Project steward: @Jengajojo
Author: @anointingthompson1 @Paulito


This is a proposal to add BanklessDAO as a partner community inside the Panvala ecosystem. By being part of this ecosystem BanklessDAO can claim a portion of the shared Panvala endowment to fund our activities.

What is Panvala?

Panvala is an endowment to fund community life, shared by the network of thousands of communities that help it grow. Panvala’s endowment helps you and your community capture more of the value you’ve already been creating.

Check out the GreenPilled Podcast with the project founder here

How does Panvala align with the Bankless mission and vision?

Since the bankless mission is to create user-friendly onramps for people to discover decentralized financial technologies through education, media, and culture and the vision to live in a world where anyone with an internet connection has access to the financial tools needed to achieve financial independence.
Collaboration with the panvala community will help reach out to a much greater number of people that comes together with a community-driven spirit to achieve the desired vision and mission of BankessDAO. Collecting Stamps to fund communities is also an easy task for people as they onboard into web3, and shows them that the Bankless revolution can help them build wealth as communities, not just as individuals.

  • How can BanklessDAO benefit from the collaboration?*

Panvala has an endowment system that uses Panvala Stamps which are NFTs that fund any community when they are claimed and redeemed.
This system will help boost bDAO revenue when BanklessDAO members claim Panvala stamps provided by other businesses or sponsors and redeem them in bDAO. Given the vast network of communities in Panvala, bDAO can also create a lot of activities on projects such as Newsletter, BanklessCard, BanklessPodcast, and other bDAO-related projects. This in turn will equally increase the revenue of BanklessDAO. It will also give access to collaboration with other communities that will enable the DAO to achieve its goals and objectives. Finally, this will give BanklessDAO access to a larger audience and a vast talent pool of individuals that can help improve and grow the DAO.

What does this collab mean for BanklessDAO members?

bDAO members will have the opportunity to be part of other communities. Many of these communities are open and easy to join, but some communities require their members to apply and be admitted. Panvala makes it easier for bDAO members to be part of any other community they desire.
BanklessDAO’s success in earning funds through Panvala depends on our members building a culture where collecting Panvala Stamps is typical and encouraged. When new Stamps are available to collect, we’ll all spread the word so we can get BanklessDAO at the top of Panvala’s leaderboard of Stamp collecting communities. We’ll also highlight individual BanklessDAO members who collect the most stamps. This will give bDAO members the leverage to fund bDAO projects and the community at large.

Do you think BanklessDAO should apply to be part of the Panvala ecosystem?

  • Yay! Let’s do this
  • Nay! This proposal needs further restructuring

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Great work Jenga! It’s a really good way of increasing exposure to bDAO while also raising some funds.


From my reading here, there’s no financial burden on bDAO but members become eligible to redeem coupon NFTs from businesses? Can we get some examples of these businesses? The free money is coming from inflation and dilution of the token supply.

This seems like an addition to the Gitcoin ecosystem, what is involved in applying for membership in panvala league?

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Right now the sponsors are index coop and opolis Panvala Stamps
it is possible for us to work with our clients to design specific tasks and rewards for bDAO. On top of the stables that we earn there is an equivalent matching in PAN token.

Niran already announced, in the podcast, that BanklessDAO is joining.

It sounds great. A brief demo or explanation about how it actually works might help community understand better.

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Yea, Great, you are doing a good job