Netflows in Bankless DAO Tipping Economy

The below dashboard provides supplementary data to the excellent work done by @tomahawk and @McKethanor, who have scrapped tipping data to provide internal metrics within the DAO around tipping like:

  • Number of unique tippers
  • Number of unique recipients
  • Total tips given

among many other metrics including a very rich social network graph and tipbot activity across time, in support for a proposal to reinforce and boost a Tipping Culture within the DAO.

I highly recommend you pause and go read that post and vote!

Now that you’ve have a sense of tipping within the DAO, we can zoom out to get a macro view.

SInce we use CollabLand, all Bankless DAO members who want to send / receive tip must first deposit some BANK into the CollabLand smart contract. Conversely, some may wish to withdraw their tip to their private wallet.

Here we can see the daily change in deposits/withdrawals over time along with cumulative $BANK deposited into the contract:

We also have data in table form for easy filtering by date:

Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 21.58.16

Finally, we can see the total $BANK deposited and withdrawn over time, summing up to the current $BANK balance in this contract available for tipping.

Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 21.58.26

Dashboard can be found here: Dune Analytics

Happy tipping!


My 2 deposit days stick out like sore thumbs lol


You hold the record for most generous tipper! :raised_hands:

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