Test DAO Proposal

Project Champion: Infinitehomie

Authors and editors: Infinatehomie, Sprinklesforwinners,

Date created: 9/13/22

Date Posted: 9/16/22


Test DAO is looking to improve the adoption of blockchain technology, by providing a solutions hub to common barriers and offering, simplifying and teaching a variety of DeFi solutions.

Test DAO aims to do this by exploring, documententing use case hands on testing, thoroughly reviewing, evaluating and subsequently simplifying and teaching these innovative technologies and tools to facilitate the onboarding process and empower future blockchain contributors to expand the ecosystem collectively.


Test DAO was initially formed as a project in BanklessDAO Research Guild when research proved a gap in onboarding; in relation to becoming an active contributor to the blockchain. It became evident there was a lack of both user-friendly tools and accessibility to learning materials to facilitate the use of basic tools and of DeFi solutions. In order to preserve and expand the ecosystem, the onboarding process including DAO tooling and basic education required for DAO tooling must be tailored to the future blockchain builders - the new members being onboarded.


The mission of the test DAO directly aligns with the mission of bDAO at its core, onboarding. It will help banklessDAO achieve its mission of onboarding 1 million people into the bankless community by filling in the gap in the current onboarding process.


Using a no barriers method, inclusive approach, test DAO will break down the barriers between onboarding and becoming a rewarding contributor.

Members will test tooling solutions using a hands-on approach. The process will be thoroughly documented, including recordings of use cases for solution evaluation and for future teaching resources. The entire tooling solution and use case will be evaluated on ability of new member use and overall effectiveness of solution the specific tool is intended to provide. Aiming for overall growth of the ecosystem, AMAs with the testers and AMA provider sessions will be scheduled at various times throughout the process.


The project consists of

Financial Breakdown 240000 Bank
Research/Writing 70000
Testing Bounties 50000
Testing Facilitator x 2 60000
Relationships/Marketing 30000
Finance/Treasury Management 30000

Research: Researchers Needed to Gather Background information on tools, to gather information on which tools we will test next as a part of the overarching project, and information to analyze with respect to product sentiment, contributor sentiment (with respect to the product we’ve tested)

Writing: Writing team will be used in or blogging platform that will discuss walkthroughs, tests, and reviews of tools for future revenue generating opportunities with outside DAOs and protocols

Testing Facilitator - Used to develop the Criteria for the Testing, to modify Criteria, and Facilitate the Testing Process

Relationships - To develop relationships for funding opportunities with outside DAOs and projects, and Marketing to Market the Test DAO project (another funding opportunity to assist with returning funds to the BANK Treasury)

Finance/Treasury Management - used to facilitate funding of any offchain needs, to track expenses for the project, and to establish future funding activities that can be used to generate revenue.

We are requesting 240000 Bank

BRAND USAGE:The project would use the Bankless DAO brand as the genesis DAOs that approves of the credential. This would be beneficial to the brand as our goal is to become an authority for onboarding new members with a marketplace of evaluated DAO tooling solutions.


Our goal is to complete the entire testing process on 2 Solutions providers for Season 5.

We aim to have an educational program outlined including all materials for 1 Solution provider by the end of Season 5.


Once this proposal is accepted our immediate next steps would be to 1) Source members for our writers team 2) Continue to develop a strong relationship and roadmap with Bankless Academy 3) Continue to develop course materials


infinitehomie: Branch Banker by day looking to find ways to revolutionize “finance”. By assisting people within and outside of Web3 to find ways to think outside the box when it comes to financial needs, and when it comes to banking. I’ve joined bankless as a way to learn about more than just “making bank” but to also find ways to help others who feel like they’ve been slighted by the financial system.

Should The Test DAO Proposal Be Approved?

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  • No, I do not approve this proposal

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“for future teaching resources.” - does this mean with the requested budget you WILL be publishing resources for the DAO and greater Web 3 community or this is a first step doing research and will later publish your findings?

Any partnership with educational guild to bring these learnings to the community?


Shouldn’t these types of trials and learning opportunities be included within the scope of Guilds as talent development centers for the DAO? Something like this can be done as a small side hobby within the Research or Education guild, which are both funded for the season.

I voted no to this proposal, as I believe the community has the responsibility to ensure that we keep our collective eyes out for BANK emissions leaks from GC, and find alternate paths towards executing on projects like these.


Hey @Joe_King good questions. The goal for Season 5 is to have an outline and all teaching/learning materials - For implementation and facilitation in Season 6. (Considering amount of time left in the current season.) The work streams will be viewable to members of the test DAO and bDAO servers. Of course open to colab with education guild to implement teaching!

@RunTheJewelz To answer your question, Initially this was a project spun from The Research Guild. The budget does not account for what is needed. I would be interested in what the alternative path you mentioned, can you share this with me please? test DAO has (and WILL KEEP) an open, updated channel in The Research Guild.



I appreciate your input, and thank you for your reasoning.

The main goal ultimately is to do what we can to help contribution, and understanding of what we can do
for DAOs with respect to onboarding, and interaction in DAOs.

I believe that Onboarding can be a huge, if not the largest issue that can ultimately lead to the issue that we may be into right now with BANK leaking.

The small side hobby doesn’t give the importance and attention that is needed around a heavy topic like true onboarding into DAOs. Ultimately, we are looking to interact within guilds to assist with bringing a testing protocol, and a testing platform for members to stay engaged, feel like after proper education through a program such as the program we are looking to establish, we can learn about ways to contribute without selling bank, find ways to bring funding to the DAO, and to bring funding to us all.

The goal is not to use this as a continual funding stream, as no project should be. This project is simply looking for funding as a springboard to lead to
Other funding opportunities not just for test DAO, but for banklessdao as a whole.

I appreciate you, again.


There is defintiely potential to work with edu guild upon finalization of the program. There are truly brilliant minds in the guild, and they will be beneficial for this plan to work.

is there a current link to the reporting of TestDAO? I would prefer to understand how things will be documented and reported ahead of time before voting.

I would also like to see who is committing to the roles proposed. If the talent is not their for the roles it doesn’t make sense to create the roles.

I am also curious if you are currently organizing or scheduling educational events for folks?


Perhaps I can add them in the proposal.

I thought to myself that I should add them before I posted the proposal. In the mean time;

Have a look here for some information:
Test DAO notion.

That will lead to bits of information that you are looking for.

As well, (I know you’ve already joined) but I invite anyone who has question to ask.

The talent would be in the sense of recruiting people for contributions that are needed. I’ve seen that there can be better results in having one person (or a small team which would then equally share the bounty) with the sole purpose of recruiting either perspective participants or perspective facilitators.

Bankless DAO being the first route we would want to take in regards to recruitment

(I hear there is a proposal that has a partnership with bankless DAO and Consensys? Bankless DAO x ConsenSys DAOlationship Proposal

I could forsee some integration between the bankless side and Consensys with assisting with this project. Perhaps.

I look forward to your response or any other questions

Apologies for the stupid question, but if you all are planning to start a new DAO, then why not simply mint your own tokens and use it to reward contributors?

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It’s not a stupid question, @Jengajojo however, I’d be interested in the true intention behind the question.

Please let me know.

I agree that it’s not a stupid question but why do you conclude that @Jengajojo is having intentions behind his question?

How do you envision the relationship to be between Test DAO and BanklessDAO? Will this be a one time funding request or more of a seasonal funding?

Good question.

Where I am from, when a person says “just a silly question” the person tends to have some sort of alternate reasoning behind that question.

Typically, that reasoning can be negative, but I am more curious as to whether the question is leading in a fact that you don’t want help from bankless DAO.

The funding is 1 time only.

But the partnership (I would hope) would be ongoing.

Consider the following:

1. Onboarding.

You know how in the sciences, you have a lecture hour and a lab hour?

Test DAO can be used as the “lab hours” for DAOs. People who are onboarding into Bankless DAO, or any DAO for that matter, and come to Test DAO and utilize the DAO Sandbox to learn about tools, and practice using those tools without making an impact to the parent DAO they are working with.

(An example of where this could be handy is using a practice notion for learning about databases, without blowing up the research guild notion database).

(Crew3, we could utilize the practice setting for Test DAO)

Charmverse, BIP, tools that are used in DAOs but need some sort of expertise behind the use of them, can pose for a particularly tricky experience if you don’t have the time, or the resources to onboard people
Into the practice of using those tools.

2. Education

Education Guild Partners with Test DAO to help with having lecture series, again, in a focused landscape. We would focus on tooling, but we could focus on foundations of the tools, history behind DAO Tools, and the importance of tooling in web3, (shoot, in web2 I guess also)

3. Real Talk Series

We can utilize the health minded folk, using DAOlationships (perhaps) or Crypto Sapiens, or Podcast Hatchery, to present a few different series that focus on the real impact of DAO contribution to the world at large. This would bring the good, the bad, and the ugly, of contributing to DAOs, of going Bankless, of paying taxes, health care, the works.

The 240k does not end up being a continual need. I do understand and appreciate the nature and the need to be mindful of the treasury. In the above areas, I can identify 4+ ways to create revenue out of this platform, while using the skills in bankless DAO (which brings revenue to the treasury because you can really have people help without some sort of token agreement, I would say)

  1. We can market the need for the onboarding test lab to DAOs across the landscape (because onboarding is a huge opportunity) who either have a need for recruiting new talent, or have a need for retaining talent.

  2. We can have the same type of educational series across the entire ecosystem, which I would forsee completing the these sort of, “cohorts” if you will, as another way of creating revenue for people who are looking to learn from the best out there.

  3. Podcast/YouTube sponsorships. Because why not.

Does this help?


That does help a lot. Thanks for the very detailed response :slightly_smiling_face:


indeed! Thanks for the opportunity to allow me to ramble :slight_smile:

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Apologies for the miscommunication, I did not mean to come off as negative.

I am taking inspiration from other projects which have spun into their own DAOs such as DAOpunks, and Bankless Brasil. The GC perspective on the latest Bankless Brasil, is for them to have their own token to offboard long term costs from BANK.

I do understand that TestDAO is a spin off from bDAO and there might be some alignment in the beginning, but as more folks drop into the new DAO, their willingness to hold and transact in BANK is not as much as bDAO members, this ultimately puts sell pressure on BANK.

From the comments, i see that this is a one time funding ask, so I think the ask is reasonable under these terms. However, I do encourage you to think about how can this new DAO drive value back to BANK holders. Is it via revenue share? or BANK buybacks? or membership perks or any other mechanism?

You have a good point there.

First, I want to say I tend to be a bit sensitive sometimes, so I apologize for automatically expecting the worst.

Second, the idea would be that the talent/funding would have as much of an impact on bankless DAO as it would on test DAO.

Reason being is that this initial funding is only to be used as a springboard. We need assistance in getting a few more things in order before we can start marketing to users in other daos, and people who are looking to move into web 3.

From there, we are using the tools we build, and the programs we create to provide a service to web 3.

That service can bring in funding, and have that funding really be split down the line 50/50 between the treasury and test DAO. (Or 60/40, or whatever works best) I understand that projects in the past have been more of a funding vacuum than a springboard.

I would rather see the spring board with their being the one time need for funding then leaving the rest up to us, than having a consistent need.

I would say calling this a full fledged “dao” is a misnomer. This would function as a subdao, of bankless. We have a ton of people in test DAO that play roles in bankless DAO. From ombuds, to research guild, bankless Africa, and more.

I’ve personally helped a few members in test DAO get tuned into parts of bankless DAO.

We have I believe about 135 people in the test DAO server. I would say about 95% of the server is connected to bankless DAO in some
Way, shape or form.

The goal wouldn’t be to split off, the goal would be to use test DAO as a tool in bankless to assist with new tool implementation, onboarding with purpose, and connecting with other communities to build bankless DAO, and to build beyond. The interconnected nature of daos would be the future.

I hope this ramble helps :joy: I’ve been really loving the questions I’ve responded to so far.

Test Dao to the moon.