Project Grant Template (as of S9)

Project Grant Template

This template was ratified by the Grants Committtee on Oct 27, 2023 and supercedes all previous templates.

Project Champion: Project Champion Discord handle.
Squad: Discord handle and number of at least two further participants.
Purpose: For-profit or public good.
Affiliation: Name the guild(s) you feel your project formation is closest connected with. You can name a maximum of three in descending order of priority.

  1. Guild 1
  2. Guild 2
  3. Guild 3

Authors: The author of this proposal - must be L1 and above.
Editors: Any editors of this proposal.
Date: The date the proposal was submitted.
Funds requested: Total funds requested for the project
Multisig: Ideally multisig, disclose all designated project wallets.
Multisig signers: List all signers on the multisig(s).
Previous Grant Request: Link to previous grant request.
Own subDAO/Discord server: Provide link if applicable.

Project Teaser

One sentence description of the project to be funded.

Project Purpose & Mission/Value Alignment

Briefly outline the project, how it helps BanklessDAO achieve its mission, and how it aligns with BanklessDAO values.

Past Activities

Briefly summarise past/preparatory activities preceding your funding request. Ideally share links to artifacts you have produced showing the work you have done.

Previous KPIs

What KPIs have you used or reported to the Grants Committee to show progress?

Previous Commitments

What commitments have you previously made, and how have you held them up?

Previous Season DAO Updates

Link to Community Call slides where you reported your progress to the DAO, if applicable.


For projects which have previously received funding: have you performed a retrospective since the last time you received funding? What are the outputs of your retrospective?

Future Plans

What are you doing with the grant you are requesting? What milestones or progress will you make with the grant?


What KPIs will you report to the Grants Committee to show progress?


How will the project provide utility to BanklessDAO? Please provide suggestions on what you think is most relevant and achievable for the project.

Examples: increase the number of transitions of guest pass holders to L1 membership tier level; being a launch partner of - time locked BANK (tlBANK); accept BANK as payment for your services or product.

Financial Implications

Previous Period Accounting & Current Holdings

How did your project spend its funds from the last grant request? Provide an accounting, including a current balance of all assets in all project wallets.

Third-Party Funding and External Revenue

Do you receive or generate additional funding? This includes sponsorships, grants, donations, non-financial benefits, or any other revenue-generating activity.

Next Period Budget Breakdown

Describe in more detail your budgeting plans for the project.


If the BanklessDAO brand is used by the project, how will it be used and how will the project ensure integrity with the bankless mission and vision?

Additional Information

Provide links to additional information when needed

  • Project Notion Page
  • Pitch deck
  • Website
  • Socials
  • Roadmap
  • Any other organisational information of interest