Season 3 - Bounty Board Proposal

Project: Bounty Board

Champion: Icedcool

Date: December 15th, 2021

Notion Proposal: LINK



The bounty board continues to work to be a major infrastructural component of DAO’s and BanklessDAO, supporting and enabling the coordination of explicit work to labor in an efficient and automated way that allows DAO groups, members and guilds to set work requests in the form of bounties.

During season 1 we kicked off the Bounty Board, season 2 was about gaining traction, and season 3 will be about expanding functionality and focused on revenue generation.

We are working towards the next versions of the Bounty board, while engaging interested parties, collecting feedback and fleshing out front end capabilities.

Seasonal Focuses:

  • S1 - Kick off
  • S2 - Traction
  • S3 - Onward to Revenue!

S2 Accomplishments:

  • Season 2 Bounties:

    • 54
  • Total Bank allocated to Bounties per season:

    • S1 - 67,172 BANK
    • S2 -130,974 BANK
  • DAO’s Interested

  • Team development

    • Developed our BB Outreach position, which has generated feedback from:
      • Writers Guild
      • Designers Guild
      • Marketing Guild
      • Translators Guild
      • Talent Coordinators
      • Education Guild
    • Created Onboarding capabilities that allow for a strong bench of development talent
      • Using bounties to train people into roles at BB-CORE
  • Functionality

    • Multi-Tenant Data model
      • Ability to deploy to multiple DAO’s within 20 minutes of setup.
    • API development
      • Enables to long term implementation of BB
      • Developmental Infrastructure
    • BountyBot
      • Developed and deployed
    • Bounty Functionality
      • Role Gated Bounties
      • User Gated Bounties (re-working)
    • Front end Developments
      • Search
      • Filter capabilities
      • Discord Integration
  • Deployment

    • LivethelifeDAO
    • CityDAO
    • Shapeshift
    • BanklessBR
    • DIMO DAO

    Previous Success Metrics review:

    • Adoption at BanklessDAO

      • Have 250,000 BANK worth of bounties have been completed on the Bounty Board by 12/31/21.
        • Not accomplished - 130,974 BANK
    • Adoption at external DAO’s

      • At least 50 Bounties per DAO having been completed by 12/31/21
        • Not accomplished - In CLOSE relationship with all deployments, collecting feedback and supporting their use of the BB.
    • Implementation at 10 DAO’s

      • Not accomplished due to Pivot
        • Chose to focus on quality deployments over quantity, and ensure high quality use between the customers we have.


Season 2 Roadmap Plans

Season 3 Roadmap Plans

  • Web app
    • [x] Discord integration(OAuth)
    • [ ] Bounty Creation and Management Process - In progress
      • Draft
      • Create
      • Claim
      • Submit
      • Complete
  • Front end
    • Bounty Creation
    • Dashboard
    • Administration Panel
  • Bounty Capabilities
    • Evergreen bounties (continuous bounties)
    • Multi-Claimant Bounties
      • Automated
      • Creator Select
  • Discord
    • Bounties to custom discord channels
  • Increase Adoption
    • Continue to asses usage at the BanklessDAO and address friction points.
  • Automate Payment - Escrow Contract
    • L2 - Polygon
  • Content Gateway integration
  • Mobile App integration
  • DAO Dash integration
  • Discord bot
    • [x] Multi-Tenant Data Model
    • [x] Role/Guild integration
      • [x] Bounties tied to Guilds(roles)
      • Bounties to Guild Bounty Channels - Planned

Longer term releases:

  • Integrated dispute resolution with the BanklessDAO Ombuds
  • Coordinape integration
    • Bounty Converts to Coordinape
      • Multi-user claiming into a Coordinape
    • Coordinape creates bounties
      • This allows integration into Guild and Project Multisigs.
      • Dynamic Bounty funding allocation
  • Long Term Roles and Project based compensation
    • Monthly Disbursement for Role or Project involvement
  • Bounty Board as a protocol that other platforms can integrate into.
  • Automate Payment - Planned
    • Escrow Smart Contract
      • L1 - Depreciated
      • L2 - Prioritized

Season 3 Strategy Plan

  • Marketing Guild has been engaged and are fleshing out marketing plans for Bounty Board.
  • Complete revenue model and implement.
  • Continue to engage with customers with a quality first approach and white glove deployments while developing a strong relationship.


Revenue Model:

The Bountyboard does not expect to be profitable by the end of Season 3, although we do expect to be generating revenue. So we will need to come back for funding from the Grants Committee for Season 4, or we will need to gain external investing.

We would like direction from the Grants committee and the DAO on how to proceed.

Investing Models:

From gaining external investing, we are planning to flesh out our funding model and are planning to act in accordance with the larger DAO orientation towards project investment.

  • Revenue Model 1 - Accrual to BANK
    • In this model, all investment would move to the BanklessDAO Treasury to back BANK.
  • Revenue Model 2 - Percentage split
    • In this model, investment would be split between the project and the DAO.
      • 80/20 Split - 80% to project, 20% to DAO
        • This would enable the project to pay members primarily through the investment.
      • 50/50 Split - 50% to Project, 50% to DAO
        • This would enable the project to pay members partially through investment and partially through BANK tokens.
  • Revenue Model 3 - Completely Independent
    • In this model, the Bounty board would seek to be entirely independent and self funded.
      • This may include creating a token and distributing as equity.


Compensation for:

  • Work being done and to be done.

Work to be done:

BB has oriented towards role based compensation as follows:

Positions and payment

Bounty pool justification:

The Bounty Board project is onboarding devs by giving them bounties to assess their fit on the team, the quality of the work and commitment, and subsequently creating a role for them.

Bank Requested: 1,256,000


  • Adoption at BanklessDAO
    • Have 250,000 BANK worth of bounties have been completed on the Bounty Board by 4/8/21.
  • Adoption at external DAO’s
    • At least 50 Bounties per DAO having been completed by 4/8/21
  • Implementation at 10 DAO’s
    • CityDAO
    • BanklessBR
    • DIMO DAO
    • LivetheLifeDAO
    • DivineDAO
    • BitDAO
    • Build_
    • TBD