Project Funding Podcast Hatchery Season 7

Project Podcast Hatchery Season 7

Authors; Editors: EriDAO, Oakfloors; Vi-Fi, WinVerse, SprinklesForWinners

Please review the eligibility criteria prior to applying for funding here.

Project Champion: Oakfloors#5218
Squad: WinVerse#2755, Vi-Fi#7602, Eridani#7377
Purpose: (for-profit or public good)
Affiliation: AV Guild, PM Guild
Authors; Editors: Eridani, Oakfloors; Vi-Fi, WinVerse, SprinklesForWinners
Date created: March 7th, 2023
Date posted: March 23rd, 2023
Funds requested: 192 000 $BANK for season 7
Project wallet(s): 0x77aeb46470969a68566db09383bcdac2325af0e5
Own subDAO/Discord server: Discord

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Building courses to onboard new Web3 podcasts


Project Description

  • The PH team has successfully consolidated to a core team of four.
  • Focus for S7 is to develop the first half of the ‘Hatch’ cohort course for new podcasts.
  • Support on content production, operational needs for running the team and courses.

The Podcast Hatchery (PH) team has been reorganized and consists of four members. Two content leads, one marketing lead and a coordinator. The team will bootstrap the development of the first part of the beginner course in S7. Recruitment of teachers, marketing, and other needs for starting teaching in S8 will be addressed in parallel with the development of the courses.

The PH will build two courses; Beginner course for those who want to start a Web3 podcast and the accelerator course for podcasts that have been around for a little while and want to professionalize.

The Beginner course includes everything you need to know from idea through production to distribution and launch.

The accelerator course helps the podcasts to professionalize their content, production quality, branding and community launch.

Past/preparatory activities

(Briefly summarise past/preparatory activities preceding your funding request, how did you come up with this idea?)


The PH project has over the last seasons met various challenges both online and among members’ ability to participate in the project. The team has decided to downscale the operation and set realistic goals for S7, taking the size of the team into considerations. The work conducted in this new form is characterized by a thorough thought process, structure, and creativity. Please view our work on Miro (read only): Sign up | Miro | Online Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration


Project Breakdown

See Miro board for more details.

The PH team have divided lead responsibilities but all will have to support into all tasks.


(all numbers in $BANK)

(How do you intend to compensate for work?)


(List the upcoming KPIs from your roadmap.) Example:

Factor KPI Success Metric
Modules produced Finalize three modules of the beginner course. #≥3
Leads (customer) Identify two leads for the beginner course starting early in season 8 #≥2
Teachers Identify two teachers to teach the beginner course starting early in season 8 (on teacher and one in reserve) #≥2


  • Increase the number of Web3 podcasts that in turn onboard new members to banklessDAO.
  • Develop a positive revenue stream


(If the banklessDAO brand is used by the project, how will it be used and how will the project ensure integrity with the bankless mission and vision?)


(where applicable)

I am a bit confused about the nature of this post. Could use with a bit more standardisation or maybe shared through a different medium?


Yes, this is not what I intended to share. I’ll try again. Thanks

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Needs a poll if it’s a proposal

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This is a continuation of the Podcast Hatchery project holding an immense amount of institutional knowledge on podcasting know-how that we aim to turn into cohort courses.

This post is our project funding proposal; which we were told to bring to the forum by Grants Committee. Poll incoming! Thank you all for your consideration and reading.


I would suggest you update your proposal with that specific funding offering “cohort courses” , Im not quite sure if the hatchery is needed considering the majority of the bdao podcasts are their own projects. What has been your KPI to warrant continual funding within the last season? Why unique advantage would these courses provide outside of information you can find online? What is your product market fit? What has been the team’s track record in producing successful podcasts (considering your developing a course on it)? Have you done a retro on the PH (what worked, what didn’t, what you would do differently)? My suggestion is to submit a proposal for a twitter spaces series so you get first account information on this (roi would be greater) or research to answer my comments to build a better product (tap into the research guild/education guild funding)