This is Not Why I Dao

I no longer hold 35,000 bank in any of my Eth Mainnet wallets. To imagine a homeless women that is actually able to keep her Private Keys safe against an abusive spouse and that somehow the gas fees are not a problem for this women perpetuates and ignores the predominantly male violence towards women and children in US society and says, it’s ok, it’s not a problem. They have Ethereum. All will be ok.

here is Highschool Curriculum for children
Beyond Stigma and Stereotypes: What is Homelessness?.

Some stats on how mostly men treat women and folks of colour in the US.

I’m curious if you read The Rug article before reacting because this is quite a straw man argument. This article is about dirty fiat money and the problems with banking. Which of these stereotypes did we perpetuate?


I understand your concern Ernest, but this is just a joke. This man looks happy and The Rug is trying to make a funny story based on that picture, not on grieving home-less man. There is no suffering surrounding the story or that picture. Not everything is grey in life even in a world where we find pain and suffering on our own home. Blockchain is doing good things for people; Bankless and The Rug, too.



I replied to you on Twitter and I’ll extenuate the reply here

I’m really sorry this made you feel this way. All of us at The Rug worked on this article with multiple POVs, and kindness was of paramount importance to us.

Specifically, Katrina made sure we rewrote and rethought about the article to make sure we considered kindness and put Paul in the best light.

The nature of the article was about fiat money. Paul has wealth but chooses to be houseless. We know this isn’t a choice for most houseless people but this story is about Paul.

We edited the article in a way where we were not punching down, and that framed Paul’s lifestyle as his choice.

If you’d like to talk more I’m def open. I’d even invite you to join our writers room and meetings to see how fun and kind they really are.

I’m sorry that we lost a member today for this reason, but I’d like to assure you that every team member at the Rug and in bdao are kind and respectful people with values just like yours.

Take care Ernest


I’ve experienced homelessness. I’ve worked with people, families, communities, who have been without homes for many years. And yes- the issue in the article about banks not giving loans to someone in clean clothes is a massive reason many people end up without housing to begin with. The article attached to the photo was fine. This issue is MASSIVE and COMPLEX and hurts so many people for so many reasons. Obviously, it has hurt members within our own community. I don’t have a solution to what’s happened… just perspective.

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I am with ernest here happen to come from Nairobi, Kenya an East African Nation where tourists throng to witness eighth wonder of the World (wilder-beest migration). Kenya is famed for long distance athletes or may i say marathon world record hoders who throng major global cities in word events Boston, Chicago, New York London name it to showcase their talents and emerge Tops. Most of the said world Athletes go through “shit” i.e at tender age walking barefoot to schools just to learn simple math and English, lack of basic shelter (Homelessness) clean drinking water and lack of so many basic human privileges, but the determination, discipline and bigger resolve to be better and to change their expectant communities drives them to take that last bulk of breath to the finish line and we are very proud of them as humanity. Reason i DAO.