Sentiment and Feelings

Hi all!

Wanted to check in.

How we all feeling? I see some points of hostility about. Hurt feelings, people leaving, and people feeling very attacked.

A few things to remember. This place may be the only family some contributors have. Just like family, there can be fights, hurt feelings, tears, and more.

But, family also keeps each other strong. Grow from these points of strain, struggle, and strife, and enjoy the debate, the banter, and the discussion. Learn from mistakes.

No organization is perfect. No contributor is perfect. But we are all built with some sort of compassion in our spirits. We at least hope we are.

There are young people here that look up to us. They look up to the @Icedcool s, the @Trewkat s, and the @TheMarvel s, of the world.

We are going to make it. With a smile, hopes, dreams, and a spot of tea and a petit fors to boot.


Also, should a person attack you. Or you feel attacked. Reflect on their life, what they’re going through, and how we made it to this point. It’s likely not about you, but the decision you make in response could change the trajectory of your life

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I’m honoured to be named in such esteemed company, thank you :blush:.


Thank you!! You are a spirited being!

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I’m quite well thanks for asking!


Thank you for keeping our spirits up @homie :rocket:

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I’m glad you’re okay!


Aww thanks @homie :slight_smile:

BanklessDAO strong! :muscle:

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I… struggled to write that post. I don’t think I’ve ever been so harsh before. I REALLY don’t like it. My heart is pounding with the stress it took to do it. I’ve been dreading writing it for two days. I don’t feel good about it. but I also felt it had to be done, that it was a duty of mine to do. I really want a hug. I love you guys, and I hope what I wrote doesn’t make any of you think less of me. You are my family, and I get so much joy from associating with each of you, I can hardly imagine a life doing anything different.


I’m feeling pretty low. Not sure if this was supposed to just be a good-vibes-only thread or what, but if the question is how we’re doing, that’s what I’m sharing.

Frustrated, exhausted, demoralized and unmotivated. Frankly I feel like contributing has been an uphill battle for the last two seasons, driven by constant rule changes, budget restrictions, and demands for endless information from the Grants Committee. As nearly all of my interactions with the Grants Committee have been through Sprinkes, nothing but animosity has been incubated there, which seems to now be spilling into the DAO-wide spotlight.

Token price is down-only, macro looks like we’re all going to blow ourselves up, and the personal satisfaction of contributing here has faded. The financial incentives for contributing haven’t been there for a while now, but I was still enjoying helping with things. I no longer look forward to it the way I used to and there doesn’t appear to be any compensation increase (or really the ability to even afford an increase) on the horizon with the recent push to adhere to the 1000 BANK/hour standard suggested during the bull market.

I will also be reducing my volunteered time for Season 8 while I attempt to pivot back to a corporate exploitation job. Feelsbadman.jpg


I think your response is excellent, Joe. It’s spot on, yet still written with kindness.


Speak your truth.

I have to admit. After I wrote this post, I received a lot of good vibrations, and joy.

I then read some other responses to my questions in the grants committee, by one particular person.

I think, for my mental health. I’m gonna have to dip out.

I’ll see you guys around.

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Hug, for your troubles and your efforts

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I’m feeling optimistic. Our troubles reveal weaknesses and bring attention to places we need it. Looking forward to a stellar year 3!


Hey guys. Stay strong. And continue delivering value. There’s nothing shameful going back to earning corpRAT money to feed the family.

And working and reading these discords or forums in the office toilet :rofl:

We must keep in mind the cyclical nature of everything especially markets.


You know what’s interesting?

I spent multiple seasons being angry with the “establishment”

The people with the L2s because I couldn’t afford to be one, the people with the Notion admins, GC, whatever.

This was because i thought the vitriol I was being spewed on a daily basis was all I should hear.

During this situation; I reached out, I got mad at this person because I didn’t know attack was going to happen, but I was fed more lies, told that her back was against the wall, manipulated into believing that she was the victim, everything.

I gave my phone number out, thinking I was a friend and could reason with her. I even encouraged the lawyer option thinking she was really that destroyed over this. (I now don’t believe she is)

Last night, I realized, finally, perhaps too late, how I’ve been manipulated for at least a year by this person, who still may not believe they need to take responsibility over her actions. She accused me, again, of being able to log on to her gmail, stalking her. Etc.

Do I believe she’s a good contributor? Sure.

Do I believe she’s a good person? I did. Some of the most cunning sociopath give the facade of being a good person.

Do I forgive her for latching on to me because she saw me as vulnerable? I do.

But do i think she can redeem herself? Honestly? Only by the grace of God.

So do I feel heartbroken? I do. I let myself by manipulated because I was (and still am) vulnerable.

But do I feel blessed for learning this lesson, and some of the conversations I’ve had with OG bdao have enlightened me.

We will make it.