DAOlationships BizDev Department Budget Proposal S6

Authors: jarisjames#8072

Co-Authors: Ernest of Gaia, salmanneedsajob :black_flag:#6938, anointingthompson1#6130

Editors: Ernest of Gaia #4762, senad.eth :black_flag:#8782

Date Created: Oct 11th, 2022

Dated Submitted: Oct 14th, 2022


The purpose of the DAOLationships (BizDev) Department is to facilitate and coordinate relationships between external organizations and BanklessDAO. When other guilds in bDAO need support from external organizations, they come to DAOLationships Guild to help understand and navigate the personal connections we have. When external orgs want to establish a connection with bDAO, the BizDev Department helps to coordinate those efforts for maximum mutual benefit.

Looking to Season 6

During Season 5 we established several interesting partnerships. DAOlationships spearheaded a partnership with IDriss to have $BANK added to their chrome extension, allowing users to tip in $BANK on both ETH mainnet and Polygon, we formed the first “DAOLationship” with Consensys, and we’re working on having $BANK added to Across Protocol, so $BANK holders can quickly bridge $BANK between ETH Mainnet and Polygon with low fees, and earn $ACX in the process. All of these partnerships were made with no financial incentive; in Season 6, the DAOLationships Department will focus heavily on forming strategic partnerships to advance the BanklessDAO ecosystem.

Demos had really gained popularity in Season 5 and we already have Demos booked well into Season 6. We would like to professionally record/edit Demos, so we’re recruiting members from AV Guild to assist in this effort and upload high quality Demos with established projects to the BanklessDAO YouTube channel, and eventually land sponsorships to generate additional revenue for the DAOlationships and BanklessDAO treasuries.

During Season 5 we held Demos with the following projects: Metropolis (prev Orca Protocol), Juicebox, DeepDAO, DAOLens, Charmverse, rep3, Wistaverse, WalletChat, and we have Push Protocol (prev EPNS), Superfluid, and Syndicate presenting Demos in Season 6.


Our mission is to help BanklessDAO onboard 1 billion people to crypto. We will help by releasing content on useful DAO tools through live demo events and uploading to YouTube afterwards to provide useful information for web3 builders. We will also focus on establishing strategic partnerships with external organizations that are aligned with BanklessDAO, to expand our ecosystem to communities that share our values on decentralization and self-sovereignty.


MVP Business Development

  • Strengthen DAOplomat Relationships
  • Generate Revenue for the Department and DAO.
  • Develop a broader understanding of the CRM
  • Integrate with Marketing, AV, and Design Guilds
  • Continue Development on the CRM/Form Strategic Partnerships with external orgs.
  • Develop a robust working group for Live Demos.


  • Create a Department Governance and Operational Social Agreement

  • Create Workspace in Discord & Notion

  • Create the BanklessBizDev Twitter Account and begin creating marketing copy.

  • Begin distributing BANK bounties to AV members for recording/editing Demos.**

Department Funding Specifications

(Organizational Structure):

Department Lead

  • Target Engagement: ~ 10 hours/week

  • Salary: 10,000 BANK per week*12 = 120,000

  • Responsibilities:

    • Cross DAO Collaboration
    • Hold Discovery Calls with Leads
    • Assemble the necessary talent needed service client needs
    • Administration of Department Coordination.

CRM Manager

  • Target Engagement: ~ 5 hours/week
  • Salary: 5,000 BANK/week = 60k
  • Maintain, manage and develop the CRM
  • Create a detailed documentation of the CRM updating process.
  • Be present during discovery calls to gather informations from leads coming in to form relationships within the Dao

Event Coordinator

  • Target Engagement: ~ 5hours/week
  • Salary: 5,000 BANK/week = 60k
  • Coordinate weekly demos in DAOlationships and ensure constant flow of demos are being held
  • Coordinate with stewards bringing the demo to DAOlationships, make sure they are informed on what to expect, and that the opportunity is added to the CRM
  • Add the demo to upcoming schedule and coordinate with the DAOplomat and talent coordinator whenever necessary in their onboarding into bDAO
  • Create RSVPs, announcements, and promote the demo.

Client Manager

  • Target Engagement: ~ 7 hours/week
  • Salary: 7,000 BANK per week * 12 = 84,000 BANK
  • Purpose: More focused on converting leads from global events into clients
  • Responsibilities:
    • Respond to the new leads especially from global events in a timely manner as well as existing leads with the aim of converting them to clients.
    • Prepare note-taking documentation and briefly test your audio input and output equipment for potential calls.
    • Willingness to create written explainers or SOP documentation to facilitate the translation of cross-collaborative efforts into non-technical language.
    • Organize, Host, and Track client and contributor discovery calls/meetings to oversee productive and fruitful conversations.
    • Maintaining a record of meetings, one-on-one calls, as well as active and non-active professional relationships.

Bounties for Copywriting

  • Create marketing copy for the @DAOlations twitter account pertaining to department updates, partnerships, and upcoming events.
  • 5,000 BANK/week = 60,000 BANK

Bounties for recording/editing Demos

  • Compensation for AV Guild to record/edit our weekly demos and upload them to YouTube.
  • 10,000 BANK/week = 120,000 BANK

Financial implications = 504,000 BANK


The BanklessDAO brand will be used for our BanklessBizDev Twitter account, which will give weekly updates on partnerships and events.


  • Client Leads Generated
  • 1 Demo per week minimum
  • Sponsorship Revenue for BanklessDAO Demos


Jaris James: Full-time DAO contributor since December 2021. AMA Host/Outreach Specialist. Core contributor of BanklessDAO, Marketing Consultant for rep3 and Wildfire Operator. Building relationships all throughout the universe of DAOs, leveraging these relationships for mutual benefit.

salmanneedsajob: Contributor at DAOlationships guild since S4, Producer on the Making Bank Podcast, and a web3 content creator.

anointingthompson1.eth: Full-time contributor across different web3 organizations since september 2021. Current Daolationships CRM manager since S5, BanklessDao Community call coordinator, writers guild talent management assistant, BanklessDao sobol editor, Co-founder/ Chief Operation Officer for web2 UAV streaming service provider startup KOOBIK and freelance cinematographer/editor. Developing operations tactics for chapter one guild (C1) under the NEAR protocol ecosystem.

Winverse: Marketing coordinator at Writers Guild; contributor at DAOlationships, and the Making Bank Podcast.

Sandeep Das: Marketing Guild role holder in Season 5, contributes to developing and running client campaigns for the Marketing Guild, Brand & Growth Strategist in real life, with close to two decades of experience, Writer and Researcher and Bankless Research Marketing Director

Vibrantty: I’m a brand Identity designer I create seamless and timeless identities for my client, also a Digital marketer know how to optimize SEO and help marketed contents reach the right target audiences, also a contributor in bDAO holding role as the social media coordinator in Bankless Africa as a marketing steward and strategist, content alignment manager for Translators guild and also a researcher.

senad.eth: Bankless Research Project Champion, previous DAOlationships Guild Coordinator who organized and managed client relationships for BanklessDAO prior to the establishment of the BizDev Department.

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