAO’s Twitter page stays active and grow generally keeping up the good work being done by the previous role holder. Link to previous work: Dash

Candidate: ETrinity007#7414
I’m an active user on twitter and I also understands how to integrate and involve audience on twitter on how to get involved on our post…. I have also been an active member in the marketing guild and understands how the work flow should work.

  • Damilola.eth
  • Vibrantty
  • Tundeeey
  • ETrinity

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Election 10/12 - Micro Role “TikTok Specialist”

Candidate: Crown🏴#6220
Hi, I’d like to reapply for the TikTok specialist role for S5 because I believe there’s still more to do in growing the DAO’s TikTok account, although there was hitches in getting consistent content for the TikTok, was able to get around 100 new followers during S4 through constant interaction with other accounts on the app. Over time, I’ve also learnt about new stuff that can help with growing the account and hope to keep learning. And I believe in S5 when there’s proper flow of content, the account will even grow faster. Below is the link to the account. Link to previous work: TikTok

Candidate: ANDY Banklesslv#8954
Would like to apply for the TikTok speacialist role and carry on growing the page by continuing the work I started back in seasons 2-3. I enjoyed having fun while creating video’s and spreading the BanklessDAO message. TikTok

  • Crown
  • ANDY Banklesslv

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Election 11/12 - Micro Role “Telegram Specialist”

Candidate: Sketchbreezy#1411
Hello, I’m applying for the Telegram Micro-role position for Upcoming season 5. My vision for this role is to actively expand the reach of bDAO’s Telegram channel and engage members of the community with valuable information relevant to the BanklessDAO mission. Also collaborating with other Micro role holders to attain our individual and collective goals for the DAO’s overall benefit. I am an experienced Telegram Specialist with a track record of success, and I can confidently state that I have a fundamental insight and technical knowledge of how the platform works, how to actively expand the channel, and how to get new users acquainted with the BanklessDAO project. As the current Telegram Specialist, I’ve been able to spread content from our different social channels to keep members updated, as well as run surveys to learn about member interests so that we can make informed decisions about what content to publish more regularly. I’ve also been able to manage the Telegram’s channel growth. I believe I’ll bring a highly collaborative and enthusiastic approach to this role in the future season, thus I’ll require the marketing guild members’ support in the upcoming election. Thank you very much.

  • Yes
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Election 12/12 - Micro Role “LinkedIn Specialist”

Candidate: sandeepdas#2062
LinkedIn is going to be an important platform for bDAO going forward (if it is not already). My aim is to make bDAO’s LinkedIn page a core component of our broader social media and content strategy. The potential that we can leverage from LinkedIn is immense, and we are not anyways close to making good use of it. LinkedIn can act as bDAO’s platform for thought leadership dissemination, a biz dev channel to attract more clients (we are the biggest media DAO), and also raise visibility and awareness of the Bankless movement. Last but not the least, the bDAO LinkedIn page can act as a magnifier of the Bankless HQ work, and allow us to work in tandem and more in sync. My vision is to increase follower counts to a significant number of hundreds over a period of time, and make LinkedIn an important part of cross-channel campaigns (both internal and external). I also want to expand LinkedIn’s impact by collaborating with bDAO regional / country nodes who have their own LinkedIn pages. I have already contributed significantly to shape the thinking around LinkedIn by writing and submitting a whole LinkedIn strategy document to the Marketing Guild, which was appreciated. I have been constantly suggesting ideas to strengthen our LinkedIn presence and generate more engagement from MG members (through content creation, engagement etc.). In my personal life, I manage my own LinkedIn account, which is an important platform for me as an independent consultant.

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Feeling great about the talent here. Thanks for running everyone, and even if you don’t win, we’ll do our best to work you into the guild!


The elections are now closed. Here are the election results for Marketing Guild Role Holders S05:

  • Guild Coordinator: @OrnellaWeb3🏴#1111
  • Talent Coordinator: @Mag’ladr0th#1391
  • Governance & Treasury Coordinator: @Mr. V | Bankless DAO#2771
  • Campaign Coordinator: @intlcapitalist🏴 | BanklessDAO#6022
  • Social Media Coordinator: @Eren Targ🏴#5275
  • Content Manger: @AhinoK#1800
  • Facebook Specialist: @vickyone🏴#0165
  • Instagram Specialist: @freedo_minant🏴#1013
  • Twitter Specialist : Second poll needed (Final race: @Tundeeey🏴#9140 & @Vibrantty#4886 )
  • TikTok Specialist: @Crown🏴#6220
  • Telegram Specialist: @sketchbreezy#1411
  • LinkedIn Specialist: @sandeepdas#2062

Congratulations to everyone! You all rock and I am bullish for S05 with this team!

We now need a second poll for the “Twitter Specialist” because there were more than two candidates (-> The first poll defined the two finalists). Please make sure to cast your vote for the final poll for season 5 for the Marketing guild. The poll will be open until July 28th.

Twitter Micro-Role Holder Marketing Guild Season 5:

  • Tundeeey
  • Vibrantty

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Vibrantty withdrew and therefore tundeeey is the new twitter specialist


A big congratulations to you all, lets fly :rocket: