Project Podcast Hatchery Season 9

Project Podcast Hatchery Season 9

Authors; Editors: Oakfloors#5218; EriDAO#7377, Vi-Fi#7602, WinVerse#2755

Project Champion: Oakfloors#5218
Squad: WinVerse#2755, Vi-Fi#7602, Eridani#7377
Purpose: In exploration of making a for profit pivot
Affiliation: AV Guild, PM Guild
Authors; Editors: Oakfloors; Eridani, Vi-Fi, WinVerse,
Date created: July 18th, 2023
Date posted: July 21st, 2023
Funds requested: 263 000 $BANK for season 9
Project wallet(s): 0x77aeb46470969a68566db09383bcdac2325af0e5
Own subDAO/Discord server: Discord

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Building courses to onboard new podcasters empowered with Web3 toolings


Project Description

The Podcast Hatchery is a project from BanklessDAO that incubates and accelerates podcasts from within and without the DAO by empowering them with the latest and greatest in web3 and traditional techniques.

Current Focus

  • The PH team has successfully consolidated to a core team of four.
  • Focus for S9 is to develop the second half of the ‘Hatch’ cohort course and revise the first half
  • Support on content production, operational needs for running the team and courses.

The Podcast Hatchery (PH) team consists of four members. Two content leads, one marketing lead and a coordinator. Focus on the first half of S8 has been to build content. That work is well on the way and we’re now “testing” the content first internally and then with external support.

The second half of S8 will include a strategic discussion on mission, vision and values. The project team has now been working together over two seasons and we will look back and consolidate before we move forward. That means to re-address all strategic decisions and personal desires from being in the project team.

The PH will build two courses; Beginner course for those who want to start a podcast and the accelerator course for podcasts that have been around for a little while and want to professionalize.

The Beginner course includes everything you need to know from idea through production to distribution and launch.

The accelerator course helps the podcasters to professionalize their content, production quality, branding and to engage their community on a whole new level.

The PH team is currently in the process of reaching out to stakeholders with interest in podcast incubation within bDAO. The purpose of this work is to share the team’s vision, to increase reach, and use the feedback to tailor fit our first courses


S8 is the season the PH project got back on track. Whereas the prior seasons included a full reorganization of the team and structure, S8 have focused on content production, standardization of team procedures and strengthening the team’s coworking.

The S7 funding proposal was not submitted until March 23rd, well into S7. The PH team is in the process of building operational know-how and has reached out to bDAO members experienced in the running of projects. The S9 proposal is now submitted on time.

See our full plans visually, on our combined Project Miro board.


Project Breakdown

See the above Miro board for more details.

The PH team have divided primary responsibilities but maintain the ability for any to support anyone else’s tasks.

Financial Breakdown

(all numbers in $BANK)

Status S8 budget:

Roleholder spending is on track for our projected budget of 120k BANK for S8.

The project spent less on bounties than budgeted. We have spent 33k BANK (25k of which is processing), out of the 143k we budgeted. The project will be increasingly engaging bounty workers for A/B testing and quality assurance in the latter half of season 8 and beyond.

Status wallet:

The PH project has had a large number of BANKs in the wallet from earlier seasons. These funds minus the S8 budget are being returned to the Treasury.


List of the upcoming KPIs from our roadmap:

Status S8 KPIs:


The PH project is in the early stage of rebranding. This process will have focus during the second half of S8.


It looks like the link for the discord may not be working for mobile.


Hi there, I’m your GC reviewer for seasonal funds! Thanks for posting and help pushing forward the bankless mission!

I have a few questions/comments:

  • is the intent to eventually sell access to your courses? How will this project generate revenue in your view?
  • Not a big fan of your KPIs…I’d like to set some KPIs that encode your pursuit of the bankless mission and your pursuit of self-sovereignty. How about the following?
    • S8: # modules of beginner course that are released
    • S8: # leads for beginner course (i.e. email signups, verbal committments, whatever)
    • S9: # module completions for beginner course
    • S9: # paid subscribers for beginner course



Hey. We’re actually discussing mission, vision, and values over again. We’ve worked together for about two seasons and getting to know one another.

The revenue question is also one for discussion. Our initial purpose was to be a public good. Not sure what season that was started but was also included in the S8 proposal. We’re revisiting that question as well.

I’ll run the KPI feedback and suggestions with the team and update our proposal.

I forgot to include the poll in the proposal so will have to make another post.


The proposal has been updated. Please follow this link: Project Podcast Hatchery Season 9 - updated