Season 6 - Grants Committee Election Application Submission

Governance Election: Season 6 - Grants Committee Election Application Submission

Date: 10/14/22

Submission Period: 10/14/22 - 10/24/22

Election Period: 10/26/22 - 11/3/22 (Snapshot)

According to the Seasonal spec, there will be 4 (potentially 5) seats open for Season 6 Grants Committee.

The Grants Committee consists of 5-7 members along with a multisig with all committee members as signers.

  • The Committee is responsible and accountable for managing the grants system, reviewing grant applications, and managing the grants treasury, with the help of other guilds as needed (e.g., treasury).

  • The Committee has a quorum with five members and is otherwise responsible for their own operations.

  • The Committee cannot change the application process to be a Committee member without a snapshot vote and is encouraged to accept the DAO’s proposal template.

  • The Grants Committee is required to be transparent and communicative with the DAO, such as access to Committee meetings and an opportunity to voice opinions and feedback.

The voting period will last one week and will take place on Snapshot:

  • Grants Committee Applications will be submitted and decided on by a weighted snapshot vote, and the highest 4 (potentially 5) voted applications will be elected into the Grants Committee.

  • Any unelected candidate can gather feedback, improve their resume, and resubmit for future vacancies.

  • Committee members can be recalled by Snapshot with a simple majority. Committee members may leave the Committee at any time by submitting a written resignation note to the Committee.

Additional Info:

Submitter must be Level 1 or higher

Elected GC members serve for a term (2 seasons) for a maximum of 2 consecutive terms.

For more details, read more here:

Grants Committee Notion

To submit your application you must reply to this post by including:

  1. Discord handle

  2. Reason for applying

  3. Qualifications

  4. Sponsor(s) (i.e., those who will second your nomination - the more the merrier!)


Thank you James for posting the GC election application submission forum post for Season 6.

Enclosed my application:

1. Discord handle

senad.eth :black_flag:#8782

2. Reason for applying

I want to join and be part of the team that is responsible for reviewing grants applications proposed to BanklessDAO and make assessments based on the best interest for our organisation. Furthermore, I want to help make informed decisions, find solutions for problematic applications and ultimately learn as much as possible along the way. I am a very critical person and pay close attention to the level of details, which the proposals I’ve submitted and contributions I’ve made so far can hopefully back up!

3. Qualifications

  • Project Champion & Executive Director of Bankless Research

  • Recognised Delegate of 1inch

  • HIGHLY aligned with bDAOs mission

  • Deeply engaged and involved in shaping bDAOs’ governance & operations framework with the GSEs

  • Successfully applied for funds to the research guild as well as grants committee

  • Helped members to purpose for funds from research guild in S3 with following grants proposal

  • Successfully applied for grants from Fei/TribeDAO for Bankless Research

4. Sponsor(s) (i.e., those who will second your nomination - the more the merrier!)
links#7868, Icedcool :black_flag:#4947, Above Average Joe#5427, NF Thinker :black_flag:#2814, ManuelMaccou :black_flag:#6974, 0xRene#6523, Feems :black_flag:#4876, p8ul.eth#1559, jarisjames#8072, thinkDecade :black_flag:#7181, Quietfox#2574, jengajojo.eth :black_flag:#5896, Reinis#8935, Joe_King :black_flag:#5039, iSpeakNerd.eth :black_flag:#6969, salmanneedsajob :black_flag:#6938, WinVerse#2755, lion917#3637, 0xBaer.eth :ninja:

I also wrote an essay with a personal approach to the GC. The purpose is to state my “guiding principles” as a member as well as the questions I’ll seek answers for in the grants revision process.

I hope our community will find this piece of information useful: my personal approach to the Grants Committee.


1. Discord handle


2. Reason for applying

In line with the mandate of the GC I am interested in contributing to a constructive review process of the different projects submitted by this vibrant and creative community, as I believe that these form an integral part of moving bDAO forward and are being worked on very hard by highly motivated individuals.

Further I would like to explore how these different projects can best be tied into a bDAO orbit of entities.

3. Qualifications

Consistent treasury department contributor
Lead project revenue recognition and multichain WG
Director treasury Bankless Research project
A knack for linking seemingly unrelated issues to something new
Healthy mix of dogmatic and pragmatic to attain results

4. Sponsor(s) (i.e., those who will second your nomination - the more the merrier!)
gruad#1079; cryptodad​:black_flag:#5814; HiroKennellyᵍᵐ:black_flag:#0001; senad.eth :black_flag:#8782


Greeting and Salutations to all here in Bankless DAO.

I’m infinitehomie.eth, homie for short. I’m putting my hat in the election for Season 6 Grants Committee.

name: Infinitehomie.eth#4930

Reason For Applying:

I believe that Season 6 is a critical season for the future of Bankless DAO, and what that future means for Web3 as a whole.

I believe that I can take a critical eye towards grants going forward in BanklessDAO, while realizing how important diversity is, and will be in revenue generation, and utility for the DAO. It is realized that grants need to be held at a critical standard, considering the current state of BANK in this particular market. I realize, and would like to focus on management of GC Treasury, by way of having a greater focus on which grants continue forward.

I want to make sure that projects are truly going forward on merit, and not simply on name only. There have been many important projects that have made an amazing impact on BanklessDAO, because of the support of Grants Committee. There have also been projects that have not.

I believe I can assist in finding that balance, and being an active, involved, and concerned member of GC.


  • involvement in Treasury Management in Podcast Hatchery, Crypto Sapiens, and Research Guild.

  • 7 years community banking experience, handling treasury management of various demographics, including experience in developing new strategies for the unbanked, to take control of their situation.

  • process development - managed processes for Crypto Sapiens and Research Guild.

  • 2 years experience in notion management.

  • bachelors degree in philosophy. With which I have developed critical thinking skills that have been used to find unique solutions for diverse needs.


@McEal @Whales @Sprinklesforwinners @feems @EurekaJohn @RedCrystalDragon @jarisjames


Homie has my support. Being a part of Grants Committee will be right up her alley.


100% in for Homie :clap: she’s been an instrumental member of the DAO and I am glad she is taking this bold step forward.


what time is it!

it’s time to apply to Grants Committee🤓

Discord handle

thinkDecade :black_flag:#718

Reason for applying

As BanklessDAO experiments with various ways of effectively organizing our community(guilds, department etc). There’s a continuous challenge of how to effectively deploy funds to keep various initiatives(guilds, projects and now departments) running in a way that is sustainable to bDAO but not stifling to these initiatives.

The Grants Committee is constantly trying to come up with solutions to help deal with some of these challenges. I would passionately love to contribute to the Grants Committee in helping to create and implement solutions to some of these key challenges.


  • Am passionate and highly aligned with bDAO ethos. I have been here since day 1 relentlessly contributing and adding value in almost any way I can.
  • I got my footprint in the Education guild, Research guild, Daolationship guild, Bankless Africa, and many other places.


@Trewkat, @marvel @hirokennelly @Quietfox @0xZFi.eth


Discord handle: @Sprinklesforwinners#1125

Reason for applying:

I want to continue the path the current grants committee has set by assisting in the process of:

  • Studying of the project and assessing the goals of the project requesting funding. Evaluating the pros and cons that providing funding can indicate for the DAO.
  • Assisting in applying the above to submitted proposals for fair and equitable decision making.
  • Working with currently funded and projects seeking to acquire funding, assisting with developing and providing assistance maintaining achievable KPIs.
    In doing this, I will maintain respect for the decisions made by the members of the DAO, with a sense of responsibility towards the consequences that the decisions taken may have on the whole DAO both in the immediate present and in the future.


  • Project Management Education Lead, currently initiating Project Management Education courses through Bankless Academy, a long-standing DAO project.

  • Consistent contributor in The Treasury Department, with focus on Project Revenue Recognition and guiding principles.

  • Consistent contributor in the Tokenomics Department with focus on adding utility to the BANK token.

  • Contestant contributor in Bankless Research with regards to Treasury and Grants.

  • Core contributor with Crypto Sapiens, recently creating governing documents, working agreement and reforming the budget to focus on contributor renumeration and alignment with bDAOs project requirements.

  • In Season 5, I assisted to improve project KPI reporting/tracking.

  • In Season 5, I contributed two proposals to the forum and assisted with the development of 2 project proposals to the Grants Committee.

Sponsor(s) (i.e., those who will second your nomination - the more the merrier!)

0xRene#6523 , links#7868 , gruad#1079 , infinitehomie.eth :black_flag::hammer_and_wrench: :test_tube:#4930 , GCal#8784 , :black_flag:# , McEal​:black_flag:#0001 Icedcool​:black_flag:#4947


Totally Second you ser, your solution to solving problem skills are second to known.


1. Name


2. Reason for applying

BanklessDAO is effectively an incubator and the grants committee is the investment committee. As a member of Fight Club, I would like to contribute Fight Club’s analytical criteria and due diligence flow to the grant committee’s decision process.

3. Qualifications

Angel investor, ex-portfolio manager, Fight Club cat herder, treasury committee lurker, experienced deck reviewer.

4. Sponsors

cryptodad, fibo, icedcool - please reply if you want to sponsor me. :slightly_smiling_face:


Definite support 1000 percent for you @Sprinklesforwinners fren!

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I second Sprinklesforwinners on this application. Just a wonderful collaborator, pushes back and challenges in an inclusive way, action oriented, thoughtful and one of my favorite people I’ve gotten to work with. I couldn’t be more excited about the future of bDAO because of her and the work she does.


@ anointingthompson1#6130 Thank you for these kind words! I appreciate your support!
@GCal I have to say that although I appreciate all of the support I have received, your words mean so much and are truly touching! They are pure motivation to facilitate growth of the DAO. :mechanical_arm:


I support you 1,000% Your dedication is amazing! Thank you for giving me the nudge here!

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I do this for my fren who inspire me, like you!

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You sir, are a true homie. Thank you!

Thank YOU! For your support, encouragement, and everything!

Lets go for @senad.eth. I support you.

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@Sprinklesforwinners has indeed been an awesome contributor in the DAO. I say 100% LFG.

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I support you ser 100%.

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