The Bankless DAO Should Host This Art Show

Title: The Bankless DAO Should Host This Art Show
Authors: cart_collector#6264
Squad: cart_collector#6264
Date Created: 16.7.21
Date Posted: 16.7.21


I propose we host Values, Layers, Communities: 2,809 Free Paintings in context. The exhibition features a fascinating art piece and exciting speakers. The art show will bring attention and people to the DAO and solidify our image as patrons of the arts.


Why are you making this proposal? What problem or opportunity does this proposal target? What are the driving factors behind why you think this is a good idea?

There are 3 reasons why I want to host the event here:

  1. The event will solidify our DAO as a patron of the arts. Having a “serious” exhibition will make us look classy :wink:

  2. The event will invite a lot of crypto people to our lobby. Many of them might get curious and decide to continue with the next steps to become full members.

  3. But most importantly we should host the show because it is very tight and will be so much fun! In 1 hour, we have four speakers with very different backgrounds talking about four slightly different topics.


There is no doubt that NFTs are a massive drive to adoption. In fact, I’ve been talking to my offline friends for years about Ethereum and DeFi but it was NFTs that made them join me.

All in all, it is just a show. If we host a bad show people will forget it right away. If we host a good show people will associate that feeling with the DAO itself. And if we host a great show, we will make history.


We will invite our guests to our Discord server. Since they will not have access to the server, we will have the event in our “lobby” (Level 0). I already spoke privately with @AboveAverageJoe who gave thumbs up about this idea.

When the show starts (3rd of August 21:00 UTC), we will make a call, and the event will start. First, we will give out POAPs. Then I will announce the first speaker.

The first speaker is Josh Rosenthal, with whom you might remember from the Crypto Renaissance Bankless podcast episode. He will talk about high-level connections between art, power, technology, etc.

Then Ali Spagnola (the artist) will speak about her art and her process.

Then I will talk about living a permissionless life - working in a DAO, interacting with Ethereum, and having conversations in public.

Last but not least, Tam Gryn is Director of Fine Arts at and Head curator at Showfields. She will speak about the piece itself. Check it out!

Once we all agree that you want to have the event hosted here, I will start sending custom invitations to other DAOs.


No funding is necessary! It is a one-time event.


The Bankless logo will be used on the invitations which I will send to the other DAOs. It will be something like “Location: the bankless DAO Discord Server”


It will be hard to measure “success” since “enjoyment” is a subjective characteristic, but having a lot of people in attendance will be a success.


I will create and send invitations to other DAOs. The art show will be held on the 3rd of August at 21:00 UTC.


Full disclosure: I own the NFT. However, I am not doing all this to make money off it. The only way I can prove this is by arranging for the NFT to be moved in a multisig, which is something that I will do if the community asks me to.

My motivation behind this event is to make people understand and appreciate a really good piece of art, to learn something new, to make them think, to enjoy a good show, to spread the word about how awesome the Bankless DAO is, and finally - to show everyone what an incredible taste for art I have :wink:

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  • Host the exhibition
  • Don’t host the exhibition

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My post didn’t generate a lot of discussion on Discord, but people voted favourably for the idea:

Screen Shot 2021-07-16 at 16.39.12

Hi, thanks for bringing the BANKLESS DAO into the art scene as an Art patron.

I am for this proposal!

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Sounds great. Looking forward to attending.

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Excellent idea and proposal, it could draw attention to the DAO and be the first of many other BanklessDAO art exhibitions

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Yes, I was also thinking that we can make this “a thing”. The community can have curators or we can invite curators and speakers. We are truly heading west.

Thank you for the proposal. Looks like a great idea, looking forward to 3rd August.

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Every approach that leads to marketing and awareness of our DAO is valid

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Totally agree with this. We should host these type of events. As a media an culture DAO is a must. Also we’ll get people from the arts interested in us. An maybe this can be the beginning of a recurring event. Maybe quarterly or something.

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Definitely a BIG YES from me. The AV Guild can also record this event and then it can be made available on various platforms for future use


Yes, please! I was thinking of creating a YouTube channel and posting the event there.

What can I do to make the AV Guild help with the recording?

Easy; you or/and I can post it in the #podcast-recording channel within the @AVGuild. As a member of both that and the design guild, I can assist in the arrangements. @EurekaJohn is doing the recordings at the moment. I am also working on a potential POAP for you. What is going to be the official title of the event so I can add


The name of the exhibition is Values, Layers, Communities: 2,809 Free Paintings in Context

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I’ll be happy to record this exhibit and upload it to the Bankless DAM for use.

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Thank you @EurekaJohn :slight_smile: Sorry for being a noob, but what is a DAM?

Oh. No probs. Digital Asset Management platform. We are getting signed up for one called DASH. By the time this show happens we should be fully integrated into it. You will be able to download the full video/images and/or use it to host for whatever purpose.

Sounds great. I was hoping I could upload the show to my personal YouTube channel. Would that be a problem?

I think this is a great idea and voted yes. The number of people that attend the exhibition sounds like a great KPI.

What do you think of expanding the exhibition and allow other DAO members to showcase their collections? Values, Layers, Communities: 2,809 Free Paintings in context can be the main exhibit, and then we can have other side exhibits to see all the other awesome NFTs the community has collected. I’m not sure how that would work logistically, but more art doesn’t seem like it could hurt :slight_smile:

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I personally wouldn’t mind as long as there was some credit that the exhibition was hosted by Bankless DAO. Maybe we can also throw in a plug for the weekly NFT auctions on Rarible. I think we should also put it on the Bankless DAO YouTube channel.

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I like the idea and I was thinking about incorporating other people’s work into the exhibition. It definitely makes sense to have more than one piece in an exhibition.

However, there are 2 problems with that:

  • The first one is that the show is already planned out. The speakers are selected, and they are already prepared with their topics. Changing the exhibition would be very hard at this point.

  • The second issue is organisational. We will need to agree on a panel of curators, who will, in turn, agree on who to include in the exhibition. In other words, there is a lot more to organise if we take this path.

On this note, @Kouros already mentioned that we should make exhibitions a regular thing :slight_smile: Do you want to collaborate with me and him on pushing a proposal forward? We also need to agree on how we select curators, etc… we can make a chat on Discord to discuss it further.

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