[DRAFT 1] Season 6 Specification

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This is the BanklessDAO Season 6 Specification Proposal. If this proposal passes snapshot, the following details will fall into place:


  • Season 6 will start on Monday, November 7, 2022
  • Season 6 will end on Sunday, February 5, 2023
  • Formal gap week will be February 6 through February 12, 2023
  • Guilds, departments, and projects must submit their Season 6 funding requests through the forum by October 14th, 2022.
  • The Grants Committee will begin evaluating submissions on October 14th, 2022 and provide feedback for proposals.
  • The Grants Committee will work directly with applicants to finalize their proposal prior to the Snapshot on October 28th, 2022.
  • The Grants Committee will then vote on October 28th, 2022 to move proposals to Snapshot.

Operational/Governance Changes

  • Member-Based Guild Funding (previously called Automatic Guild Funding) will begin to apply for Season 6.
  • Guilds, as defined in Season 5, are to choose between continuing as a Guild or a Department, as defined by the taxonomy post here, and to submit funding requests accordingly.
  • The Otterspace verifiable credentials pilot will begin in Season 6.
  • The community has signaled an interest in increasing the utility of BANK tokens, with particular interest in some kind of staking mechanism. Any guilds, departments, or projects whose purview encompasses this topic are encouraged to develop ideas and collaborate on this throughout Season 6.
  • Grants Committee shall be allowed to remove an inactive and unreachable member with a unanimous consensus among other Committee members.


  • Guilds, departments, and projects submit their budgets by Oct 14th
  • Grants Committee will discuss any outstanding issues with funding applications
  • Season 6 Specification Draft #2 posted to forums Oct 24th
  • Season 6 Specification Snapshot vote opens Oct 28th
  • Season 6 Grants Committee Election opens Oct 28th
  • Guild, Department, and Project Budget Snapshot vote opens Oct 28th
  • Gap Week Oct 31st through Nov 6th
  • Season 6 Starts on Nov 7th
  • Twitter Spaces Season 6 Kick-Off Event Nov 11th

Is this DRAFT Season 6 Specification ready to move to Snapshot?

  • Yes, the DRAFT Season 6 Specification is ready to move to Snapshot on October 28, 2022.
  • No, this DRAFT needs revision before it moves to Snapshot. (Please add your thoughts/notes below)

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Thanks for sharing. This season we had a challenges submitting proposals on time since the S6 timeline announcements were made 2 weeks before submission deadlines. I suggest that we either agree on when S7 starts already in this snapshot or communicate timeline for the next season when the current season in 50% completed

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As Senad pointed out, the Season 6 Community Vote did not include any of the ideas put forward by the GSE in their update, and therefore we have missed the opportunity to implement them in Season 6.

The GSE update did not specify when a community vote to finalise the cohort’s compensation would occur, only that it would.

I’d like to see the Season 6 Spec include a commitment that there will be one or more community votes held to seek consensus on the bDIP ideas (including continuation of the GSE program) and to finalise the GSE compensation.
If this is not specified as a Season 6 activity it is likely to drag on.


Thank you @Trewkat, we’ll reach out to the GSE and see what we can include in this respect for the second draft of the S6 Spec.

There is a section in the current Spec that indicates the GSE has the ability to modify the document (subject to vote) at any point during the season. Though I think this addresses one aspect of your concern, it doesn’t address the timeline issue.

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Thank you @Jengajojo, we recognize your concern and will work to create a timeline that can be shared at the start of each season so everyone is aware of the important dates well in advance. I was also speaking with @Icedcool and we’ll likely include reminders in his consolidated announcements as the important dates approach.


If we are to continue with the existing timeline as set out in the Season 6 Spec, the S6 Gap Week would then be February 6-12, 2023 and Season 7 would begin on February 13. I can add this to the S6 Spec for clarity.

I’ve also noted this feedback for S7 transition planning. Thank you.

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Thanks - appreciate the consideration.
There actually is no GSE anymore, so they won’t be able to modify anything.