Proposed Design for a Rebrand

Good morning everyone! I hope you all are well. I have created some branding and Identity work that I would like to propose. I have done some preliminary explorations on the style of it.

Important things to consider:
It keeps our ethos. Doesn’t destroy everything that has been built but definitely separates us enough from HQ to eliminate confusion. As a former Art Director for the Superbowl, Creator of the Rolling Loud Brand and designer responsible for several other large scale startups and rebrands I have experience in the exact situation we are facing. I would like to gage interest in moving forward with this design and building a system around it… But before I do I want to thank everyone for opening their arms to me and including me in your many DM’s. I truly feel welcomed and valued. For those of you who I have not met with please reach out on Discord to ZombieCupcakes <3 We’ve got this!!!



Awesome initiative!

Just wanted to share with you that the Governance dept and PM guild are actively working on collecting community feedback and sentiment about the way forward. That may or may not include full rebrand, name change, DAO purpose change, etc… so until that is decided by the community, we won’t know what we exactly want to do in terms of design and branding.

You’re ofc welcome to join the gov dept calls every Monday 7 PM UTC.

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