Website Project Season 3 Proposal

Title: Website Project Season 3 Budget Proposal
Authors: Katarina#4518 & 0xJustice#6213
Date Created: 13/12/2021


The most visible piece of Bankless real estate outside of the Bankless podcast is the Bankless DAO website. It poses a unique opportunity to streamline the introduction and onboarding of new members to the movement and provides a single source of truth to all the DAO’s projects, products, and guilds. The Bankless DAO website requires a regular stream of fresh content and updates to remain up-to-date, secure, and aesthetically relevant. In addition to this, it represents an opportunity to be a leader in the web3 space as the team works on ways to make the site more decentralized, resilient, and censorship-resistant.


  • After the launch of the MVP, the focus was on polishing the code and fixing small bugs.
  • Zberwaldt took over the responsibility of PM Dev Manager from MrPackman
  • Zberwaldt started using the bounty board for coding work to get work done quicker:
    S, M & Large Bounty: S=500, M=1000, L=1500 BANK
  • Work on new pages:
  • Newsletters
  • BED Index
  • Multisig Page
  • The website content provides an API for the content gateway app
  • Preparation work for new posts with interviews with different members/guilds in the DAO


  • 0xJustice will take on the role of Project Coordinator from LiveTheLifeTV and Katarina
  • Texas Farmer will take over the role of PM Dev from Zberwaldt
  • 0xJustice and Texas Farmer will work in close coordination, combining both of their experience, to ensure the project progresses with maximum transparency, efficiency, and value to the DAO
  • Setup of a Content Management Team with different writers to have a regular flow of new content
  • Put the behind membership only, so there is no double content/2 websites on a different url.
  • Create content type templates for new pages
  • Finalize the Gitbook
  • Add new pages (with Web3 Wallet use ?):
  • NFT’s ( Buy directly from the website ?)
  • Merch ( Buy directly from the website ?)
  • Bounty Board
  • Pooltogether
  • Olympus Pro
  • Tokemak
  • International Media Nodes Page
  • Steps to increase architectural and content decentralization


For Season 3, the foreseen budget is ( calculated @ 1000 BANK/hr ):

  • Project Coordinator Role: 25000 BANK
  • Project Dev Manager Role: 25000 BANK
  • Development: 5hr/page x 12 pages : 60hr = 60000 BANK
  • Extra 20% budget for bugs and maintenance: 12000 BANK
  • Content Management Team:
    3 articles/week x 12 weeks x 1500 words x 2 BANK/word = 108000 BANK

⇒ 230000 BANK


  1. Sentiment analysis across to DAO to determine design relative to other websites in the ecosystem
  2. Website visitor and retention analytics
  3. Guild and Product landing page analytics
  4. Added members
    1. New BANK purchases
    2. New Discord users
    3. DAO onboarding referral survey question
  • I agree
  • I don’t agree

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Just looking at the budget:

3 articles/week x 12 weeks x 1500 words x 2 BANK/word = 108000 BANK

I’m kind of confused why the website team is creating their own content stream? We have a regular flow of content on Bankless DAO – Medium

One thing I’d like to see in S3 is having the website pull from the Content Gateway (from @0xNSHuman and @addamsson). We’re producing so much content that manually uploading each new piece of content isn’t sustainable and makes the website grow stale quite quickly.


One thing I’d like to see in S3 is having the website pull from the Content Gateway (from @0xNSHuman and @addamsson). We’re producing so much content that manually uploading each new piece of content isn’t sustainable and makes the website grow stale quite quickly.

This is a very good observation, and something we’ve been thinking of since 1-2 months ago. The single biggest thing we need to keep in mind to avoid this kind of duplication is…

There has to be one and only one source of truth for every category of content.

When we were asking people over in Writers Guild and other content production hubs on what they’ve been using to ship their content, most of the time we heard “Substack”, and this is actually a terrible choice from the free and accessible content delivery perspective, because Substack is a closed system that doesn’t let Content Gateway or any other system to pull the the content from it, instead forcing consumers to go and read everything on their own web page.

After talking to the Website team we realized that the CMS they are using — Ghost — is perfectly open and extendable, and then we plugged it into Content Gateway in no time. So it’s actually the opposite of what you assumed — Content Gateway takes content from the Website right now, not the other way around.

Now, as you correctly noted yourself, this is not going to work unless our content producers are in agreement that there is a single place where content gets pushed to, and then it gets distributed from there elsewhere. However, two important additions to that:

  • Content Gateway is not such place. It doesn’t store anything original, it takes the original from somewhere and then lets other destinations to plug that original into their systems.

  • This original source of truth must be an open system with API or any other way to take the data from there. Substack is not such place. Medium doesn’t seem to be such place (I looked briefly just now, never heard that we have a Medium actually). If it’s closed then it’s closed, you can’t “gateway” what doesn’t want to be “gatewayed”.

For these reasons, we support the idea of making the Website that source of truth where all our articles get posted to first, because this project uses an open system (Ghost) that allows Content Gateway to propagate this content further, and the Mobile App is using it right now.

There’s still unresolved issue with how to combine it with presence in our Substack and Medium, because I assume they are developed assets with substantial audiences. However, as I said, there’s no way to integrate with them. They made a clear choice to force content creators and consumers to stay there, and in order to publish anything there you’d have to copy-paste as well.


Thank you for this source of Truth. I know of your skills and am trying to crash your 1st offerings. Little luck so far… As a dare Devil, test pilot, non technical anthropology, I am clearer on this issue. Guess I should have read your reply before I voted yes… oh well. FeelmInmade the right choice. I have great faith in Farmer as well as you. Let’s germ’er did! Upward.

If the goal is to onboard average users, and not just other Discord users, into web3 then the bDAO website should be a much higher priority than it is. We have 3 public versions of the website under different domains and the content has become dated with the main featured article being over a year old. The upside to investing in the front page of our community is clear. We can streamline and normalize the content feed across the entire DAO via content gateway as expressed by 0xNSHuman above. This next season of funding for the website project also presents an opportunity to clearly communicate the structure of the DAO with dedicated Guild landing pages and an embedded Org map (Sobol). We can also clearly delineate the projects funded by bDAO with links to their own respective websites. In addition to those content and information architecture improvements, we can drill into what would be involved in moving the site to IPFS via fleek. I’m bullish on this as I think we have a lot of room to grow and our main website seems like a really promising place to start.


I could not have explained it better !

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Great point. The Writers Guild is populating the Medium page right now, and have a steady stream of content going through the channel, so they’d be the ones to want to buy-in on this. Website and Writers are already in contact, so perhaps someone could broach the topic there? (I’m not involved but aware)

There was talk of starting a Mirror page, but I don’t see any syndication feeds so it might have the same issue.

In terms of website - I voted yes because I think owning our own website is a major beachhead to attract non-web3 denizens to the space. It’s a vital piece of the puzzle IMO.

It should definitely be possible to move from substack to ghost, as long as there’s a clear way for the newsletter team to upload their submissions.

Taking the subscriber list from Substack to Ghost would be easy, just not sure how to do that…

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I believe @Katarina and Theophile already manage the process of porting some of the Writers Guild articles to the website, but I see that it’s not perceived as a priority on the Guild’s side. There’s a document that was supposed to show the value of the transition, where I also left my comments: Ghost CMS as an effective tool for content distribution in BanklessDAO - Google Docs. But I haven’t seen it going anywhere.

Would love to help with the transition if we can raise the topic in the Guild.

Importing audience in Ghost is manageable: How to import your existing audience to Ghost.

UPD: Not sure why my replies aren’t shown as linked to yours, I clearly select ‘Reply’ option.


one of my web3 social media research goals is to hopefully identify any web3 social media platforms that allow for pulling content from the creator environment as opposed to platforms that are just continued gating. the Bitcoin protocol has been the most interesting from this perspective because each node on the Lightning network is essentially it’s own Content Gateway that other nodes pull from in an environment where there is near infinite communication channels.

And of course since a node on the lightning network also earns fees for processing transactions on the network, it is a Content Gateway that earns Satoshis simply for being a decentralized node in the netowork.

There are currently 2 fairly well tested examples of this but a very simple content gateway that could be a model for a more complex Content Gateway


Thanks for researching this! We just had a discussion yesterday with @addamsson on how to decentralize Content Gateway by giving individual content owners control over what goes in and out of the system. And another part that we’re still yet to discuss properly in Season 3 is perhaps this decentralized Content API node network that lets anyone host the aggregated content with the tools for filtering that we created. Combining it with some native token for incentivization and having both content makers and distributors earn fees for their contributions is the end game.