[Weekly Rollup Recap] S8 Funding Proposal

Project Champion: Liquidiot#5975
Squad: Liquidiot#5975, WinVerse#2755, Droste#0063, HiroKennelly#0001, Trewkat#1933
Purpose: public good
Affiliation: Writers Guild, AV Guild
Authors; Editors: Liquidiot#5975, WinVerse#2755
Date created: 4/1/2023
Date posted: 4/1/2023
Funds requested: 240,000 BANK
Project wallet(s): 0xe27e087f44c71ef929C67eAb59a2F15BcaE66b82

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The Weekly Rollup Recap video series (WRRVS) aims to summarize and disseminate the BanklessDAO weekly rollup newsletter, in video format, with engaging, entertaining, and well-produced weekly videos to be posted to the BanklessDAO YouTube.


The project will continue along the trajectory established in seasons 6 and 7, updating our KPIs accordingly. We are requesting the same 16000 BANK per produced and published episode extended across the longer season length (per Snapshot) for season 8.

Project Description

The BanklessDAO mission is to “help the world go Bankless by creating user-friendly onramps for people to discover decentralized financial technologies through education, media, and culture.”

DAO → Weekly Rollup Newsletter → WRRVS → YouTube (user friendly onramp) → People

The newsletter shares the values of the DAO by sharing a ‘week in review’ look at the happenings of the DAO in a digestible, concise format. This video series takes that one step further by building on top of an already highly aligned product, naturally sharing the mission, vision and values that it builds upon. Videos are delivered with the same frequency as the newsletter.


The project has delivered 6 videos thus far in S7 and is on track to deliver upon the 10-11 videos forecasted for the season.

Additionally, the project is on track to meet all S6 KPIs

The team would like to continue delivering weekly content inline with the minimum expected quality that of videos delivered in Season 7.

In addition to S8 KPIs (listed below), areas of improvement that will be focused on in Season 8 include:

  • Increasing our dissemination/promotional/marketing efforts
  • Further ‘compressing’ the video content into shorter, easier to consume videos while maintaining the level of quality and content provided.
  • iterate → execute → adjust → repeat


The WRRVS project is requesting 240,000 BANK

This is not a salary. Video contributors will be eligible for remuneration on an individual video basis only after being published on YouTube. Ship = pay.

  • Wordsmith - 3000 BANK / video
  • AV Wizard - 12000 BANK / video
  • Hypemaster - 1000 BANK / video
  • YTQC - AV Guild bounty budget
  • Newsletter Liaison - Newsletter budget

16000 BANK per produced and published episode (x15) (MAX = # weeks/season)

For reference - S7 Project Tracker: WRRVS ProjectTracker

Deliverables: One 5-8 minute recap video per week per weekly rollup. 1080p min. MP4 format

Usage Rights: Videos are being produced for the BanklessDAO YT channel. Copyright for certain assets are currently only cleared for this channel. As such, YT links are available for use by other guilds and entities within BanklessDAO, however, posting video content in an original post will need to be cleared prior to posting (i.e. making an Instagram story from the original video file)

Production Pipeline and Timeline:

Newsletter ships Saturday morning PST → Scripting → Recording/Editing/Producing → Upload to DASH/YT → Sign off from YTQC team → Video published Tuesday morning PST

Total turnaround ~ 3 days

Video flow:

Opening statement → title card → weekly recap (basically just the intro from the newsletter + a little expansion on the editorial, but not the full thing. Happy medium → Optional other highlights → Calls to action (always asking for a sub to the newsletter and YouTube and then any other) → goodbyes → Outro bumper.

Video Assets:

Combination of existing assets (intro and outro bumper), copyright cleared music provided by Liquidiot and per episode assets for talking points. All asset production costs are considered to be included and shall not exceed the total remuneration amount with initial work being recouped over time.

Production Team:


A/V Wizard

  • Additional script edits
  • On-screen talent
  • Record, edit, produce and upload videos
  • Asset production, development and procuring
  • YouTube thumbnails
  • Ongoing improvement efforts


  • Posts video announcement in relevant channels
  • Shot out on CC
  • Preps post for bDAO socials and coordinates with account holders


  • Provides quality control and feedback prior to publishing
  • Responsibilities fall under and are remunerated for under said role in the AV Guild

Weekly Rollup Newsletter Liaison

  • Point of contact with newsletter team
  • Provides feedback and suggestions
  • Fields questions related to newsletter


Season 8 KPI

Factor KPI Success Metric
consistency # of videos published # videos = # S8 newsletters
subscribers # of new subscribers +10% (from start of S8) approx.1000 total subs by end of S8
views # of views per video Average #≥100 views across all videos in S8

Season 7 KPI (for reference)

Factor KPI Success Metric
consistency # of videos published # videos = # S7 newsletters
subscribers # of new subscribers +10% (from start of S7) approx. 880 total subs by end of S7
views # of views per video Average #≥75 views across all videos in S7


The WRRVS project provides value and utility to BanklessDAO through the distribution and perpetuation of its mission, vision and values. Releasing DAO updates, to the broader public, in video format to a mainstream platform (YouTube) allows the DAO to potentially reach an audience that would otherwise not be possible.


Bankless DAO will be the focus of all brand assets, bumpers, etc and the style guide by Design guild will be followed.

bDAO Style Guide

All additional logos, branding, etc, will be acquired from individual projects and posts as needed.


  • Yes, I support this proposal!
  • No, I do not support this proposal (comment below)

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I think the Weekly Rollup Recap is an extremely valuable project for BanklessDAO contributors, that’s giving another modality to consume our amazing newsletters, producing some of the best content on the BanklessDAO YouTube channel, and showcasing @Liquidiot’s great talent in media. I think 16000 BANK is a totally reasonable ask. Big fan! Thank you for your good work squad.