Season 2 Grants Committee Election


This forum post is for electing the Season 2 Grants Committee. Each voter and choose UP TO THREE members. Polls will close at 11:59pm EDT on Sept 30th, 2021.

Above Average Joe#5427


  • Reason for applying: Offset of current term to prevent GC turnover all at one time
  • Qualifications: 3 months already served on the grants committee as a lead
  • Sponsor(s) (i.e., someone who will second your nomination): Grendel#3875, sovereignhealth.crypto#9040



  • Reason for applying: I would really like to get more involved and contribute more to this DAO.
  • Qualifications: Active angel investor, and worked with several angel “groups” collabing and investing together.
  • Sponsor(s) (i.e., someone who will second your nomination): None at this point. I’m super new to becoming more active in this group, so I understand this may be a super long shot, but just throwing my hat in the ring.



  • Reason for applying: I have contributed from the very beginning to the DAO, as a coordinator of the Legal Guild. I have applied with success for grants on behalf of the DAO (Perpetual; Balancer). The DAO became my passion and I would like to give my contribution in assessing the projects that should be funded. In the academy, I have been often in the position of evaluating persons or research projects. Therefore, I think that I would be a reliable member of the GC.
  • Qualifications: Law Professor with a focus on digital law, blockchain and cryptocurrencies; coordinator of the Legal Guild, Member of LexDAO and Lex_punK Army DAO.
  • Sponsor(s) (i.e., someone who will second your nomination): Grendel, FrankAmerica, Delgadoge, Icedcool



  • Reason for applying: Desire to go BANKLESS and be an established, contributing member of this DAO.
  • Qualifications: Here is my professional CV-
    Nicholas MISCHEL | Professor (Assistant) | Doctor of Medicine and Philosophy - Physiology | Wayne State University, Michigan | WSU | Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neurosciences
    I have about a decade of experience writing, editing, reviewing, and scoring grant applications for biomedical and behavioral research. Currently, I’m an assistant professor at a medical school in Detroit. My research is focused on the utilization of ECG, EMG, EEG, and other physiologic data streams to determine the utility and efficacy of brain stimulation treatments for depression and other psychiatric conditions. I’m hoping one day to use web3 to harness the value of health data that can be obtained via sensors in a smartphone.
  • Sponsor(s) (i.e., someone who will second your nomination): Jag#4556 (I know this person IRL)


Does not qualify – Not Level 1 status



  • Reason for applying: I am long on going bankless, my assets are currently 90%+ in crypto and using a combination of tools, I am currently about 90% bankless, when it comes to day-to-day IRL transactions. I am passionate about seeing this mission spread and I would love to contribute my experience towards this as much as possible - I have the time and resources to do so. Moreover, I can see the nexus of active participants of this DAO is currently in the US, and I believe it is healthy for both decision-making and outlook to diversify somewhat (I am Singapore-based). I have been active in the local Bankless chapter here and am independently sponsored by four Bankless SG members, below.
  • Qualifications: I have been in crypto since 2014. I became a full-time builder and investor earlier this year. I am currently active in several DAOs and I have made a few highly profitable bets when it comes to allocating my money and time. Outside of crypto I have previously been on the management team of an international tech startup through to post Series A, and I believe evaluating how to spend money effectively as well as evaluating people, in the context of building and scaling high-growth tech-enabled stuff, is my forte.
  • Sponsor(s) (i.e., someone who will second your nomination): 0xPrismatic, nifteex, nterziev, Lizt



  • Reason for applying: Existing GC Member putting myself up for re-election for next Season! Would love to continue working with this position if the community approves it.
  • Qualifications: Actively involved with Bankless HQ and DAO. Currently one of the existing GC members and active in governance processes across different DAOs including protocol DAOs like Balancer and Aave. Been working in crypto for 4+ years now!
  • Sponsors: Eagle, Frogmonkee, Grendel, Kouros



  • Above Average Joe#5427
  • reginald-grarbs#1991
  • Eagle#2979
  • DrNick#4147
  • Zeb#4772
  • mgoesdistance.eth#2429
  • 0xLucas#3124

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