Change language from "Levels" to "Roles"

Title: Change language from “levels” to “roles”
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*Authors: @frogmonkee *
Date: May 20th, 2021


Simple proposal, change the Level system to Roles.

  • Level 0 = Prospector
  • Level 1 = Pioneer
  • Level 2: Settlers
  • Level 3 = Outlaws
  • Level 4 = Gunslingers


Previously, we opened Level 2 restricted channels to be read-only for Level 1s. Earlier today, we had a 6-1 vote on removing most of the Level 2 channels, except for the one that contains PII.

There’s also a proposal to open Level 1 chats to Level 0s in a similar read-only capacity:

In short, we’re doing away with the hierarchy, there are no more levels. But stratification is still needed, hence the roles.


We’ve had this conversation and there seems to be soft consensus. Let’s have a formal forum vote and make it so.


  • Level 0 = Prospector
  • Level 1 = Pioneer
  • Level 2: Settlers
  • Level 3 = Outlaws
  • Level 4 = Gunslingers


  • Looking for a 3 to 1 majority with at minimum 10 votes.



  • For
  • Against
  • Revisit Later
  • Modify

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I like it!

I think my only consideration would be to change outlaw to… Ranger?

The narrative coordination crew may have better input than I, and I see this as explorers heading west, and for me outlaw has connotations of theft, criminal, etc.

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I kinda thing that Ranger is less accurate tbh.

Rangers were generally glorified, but they have a pretty bad rap of doing awful things to native americans and other settlers.

Here’s a really good podcast series that touches this topic: Behind the Police | iHeartRadio

How about trailblazer for level 2 since they are the ones working to figure things out and settlers for level 3. Level 4 could be builders or something that grows out of settling.

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I vote MODIFY with the changes @siddhearta mentions
Replace Outlaws and Gunslingers with Trailblazers and Builders (or similar)

  • Level 0 = Prospector
  • Level 1 = Pioneers
  • Level 2 = Trailblazers
  • Level 3 = Settlers
  • Level 4 = Builders (or something that grows out of settling)

I really like this and the progression.

In general, I don’t mind the change from levels to roles.

Curious, will this have an implication for these roles:

Or are these roles a separate thing?

I also agree with @paulapivat there is no explanation on what you need to belong to one of the roles.
But honestly I don’t like this idea… you have levels still, you just call it differently.
For me there should be

  • Non members (you can call it in any other way if you wish)

  • Members
    Within members there can be the distinction of contributor.
    At the same time we already have the guilds, and people can be members of the guilds, so we have created groups of people that specialise in a particular area.

I’m not sold on the ‘Gunslinger’ thing at all. Just because of the reference to a gun

Agree with Kouros, this just seems to rename hierarchy and obfuscate it.

That said, I don’t like “Level” as explicit as it is. The recombination of L1/L2 as “Member” with a flag for Guild Membership could replace L1/L2 completely. Whale is whale, LP is LP. L0… I’m not sure, maybe Non-member or Unconfirmed (as we establish better routes for earning BANK and getting these folks into Membership we can revisit the name)

Additionally, in my mind “roles” become a specific implement of a job like “GitHub manager” or “Newsletter Editor”. There was some article linked in Discord about this that really stuck with me.

Moving to archive as unresolved.