Season 8 Budget Timeline Reminder for Season 7 Planning

This is just a Season Reminder to all DAO Organizational Units and Members that Season 8 Budgets should be posted to the forums one week prior to April 7th if the funding proposal is Under 1M BANK or for two weeks prior if your budget is over 1M BANK. April 7th is the day that funding proposals should be turned into the Grants Committee, so that they can review funding requests the following week.

You can find the whole Season Spec Snapshot for Season 7 here:

  • February 13: Season 7 begins
  • April 7: All funding requests from guilds, departments, and projects to be posted to the Forum for the Grants Committee to review
  • April 7 - 13: Grants Committee to work with groups to review funding requests
  • April 14: Draft 1 of the Season 8 Specification to be posted to the Forums
  • April 14 - 20: Grants Committee to work with groups to finalize funding requests

* BanklessDAO 2nd Birthday May the 4th Be With You!!

  • May 8-14: Gap Week
  • May 14: Last day of Season 7

Interested in supporting or contributing to the Season 8 transition? To the BanklessDAO 2nd Birthday Celebration…

Check out the Season Transition Discord Channel in the Cross Collab Category. Ernest of Gaia is the transition team coordinator and OrnellaWeb3 will be the fabulous Marketing Coordinator. Join us as we prepare for this historic moment !


Thanks for the update. really helpful


Thanks @ernest_of_gaia!! I appreciate this, I see a few things that I need to catch up on! Thank you!
What are your thoughts on this being part of the tlBANK kick off?! It makes sense, right!! This will be fun!


With this season being longer, can we extend the limit of BANK per project/department since extra labor would otherwise be under the same budget.


Thank you for the very timely reminder :smiley:

For Season 8 budget planning here are the applicable dates as per this bDIP and subsequent associated Snapshot:

Season 8: Mon, May 15 - Sun, August 27 (15 weeks)
Gap Week: Mon, August 28 - Sun, Sept 3 (1 week)

As covered in the bDIP, teams within the DAO will have the ability to plan for budgeting and operational needs for these periods and may decide for themselves which activities should continue through breaks, if any.

season 7 is not longer

join us in the Season Transition discord channel in the cross collab category

Yes, I know.
I thought it would be useful to prompt people who read this post to prepare the S8 budget for 15 weeks instead of 13.
I can delete or edit the comment if you feel it’s not helpful.

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that’s super helpful leave it

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