Bankless DAO Multi-sig Transaction Analysis

I want to take a moment to spotlight the BanklessDAO Multi-Sig Transaction Analysis dashboard created by @RunTheJewelz on DaoDash.

This dashboard is design to inform the community about how capital flows inside BanklessDAO.

Here’s the dashboard at a glance:

The primary sections include:

  1. Filter
  2. Table
  3. Sankey
  4. Time series bar chart

Let’s use DAODash as an example.

The filter section allows you to filter by Time, Direction (of fund flow), Name (Project or Guild name) and Type (Project, Guild etc):

Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 19.26.18

Here we are looking to see funds flowing into the DaoDash Project Multi-sig. The table section provides a standard view:

We can see direction “in” from various sources (from_address). For DaoDash, the most recent chunk came in from the Grants Committee (season 2) and the smaller portion from the Analytics Guild itself (season 1). Each transaction amount and date is visible.

The right most column (to_address) indicates the DaoDash multisig address.

The sankey diagram shows fund flows visually, from right to left:

Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 19.33.32

Here we can see the two sources of funding, and their relative amount, represented visually.

This becomes even more intuitive when we need to represent multiple sources and targets for funding. Here we see funds flowing into multiple projects, BountyBoard, DaoDash, Content Gateway, and so on:

Screen Shot 2021-11-19 at 19.36.21

Back to DaoDash, we may also want to see “when” these funds flowed into the project. Inbound funding is also represented in a time series bar chart. Here we see mid-September and October as dates when funds flowed into the project’s multisig.

Finally, now that we know where funds are flowing into the project, we may also want to see how funds flow out. We can simply go to the filter and for “Direction” select “out”. Here’s a table view of fund outflows to various contributors.

We are working to make the dashboards more publicly accessible and will continue to release explainer posts like this one.

If you have ideas to help us improve our dashboards, features you’d like to see, other metrics to include, please leave a comment below. Thank you! :pray:


This is incredible. Really impressed and hyped for the work DAODash has been doing.


This is awesome.

Continually impressed with Daodash, and the analytics guild crushing it.