Role Analysis Study - Final Results

Title: Role Analysis Study - Final Results
Authors; Editors: @senad.eth
Associated Project: Compensation System Revamp Plan
Squad: @senad.eth, @AboveAverageJoe, @iSpeakNerd, @saulthorin
Date created: Dec 28th, 2022
Date submitted: Jan 2nd, 2023
Working Document: Google Doc


  • The Role Analysis Study was a project conducted from November to December of 2022.
  • This post is to outline the ‘raw outputs’ as points of reference.
  • This research is going to help inform the Qualification & Necessity matrices which are elements of the compensation system revamp plan. The plan will be submitted as a DRAFT here on forums for community-revision later. The compensation system innovation procurement shall continue to be hosted under something similar to a governance body (department) of BanklessDAO, with an elected/appointed workstream/project lead and a support (buddy-system). That’s ultimately for the body to decide.


In late Q4 of 2022 a group of masters students from the University of Kentucky conducted a Role Analysis Study on behalf of BanklessDAO, which was funded by @saulthorin, former GSE and founder of talentDAO. The Studys’ purpose was to get the data that is required to establish Qualification & Necessity Score, one of several elements in the compensation system. Read my post from November for more context.


The final presentation has been recorded and the file is enclosed. The study provides us with insights and a better understanding of the guild- & governance-coordinator role. The information shall help us design the compensation system in consequence.

BanklessDAO now has a contact at the University of Kentucky, Xiaowen Chen (PhD), Assistant Professor in Industrial/Organizational Psychology & Director of Big Data Lab for Organizational Effectiveness. She and her master students are open to an ongoing relationship with BanklessDAO through the establishment of a standard procedure of role analysis within our organisation.

They could further analyse each role (in relationship to other roles) for a more holistic view of our compensation structure. This is a time consuming endeavour and pretty much TBD.


  • Utilise this study to create Qualification & Necessity matrices
  • Create a post with the aforementioned compensation plan
  • Get the community to weigh in
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It’s requesting access?

@senad.eth Thank you for posting this. Could you please provide view access to the presentation.

Please, both @homie & @Sprinklesforwinners, try to access the file again! It should be working now.


Thank you so much! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Some fairly good discussion in the presentation. I am curious why we don’t do this type of analysis for projects considering that it’s projects that use a majority of the daos resources and should be in the best positions to align incentives with the productivity value needed to generate a revenue. Seems a logical next step.

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