Ops Update - Role Gating & Project Categories

Hey folks - Got an Ops update for all of you.

Role Gating

In the past three weeks, we’ve seen a 25% increase in server members, from 8,000 to over 10,000.

While this is fantastic, many of them are left overwhelmed with the number of Discord channels, as I’m sure many of us are as well.

Looking at the categories we have:

  • Welcome (Level 0)
  • BanklessDAO in Bites
  • Community Call
  • General (Level 1)
  • Governance
  • Member Perks
  • Ombuds
  • Cross Guild Collab
  • Project Planning
  • Analytics Guild
  • Audiovisual Guild
  • DAOlationships
  • Design Guild
  • Developers Guild
  • Education Guild
  • Legal Guild
  • Marketing Guild
  • Ops Guild
  • Research Guild
  • Translators Guild
  • Treasury Guild
  • Writers Guild
  • Geographies

Holy shit. The proposed solution here is to gate all of the guilds behind roles and consolidate projects and cross-guild collab.

Gate guilds behind roles

This mechanism would gate almost all guild channels behind that guild’s role, which members can select from #guild-select.

  • If you do NOT have a guild tag, only two channels are available: guild-start-here and guild-general
  • If you DO have the guild tag, all channels under that particular guild category are available.
  • Furthermore, a singular firehose tag will unlock ALL channels to bypass the Discord tag gating

Without ops-guild or firehose tag:

With ops-guild or firehose tag:

:warning:WARNING​:warning: This does introduce one potential problem: If you tag a member in a guild channel when they don’t have view permissions for that channel, they will not receive the notification. The expectation here is that L2 members and maybe active L1 members will opt to use the Firehose tag to receive all notifications, at which point we will emphasize muting and collapsing categories to minimize noise. Gating is meant for less active/specialized members, of which there are many.

Consolidate Project Planning and Cross Guild Collab

There’s very little distinction between project planning and cross guild collab right now. Furthermore, there are many project planning channels that need to be pruned into archive.

But WAIT! Many of these projects do not belong in the planning category. You would be correct. This leads nicely to the next segment: Project Categories!

Project Categories for Funded Projects

Over the past week or so, we’ve seen a number of new categories pop up in the bottom of Discord:

Notice how all of these categories are projects? Turns out that once projects gain enough traction, a single channel is no longer sufficient. To facilitate better coordination, the heuristic here is that if it is funded for a significant amount and has the “feel” of a long-term project, it should have its own category with its own start-here page and role select.

:warning:WARNING​:warning: Naturally this will create more channels. But similar to #guild-select and role gating, we will apply the same rules to projects. There will be a #project-select category that will unlock the remainder of the channels within a project category.

The following projects are requested to create their own categories at the BOTTOM of Discord:

In creating a category, please include (at minimum):

  • #project-start-here
  • #project-general
  • #project-voice

If it makes sense to add additional roles within the project, Angyts has created a nice guide.

Once these channels are up, ops guild will create a #project-select channel and gate the category (save for the #project-start-here and #project-general channels)


Gate the majority of guild channels behind a role select

  • Yes
  • No

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Consolidate Project Planning and Cross-Guild Collab

  • Yes
  • No

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Encourage projects to create their own categories

  • Yes
  • No

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Gate the majority of project channel behind a role select

  • Yes
  • No

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Great proposal and I think it will help immensely. I have heard from a number of people that BanklessDAO is their most active server. My biggest concern when diving in to this was using cross-guild tags in channels that aren’t activated / visible, but you obviously thought of that! It makes sense for L1+L2 to activate #firehose, and possibly even make it mandatory for L2.

If pushed through we should assure all new members are advised of tagging limitations in #first-quest

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Yes! In fact that would be a first quest specifically for helping new users digest the channel


Amazing work @frogmonkee, I have been struggling with this for a bit as well. Which led to delayed responses and bloated communication lines

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This is great! Fight-club has encountered these very issues so it’s great to see the options available as we grow. Thanks, @frogmonkee!

I’m all for this. From day 1 I had issues scrolling through dozens of channels trying to find and focus on those where I’m most active

can i suggest it be even more aggressive?

Hide the entire guild category unless you have the specific guild tag?

This is different from the current suggestion to leave a couple of start here channels for the guild.

Ok #first-quest category has been moved to the bottom.

Oh sorry, i mis-read the forum post: ok so i’m supposed to create a new category for the project management… ok got it… cheers, to more channels LOL.

good proposal, it is pretty hard to get where you want with this organization, too many channels

am I understood correctly, that one will be able to select more guilds to show in his feed, with #guild-select for several guilds? or it is just one with #guild-select or all with firehose?

Intuition is that this would be limiting, as not everyone will know about the role gating - some things just won’t get communicated properly no matter how hard we try.

In the #guild-start-here we can capture those that have missed the role-gating and let them select the guild role to unlock the category. Basically two avenues for getting the role: #guild-select or the start-here channel for each guild.

I think if people want to read about the guild, they can always pick up the tag, and if they don’t like it, it can untag themselves.

  • ALL guild channels should be hidden until the guild tag is picked up
  • Start-here guild channel should always be shown no matter what

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This also reduces implementation overhead significantly

Great proposal. But I think this is only gonna fix issues for a short term.
BDAO being one of the most active sever (and it’s just the beginning) showed the limit of running a DAO on Discord .
We have to think seriously for a long term solution and it should be one of the main short term focus of BDAO : creating a platform which fit DAOs needs.
Metaverse can be a solution (like atlantis)

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Moving to archive. Please reply to reopen.