The Gitbook 🛐 (BanklessDAO Wiki)

Hey folks.

Some of us have been working a gitbook - the BanklessDAO Wiki. Special thank you to @AyrtonB26 @EliteViking and @wolfehr (really hoping I didn’t miss anyone. I can add tags).

(Please reply in the forum for major opinions. Move to #gitbook discord for chatter.)

Many decisions have been made that require consensus. A few things to note:

  • Mission section was largely taken from literature that RSA/David and co. had created. Modified to speak from the perspective of BanklessDAO and not LLC.
  • Vision section is a placeholder for the actual vision, when decided upon. There is a conversation about the BanklessDAO Constitution that we will want to include somewhere here.
  • This page on member levels will need fine tuning. I have made some decisions in logic based on some early soft consensus I received. Please let me know how you feel about this structure and please read this post if you haven’t yet.
  • If you can think of things to add here, please reply
  • I created a guilds section. Each guild has some basic info, like a sign up form, linked discord channel, etc. You can see in the Writer’s Guild. If you like these system, please use the template to create one for your guild. Also start considering internal organizing
  • We have coordinated a community call on Friday the 14th at 11am EST. Details to follow

Okay, time for beddy bye. 3am here :sob: