Season 5 - Grants Committee Election Submissions

Governance Election: Season 5 - Grants Committee Election Submission

Date: 6/26/22

Submission Period: 6/26/22 - 7/3/22

Election Period: 7/4/22 - 7/11/22

According to the Seasonal spec, there will be 3 seats open for Season 5 Grants Committee.

The Grants Committee consists of 5-7 members along with a multisig with all committee members as signers.

  • The Committee is responsible and accountable for managing the grants system, reviewing grant applications, and managing the grants treasury, with the help of other guilds as needed (e.g., treasury).

  • The Committee has a quorum with four members over seven andis otherwise responsible for their own operations.

  • The Committee cannot change the application process to be a Committee member without a snapshot vote and is encouraged to accept the DAO’s proposal template.

  • The Grants Committee is required to be transparent and communicative with the DAO, such as access to Committee meetings and an opportunity to voice opinions and feedback.

The voting period will last one week and will take place on Snapshot:

  • Grants Committee Applications will be submitted and decided on by a weighted snapshot vote, and the highest 3 voted applications will be elected into the Grants Committee.

  • Any unapproved candidate can gather feedback, improve their resume, and resubmit for future vacancies.

  • Committee members can be recalled with an instant vote of 51% or more. Committee members may leave the Committee at any time by submitting a written resignation note to the Committee.

Additional Info:
Submitter must be Level 1 or higher

Elected GC members, serve for a term (2 seasons) for a maximum of 2 consecutive terms.

For more details, read more here:
Grants Committee Notion

To submit your application you must reply to this post by including:

  1. Discord handle

  2. Reason for applying

  3. Qualifications

  4. Sponsor(s) (i.e., those who will second your nomination - the more the merrier!)


Discord handle:

Reason for applying:
I would like to contribute to to the grants committee by providing input and help decision making in a way that it benefits banklessDAO most. I am critical yet positive and opend minded. I’m very confident to vote for or against grants based on the best interest of the DAO.


  • bDAO member since Day 1 - strong believer in the DAO
  • Deeply engaged in bDAO - currently role holder as Translators Guild Coordinator
  • IRL international project manager / consultant

Sponsor(s) (i.e., someone who will second your nomination):
GPe#6138 , @Ornella (OrnellaWeb3🏴#1111), @gioser (gioser🏴#6032), @0xbaer (0xBaer#6344)


As someone thinking of moving to L1, very interested in what I see as employment 2.0, and a long career in tech and innovation, I don’t yet have deep experience in Bankless. But I do bring external project and life experience and fresh perspective.

I’m also British / European, and wondering if Bankless are getting enough contribution from that part of the globe, and whether a shift in perspective on office hours timings would help engage at least Europe better.

And then there’s Asia, another global resource!

Whoever gets elected, I’d like to ask Bankless to continue to focus on KPIs, and for there to be open dialogue hustings for key proposals where economic KPI outcome is being projected. This is super important, IMO.

@Links can vouch for me, that my heart is in the right place, even if my words sometimes aren’t.

Quick heads up @innov8tor3, you need to be Level 1 to be a grants committee member.

Thank you though for your hand raise, and hope to see you back soon ! :slight_smile:

I’m interested to apply for this.

But I’m hesitant to share details, as I joined Bankless only last week.

Wondering what if there’re no raised hands from Level 1 !!!

I’d recommend you get more familiar with BanklessDAO before you apply to the Grants Committee. There will be an election based on hand raises.

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Is it too late to apply? I see the submission period ended 7/3, but I didn’t see any election polls for applicants.

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Still taking applicants!

We just have the deadline of a week before Season 5.

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Discord ID


Reason for applying

The Grants Committee is the backbone of BanklessDAO. By funding projects and guilds, the GC helps foster and cultivates the growth of the DAO. There are some difficult discussions concerning the DAO’s trajectory, and I would like to be included in some of the conversations which are directly impacting the future of the DAO. I think I possess the skills and qualifications of a trustworthy steward.


I am a Level 2 Contributor and have been active in the DAO since inception. I have held roles such as Secretary and Treasurer within different guilds and varying projects. I have been an owner on many multi-sigs. In fact, I helped many of the DAO’s multi-sig wallets get sponsored by Parcel to avoid paying gas fees. I always have the best interest of the DAO in mind and I try to remain objective and fair in my decision making. My fellow peers can attest that I have a direct yet compassionate way of communicating. My interpersonal skills will help the GC maintain transparent communication with the DAO at large. I feel like my soft and hard skills are a perfect match for the rigorous responsibilities of the GC.


thinkDecade :black_flag:#7181




  1. Discord handle:

  2. Reason for applying:
    I would like to help contributor expectations on renumeration align with DAO expectations on performance. I feel that lately there has been too much stress on looking at projects from one angle which feels to be the extreme opposite of the approach 6 months ago.

  3. Qualifications
    I have been an active contributor in bDAO since S0 and currently I am part of several guilds and projects in bDAO, hence I believe that I have a good overview and background to make fair assessments. I work as an analyst in my meatverse job and I have lead a global non-profit in the past; this professional background combined with the knowledge of bDAO would be a valuable addition to the GC in S5

  4. Sponsor(s) @thinkDecade @NFThinker

  1. Discord handle

  2. Reason for applying
    Part of the appeal of bDAO is its creativity and openness which should be reflected in the diversity of its focussed funding of projects, guilds and its members. How to continue securing such adequate funding in future will be an important issue. Another topic is increasing the interest and participation of bDAO members in governance. A further area is how and in what way bDAO will want to interact and collaborate with third parties in the space to maintain and increase its reach going forward.

  3. Qualifications
    I have been active in bDAO since the beginning of the year. My main focus has been with treasury and there in particular in different working groups, most notable the L2 working group implementing the Polygon network for bDAO as part of a team of very enthusiastic colleagues. Currently we are in the process of establishing a trusted BANK bridging system within bDAO. So my activities have always been focussed on bDAO wide issues.

  4. Sponsor(s)
    @EthHunter @AboveAverageJoe @cryptodad @Joe_King @lawpanda


Count me in as a sponsor for Jengajojo as well.