Season 3 BanklessDAO Website Vision and Strategy

Hi everyone! This forum post is a document that the bDAO Website project put together to provide transparency into what the website project will be focused on in Season 3 (and beyond).

Our goals with this living* document is to provide:

  • Transparency into what the bDAO project will be working on in the short term
  • Align and promote collaboration with other guilds on various work items
  • Generate conversations around the overall direction of the bDAO website

To that last point, feel free to comment and reply!

* This document is “living” in the sense that it will change over the course of a season as discovery and development occurs.


What is the long-term (2-3 year) vision for the website? What are we trying to achieve, and how does the website play a role?

The website is the “front face” of Bankless DAO. It will be the primary source of information and content aggregator for all facets of the DAO. Bankless’ mission is to help onboard the general population to web3 innovations. A major component of this education includes the Bankless podcast and various written material. This website will help distribute this material to visitors.

Newcomers to the DAO should be able to use this website as a way to familiarize themselves with the DAO and understand how to begin participating. Existing users should be able to use this site to get the high-level information they need to keep a pulse on what’s happening around the DAO. With incredible yet parallel work happening, it’s sometimes hard to get all the information needed from the forums and community calls. The website will serve as a way for users to get this information asynchronously.

The website development will also reflect Bankless’ philosophy of decentralization. The technology stack, platforms, and tools that the website is built upon will reflect innovations in the web3 ecosystem as much as possible.


What are we trying to achieve this season for the website? What are the main outcomes we want to accomplish?

In Season 3, the Bankless website team will be focused on innovating with the technology stack and building the decentralized foundation for website development. We will begin by identifying various decentralized services and testing feasibility for transition. Once identified, we will begin transitioning parts of our current technical stack to more decentralized services.

The main areas we’ll be focusing on are:

Area Description
Design The Design Guild will be building a new design for the website that will set it apart from all other web3 protocol websites.
Architecture Most of the architecture the website currently uses are centralized services and suffers from a large attack surface area through its use of a shared CMS. We will begin to decentralize some of the foundational platforms (outlined below)
Revenue Currently, our website is a cost center. We want to transition towards a revenue-generating project that can contribute back to the DAO treasury. In this season, we will identify and put a plan in place in collaboration with other guilds to begin developing revenue drivers.
Content The site is a mishmash of outdated content organized by tags. We will drop the easily outdated content and replace it with improved and reimagined core content that brings focus to core DAO-sponsored products and consultancy services.

Strategic Alignment

How do our objectives line up with our long-term vision? How do the objectives that we’re trying to achieve this season fit into the larger strategy for the DAO?

Decentralizing our website infrastructure will help Bankless be a pioneer in the web3 ecosystem. As stewards of the Bankless mission, all parts of our work should reflect the values of decentralization. Doing this foundational legwork now will set us up to be able to produce content and code in a decentralized manner.

Once we achieve full decentralization of our technical stack, we will be able to use these learnings to boost our consultation services and be a front-runner in the ecosystem.

Measures of Success

How do we know we’ve achieved our objectives? What are the qualitative and quantitative metrics that we want to impact?

For this season, we will be focusing on incorporating decentralized tools and platforms into our tech stack. Our measures of success include:


  • New design finalized and agreed upon by members of the Design Guild and Website Project
  • New design developed and implemented


  • Decentralized services identified and agreed upon by Website Project
  • Partnerships with various web3 platforms initiated (Fleek, Radicle and Akash)
  • Roadmap created for transition to decentralized services.
  • Begin transition of first platforms to decentralized services.
  • Discovery / Implement NFT minting mechanism for Design Guild+
  • Build an experimentation page to test out decentralized services


  • Plan created for multiple revenue generation streams
  • Collaboration plans and roadmaps created with various guilds for revenue generation
  • New mechanism for decentralized memberships and token gated content.


  • All new core content reimagined and coordinated
  • Implement a solution for streaming siloed content (Content Gateway)
  • The vision behind “Decentralized Publishing”

Measures of Failure

Are there any negative impacts that we need to consider? What are the qualitative and quantitative metrics that we need to keep an eye on?


  • New design finalized and agreed upon by members of the Design Guild and Website Project
  • New design developed and implemented


  • Any part of the technical stack not able to be moved to a decentralized service


  • Ensure the Bankless brand is preotected through the porcess of opening to individual sub DAO cohorts


  • Maintain a ballance between core community content and ongoing streamign content.

Use Cases

Who are our target demographics? What are the jobs to be done or use cases that we want our target demographic(s) to achieve with our objectives?

New Users (As a brand new visitor…)

  • I want to understand what DAOs are so that I can better understand the web3 ecosystem.
  • I want to understand what BanklessDAO’s vision is so that I can decide whether I want to join the DAO or not.
  • I want to know what guilds are and what they’re about so I can decide which guilds I’m interested in.
  • I want to know how to join a guild so that I can quickly join the community and start contributing.
  • I want to know all the channels and tools that the community uses so that I can get them set up and participate in the community.

Existing Members (As a current DAO contributor…)

  • I want to see all the up-to-date major updates about the DAO so that I can get a pulse for things happening outside of my immediate guilds.
  • I want to see updates regarding various projects so that I can get a pulse for project updates happening outside of my immediate guilds.
  • I want to be able to navigate to all of the DAO’s tools so that I can easily access any part of the DAO.

Great work from a great team and a fantastic writeup @Kaidao! Fantastic :clap:


Looking forward to this rolling out, and, hopefully, dipping my oar in!