Analytics Guild Season 3 Budget Proposal

Analytics Guild Season 3 Funding Request
Authors: saulthorin, RunTheJewelz, Mamer, paul_apivat
Reviewers: McKethanor
Created Date: Dec 2, 2021

Table of Contents

Season 3 Goals
Season 3 Roles
Role Incentive Overview
Season 3 Bounty Budget
Total Budget


Our primary mission is to provide data applications and insights that enable BanklessDAO and the wider DAO ecosystem. We aspire to answer two fundamental questions:

  • How do we measure whether or not we are getting closer to accomplishing the mission of BanklessDAO?
  • What organizational and financial metrics as well as social signals can be studied to improve our success?

Consistent with the Bankless ethos, the Analytics Guild supports decentralized web and open source and will develop solutions available to all.

Season 3 Goals


  • Onboarding New Talent
  • Build Capacity & Talent Pool
  • Continue to support other guilds within Bankless DAO
  • Develop External Partnerships

Season 3 Roles

  • Guild Spokesperson, 5 hours X 1000 BANK = 5000 BANK per week

    • Report out weekly, seasonally
    • Organize and run weekly sync
    • Support operations
  • Guild Operations, 10 hours X 1000 BANK = 10000 BANK per week

    • Facilitate applications and voting processes along
    • Facilitate governance and treasury management
    • Update Notion, Sobol mapping
    • Draft Seasonal Spec (shared task)
    • POAPs (creation, distribution, etc.)
  • Guild Knowledge Facilitator, 5 hours X 1000 BANK = 5000 BANK per week

    • Host bi-monthly knowledge sharing sessions
    • Find and coordinate with people to share knowledge through bounties
    • Create Learn-to-Earn bounties (i.e., people learn about a topic to present)
  • Guild Talent Coordinator, 10 hours X 1000 BANK = 10000 BANK per week

    • Welcome new members and be primary point of contact
    • Create small scale discrete data-related tasks to onboard talent (i.e., Guest analysts)
    • Create Analyze-to-Earn bounties
    • Track, maintain and record the engagement of Community Analysts and Guest Analysts.
  • Guild Ambassador, 5 hours X 1000 BANK = 5000 BANK per week

    • Develop partnership with other guilds and external parties
    • Develop ways to collaborate with other parties (i.e., MetricsDAO, FlipSideCrypto, Dune Analytics)
    • Support operations
  • Software Engineer & Infrastructure, 5 hours X 1000 BANK = 5000 BANK per week

    • Identify and evaluate potential infrastructure/software platforms
    • Install/manage analytics tools and database infrastructure
    • Customize tools to fit guild needs
    • Handle emergency devops issues
    • Share devops knowledge with interested guild members
  • Community Analysts, 5 hours X 1000 BANK = 5000 BANK per week or Per Bounty

    • Develop relationships with other guilds and guild leaders on analytics of interests
    • Host community calls to gather ideas and information from DAO members to create an idea pool for future projects and activities
    • Help other guilds develop strategies based on analyzed data.
    • Analyze data to provide insights to stakeholders
  • Guest Analysts, Open Bounties (paid per bounty)

    • Complete smaller discrete bounties
    • Complete analyze-to-earn or learn-to-earn tasks that are created by the Knowledge facilitator and Talent coordinator

Role Incentive Overview
Note: Funding and rates could be different from Season 2.

Season 3 Bounty Budget

The goal of bounties for S3 is to identify two to three meaningful projects that solve problems for the Analytics Guild or DAO overall each month and focus on incentivizing completion. We will focus on placing bounties in the reward range of 500-3000 BANK per bounty. We believe this bounty structure could provide more meaningful contributions and motivate non-active DAO members to contribute their time, skill, and effort. We also believe it will increase organic membership growth and will encourage those holding guest passes to contribute.

Any unused BANK at the end of the season will be rolled over into the next season or used at the discretion of the guild for remuneration or a Coordinape round.

In the case that certain roles do not receive sufficient applications, we will pay out for roles that do get applied for and pool unused fundsl into a Coordinape round to be distributed among active guild members

Total Budget

The total budget increased approximately 11% from season two. The number of roles increased from four roles to 6 and the total $BANK allocated towards bounties increased from 6% to 9% of the total budget. Roles from previous seasons have been optimized and hours have been reduced to increase funding for new roles.

  • 592,400 BANK - Season two budget
    • 4 roles
    • 40,000 BANK allocation for bounties
  • 660, 000 BANK - Season three budget.
    • 7 roles (open for applications) and many open “guest analyst” roles to further onboard new talent
    • 120,000 BANK allocation for bounties