Website Project Season 4 Proposal

Title: Bankless DAO Website Budget Proposal (Season 4)
Authors: 0xJustice#6213
Date Created: 4/18/22


The most visible piece of Bankless real estate outside of the Bankless podcast is the Bankless DAO website. It poses a unique opportunity to streamline the introduction and onboarding of new members to the movement and provides a single source of truth to all the DAO’s projects, products, and guilds. It represents an opportunity to be a leader in the Web3 space as the team works on ways to make the site more decentralized, resilient, and censorship-resistant.

Video Summary of the proposal: Bankless DAO Website Season 4 Budget - YouTube


In season 3, the website project was organized around two independent but interconnected workstreams. The first workstream focused on the core design, content, and user experience of the website. The second workstream focuses on building web decentralization infrastructure. By decoupling these initiatives, we created more flexibility in delivery. These are the things both workstreams accomplished in the season.

Design: A whole new design. The team did a complete redesign of the website. Prior to the redesign, the site existed as a standard Ghost blog. It was good for its time but the redesign will act as a palate upon which the community can more creatively build its brand identity going forward. View the new design here.

Content: All new content. The team, working in close coordination with the writers guild rewrote all the core content of the website so rather than a loose collection of blog post-type pages, we have a comprehensive and unified presentation of the DAO and its associated products and services.

Infrastructure: A new tech stack. The team pioneered a new decentralization technology stack called the FRAG Stack. They created relationships and direct lines of communication with key technology providers to research and influence the direction of these technologies in line with the end goals of the FRAG stack initiative. These included regular meetings, demos, and joint product goals with other decentralization products (Ex. Radicle) and even one of our team members taking a full-time position with them to ensure product-market fit with our goals. See the Basic Draft, Slidedeck, and Whitepaper repository.


Season 3 was heavily focused on getting the site’s new design and content created. In season 4 we want to shift more attention to advancing the FRAG stack work and introducing utility and monetization mechanisms into the site.


Main Website

  1. Website Prod Launch. Coordinate with DevOps to deploy to the new site.
  2. Post-launch updates and bug fixes. Will begin rollout of the dedicated guild and project pages.

New Feature Development

  1. Hosted NFT Minting (Mintgate): Provide dedicated subdomains to requesting projects.
  2. Token gated content (Papyrus): Token gated content and email subscriptions.
  3. Dynamic Content Integration (Content Gateway): We want to be the first consumer of this product.

Ongoing FRAG Stack Development

  1. Create a Bankless IPFS cluster to control the pinning of Bankless content on IPFS.
  2. Setup an orchestrator node to manage pinning/unpinning from the Bankless IPFS cluster.
  3. Create a browser extension that will interface with the built-in Brave IPFS node. The extension will control pinning on the user’s Brave IPFS Node automatically by running a cluster peer node.
  4. Why: An extension allows non-tech users to support the network without needing to dive into config files or install node software.
  5. The peer node will follow the orchestrator node and pin and unpin (store and remove) without any action from the user. The user can determine how much storage they want to make available in Brave.

Coordination [Workstream Leads]

  • Swol Chasse#1033 will take over as the workstream pm for the main website.
  • CompositeFellow#7988 will continue to lead the FRAG Stack workstream.
  • 0xJustice.eth#6213 will stay on to assist the feature development partner relationships and provide pm support to Swole and Composite.


Season 3 budget: 230,000 BANK ($11,500)
Season 4 budget request: 300,000 BANK ($15,000)

Lead Comp Work Budget
Website 20k BANK ($1k) 60K BANK ($3k)
New Features 20k BANK ($1k) 40K BANK ($2k)
FRAG Stack 20k BANK ($1k) 140K BANK ($7k)

*all USD prices listed assuming BANK price = $0.05

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