[ANNOUNCEMENT] Changes to the S10 Seasonal Funding Process


  • Based on a TEMP CHECK, Grants Committee is changing the seasonal funding process for S10:
    • Only L1 contributors and above may submit grant requests
    • Projects are no longer eligible for seasonal funding
    • Guilds will get a flat weekly hourly grant + signaling Snapshot
    • Departments must include a purpose statement + KPIs in their grant request


The Grants Committee posted a TEMP CHECK on Grants Reform on Sept 29, 2023. The changes resulting from the TEMP CHECK are split into 2 categories:

  1. Changes which fall under the Grants Committee mandate as stated in the Constitution, and require only a GC vote to implement

    • This includes who can request grants and changes to the project/guild/department funding process
  2. Changes which require a change to the Constitution (i.e. a bDIP), and require forum consensus and a Snapshot vote

    • This includes the GC purpose/mandate, GC quorum, and GC compensation

Due to the fact that S10 Seasonal Funding is imminently approaching, the Grants Committee has decided to prioritize Category 1 above.

Changes to Seasonal Funding for S10

Only L1 contributors and above may submit grant requests

95% felt we should tighten up who should be allowed to ask for grants, so starting now, GC will only look at grant requests submitted by L1 contributors.

Some suggestions for Guest Pass contributors:

  • If you are writing a grant proposal, ask an L1/L2 contributor to submit the grant proposal on your behalf
  • Consider buying L1 membership - it’s never been more affordable to become an L1 member at BanklessDAO!

Projects are no longer eligible for seasonal funding

94% voted in favour of moving projects to ad-hoc grants, which means projects seeking grants will have to follow the regular grant process (detailed on the GC Notion Page). This means project grants will have to pass forum quorum and a GC vote. The hope is that this will encourage projects to use BANK to produce value that can be shared with the DAO.

Some suggestions for Project Champions:

  • If you need a grant for S10, consider submitting your grant request early, as GC will review grants on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Ensure your KPIs are up-to-date, because if they aren’t, you won’t be eligible for a grant.
  • Check out the new Project Grant Template

Guilds will get a flat weekly hourly grant + signaling Snapshot

79% voted to reduce the scope of guilds (i.e. move to a fixed, weekly grant), 48% voted to adopt decentralized tools (i.e. guilds funded based on DAO-at-large signal). For S10, guilds that submit a grant request will get BANK based on a flat rate number of weekly hours (poll below for the amount). Guilds will also be eligible for additional funding via a token-weighted Snapshot vote, set up exactly like a GC election vote.

Some suggestions for Guild Coordinators:

  • Try to reduce weekly role hours so that you can engage other guild members with bounties.
  • Encourage guild members to submit grant proposals for other guild-related projects they are working on (i.e. education, promotion).
  • Use your seasonal DAO grant proposal as a way to showcase the progress your guild has made over the last season, to maximize your chances in the signaling Snapshot vote
  • Check out the new Guild Grant Template

POLL: how many hours a week should guilds have to run their operations?

  • [CURRENT] 21 hours/wk
  • 15 hours/wk
  • 10 hours/wk
  • Other (I will comment)
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Departments must include a purpose statement + KPIs in their grant request

97% voted for departments to have their purpose defined in the Constitution. The hope is to create more direction and clarity for our essential DAO units moving forward. Departments must submit a purpose statement and seasonal KPIs to show how they will pursue their purpose.

Some suggestions for Department Coordinators:

Useful Links


I fully support this direction for implementation in Season 10, but I also believe there should have been a bDIP to remove project funding from the Seasonal Budgets section and to introduce the L1 requirement for posting.


We’re planning on creating a bDIP this season for all changes in the TEMP CHECK, but it was not feasible to pass a bDIP before seasonal funding. The changes you mentioned are important, but ultimately the Grants Committee has the authority to accept/reject any grant proposal, and thus all of the changes mentioned above fall within the scope of the GC.

Rest assured we will update the Constitution based upon the results of the TEMP CHECK.


Agree, thanks :slight_smile:

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This part of the funding template changes after the conclusion of this, right?


How is token weighted funding going to work with TL Bank?

I locked all of my tokens. Meaning I now have no tokens to vote.


There are people who have made the decision that some guilds are irrelevant, and that decision is like an immovable rock. (Sometimes, with enough people, you can move an immovable rock… so maybe that’s where this idea came from)

How will that work if you ask for funding, knowing that you’re going to need to cater to the few, not the many? Would it be a proposal, a comm call, etc? There’s some interesting angles to approach here me thinks.

(Aka a group with a bunch of guest passers that have less than 35k bank will have no chance or say against 1 person with 2+ million bank)

What would be the solution on that front?

Perhaps if reputation was a factor in this voting there could be a better balance. Not sure.

Finally, where did you get the numbers in the poll from? Like, what’s the rationale behind those numbers?

It’s not an absolutely not from me. My questions above aren’t enough to object to this.

The idea makes sense. Seems like there may be some factors missing. I’m intrigued on how this will turn out .

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Yes, that’s correct, the formula will change.

I believe that tlBANK is counted in Snapshot as BANK. @Icedcool can you confirm?

All guilds will get a flat rate, so they will all get some funding, regardless of popularity. If the guilds need more funding, they can create a grant proposal and submit it to the forum, get quorum, and go to GC for funding.

21 hours/wk is the current standard for guild funding, and DAO members asked that we reduce this. So I made up the numbers based on this, and had the GC look at them.


It is indeed counted!


Cool. So it’s still grants committee that decides on extra funding not snapshot.

Or, this aspect flew over my head. :eyes:

What is the rationale behind 10 hours and 15 hours and 10 hours. Like, why those hours versus 7 or 14 that’s what I’m asking

The options were created by me (my opinion) and discussed by Grants Committee. Essentially it’s a balance between reducing scope (directive from the DAO) and limit negative impact on contributors (since GC is meant to encourage contribution towards purpose).

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Sounds good to hear. I’m interested in seeing what benefits will come from this.

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This change only pertains to guilds and projects, not with departments I presume?

Which changes do you mean? Departments must have an L1 contributor to request funding and must include a purpose statement plus KPIs

The funding amounts.

I’ve seen amounts that were over 1 million bank which may not actually seem high but I was perplexed as to some amounts for some departments.

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Departments and Projects are not effected by fixed-rate guild funding. That is only for guilds.