Marketing Department Season 6 - Content Coordinator Re-election

Welcome to the Marketing Department Content Coordinator Role Holder Election for S6. The need for this election has been triggered by the announced absence of the elected Content Coordinator for S6, due to a mix of personal and professional reasons, which was not going to allow the role holder to carry out the required responsibilities.

The Vote will close exactly 7 days after this forum post was published.

If you are unfamiliar with the election procedure visit our Marketing Guild Constitution Section 5 (V. Elections): .

Here are some important points:

  • Timeline: The elections will be open until December 2nd 10PM UTC

  • Because there are five applications for this role, a two-ballot system will be used: If there are more than two options available, two ballots will be needed: The first to decide the two candidates moving to a follow-up Head-to-Head Vote that will be open for another 7 days (until 9th December)

Candidate: DEEWON#1185
As an active member in marketing department, I have studied and paid attention to the content strategy creation, I feel I will be best fit for the role as I fully understand the requirement needed to handle it. I will create a content strategy that can help marketing department reach it’s traffic goals. Promote a consistent identity through our social media platforms.

Candidate: Oluwasijibomi#6263
I was motivated to nominate myself for this role because I want to be able to use to role to Foster educational contents that will bring about the adoption of blockchain in its true sense. I want to see more people being adopted to the space through contents from the DAO and improve on the type or contents to be more engaging and educational like before

Candidate: Quilia(she/her)#5170
I have been in the marketing guild(now marketing department) since the last season and I’ve carefully taken time to understand the workflow of how content is generated, published and coordinated, having partaken in certain tasks myself. This new season, I believe I can drive the Content department of the MD forward and raise the level of activity for content creation. I aim to:
. Ensure a seamless and timely flow of tasks from creation to approval.
. Make room for diverse contents that’ll cover more areas than the ones already in operation.
. Increase the activity rate of people for making excellent content in the marketing department.

Candidate: FINE#8385
Always wanted to have a role in BanklessDAO. Content Coordinator is a perfect role to start with, One I am capable of achieving. An awesome feed for our audience. Bank less Content will be worth their time👌

Candidate: Teafeh💯#1754
I want to take on the content coordinator position because I understand how crucial content is to any organization, especially in this social media era. With the team’s help, we can continue to create and put out more high-quality content relevant to the DAO, and our target audiences. My purpose is to assist in the creation and management of contents that is specifically suited for social media platforms with the intention of executing marketing campaigns and achieving the objectives of the bDAO Marketing department.

  • DEEWON#1185
  • Oluwasijibomi#6263
  • Quilia(she/her)#5170
  • FINE#8385
  • Teafeh💯#1754

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While, I am entirely up for helping with the election of the marketing department, I feel like I’m not qualified to weigh in on who should be elected, since I’m not a member of the marketing department.

Is this something you all want the entire DAO to weigh in on, through the forum?


Hi @Icedcool , thank you for asking the question. I am following an established route wherein all Marketing Department elections in previous seasons have been hosted and managed on the Forum. There is absolutely no need for you to weigh in or anyone else who doesn’t feel that they know enough about the MD and the candidates standing for the role.

Dear @Mr_V - Is there a way to gate the election access to only those who have a MD tag? I was looking for that option, but couldn’t find it. Maybe I was not looking properly.

@sandeepdas9179 I don’t think it is possible to limit the forum polls to a certain role. There is no need to weigh in from other guilds if they don’t feel informed enough to cast their vote. However, if someone feels strongly about a candidate, I don’t see it as wrong to include those votes.

@Icedcool the reason why we used the forum since the elections of season 4 is, that the “lowest” level of governance (discord sesh poll) has left some open questions and there was a feeling that it invited too many outside discord profiles to manipulate the vote. With the forum, there seems to be a more structured, more calm approach to it so we ran with it. IMO we should even think about a snapshot for the guild for important decisions like role elections, seasonal budget and constitution changes

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Gotcha, yea we had some challenges in Treasury Department along this line as well.

How we solved it was define active membership in our constitution then create an active membership registration form, that took in contributors and required acknowledgement of their contribution. Then this role is required to vote on any polls. (Additions to this role can be audited)

We are keeping the polls anonymous (because we think that is a reasonable right for contributors) although you do have to be registered, and satisfy active member criteria.

We are still refining our governance, but feeling pretty good about this process. :slight_smile:

I do know that @jameswmontgomery.eth and Governator, are working on automation, and sybil resistance solutions around all this, especially when integrated with things like the Otterspace experiments (@Bpetes !) and onchain reputation solutions.

Looking forward to what they come up with.