[S6 Funding Proposal] Weekly Rollup Recap Video Series

[S6 Funding Proposal] Weekly Rollup Recap Video Series

Authors: @Liquidiot#5975
Champion: @Liquidiot#5975
Squad: @Liquidiot#5975 @WinVerse#2755 @Droste#0063 @HiroKennelly#0001
Date Created: December 12, 2022
Original Post: December 14, 2022


The Weekly Rollup Recap video series (WRRVS) aims to summarize and disseminate the BanklessDAO weekly rollup newsletter, in video format, with engaging, entertaining, and well-produced weekly videos to be posted to the BanklessDAO YouTube.

During the past season (S5), we saw an uptick in our video content in the form of AMAs and live interviews, as well as the weekly recap videos. This has been fantastic to see, but we still have much more to build. It is important for us to continue this upward trend and increase our reach by providing weekly video content to drive engagement, spread the Bankless message, promote the DAO, and keep viewers coming back week after week.

The WRRVS would like to continue to be a horse in the stable of regular weekly content that we offer. To this end, the team is requesting 157,000 BANK to produce 10 videos over the course of Season 6.


The BanklessDAO mission is to “help the world go Bankless by creating user-friendly onramps for people to discover decentralized financial technologies through education, media, and culture.”

DAO → Weekly Rollup Newsletter → WRRVS → YouTube (user friendly onramp) → People

The newsletter shares the values of the DAO by sharing a ‘week in review’ look at the happenings of the DAO in a digestible, concise format. This video series takes that one step further by building on top of an already highly aligned product, naturally sharing the mission, vision and values that it builds upon. All roads lead back to the DAO.


Deliverables: One 8-10 minute recap video per week per weekly rollup. 1080p min. MP4 format

Usage Rights: Videos are being produced for the BanklessDAO YT channel. Copyright for certain assets are currently only cleared for this channel. As such, YT links are available for use by other guilds and entities within BanklessDAO, however, posting video content in an original post will need to be cleared prior to posting (i.e. making an Instagram story from the original video file)

Production Pipeline and Timeline:

Newsletter ships Saturday morning PST → Scripting → Recording/Editing/Producing → Upload to DASH/YT → Sign off from YTQC team → Video published Tuesday morning PST

Total turnaround ~ 3 days

Video flow:

Opening statement → title card → weekly recap (basically just the intro from the newsletter + a little expansion on the editorial, but not the full thing. Happy medium → Optional other highlights → Calls to action (always asking for a sub to the newsletter and YouTube and then any other) → goodbyes → Outro bumper.

Video Assets:

Combination of existing assets (intro and outro bumper), copyright cleared music provided by Liquidiot and per episode assets for talking points. All asset production costs are considered to be included and shall not exceed the total remuneration amount with initial work being recouped over time.

Delivered to date:

Season 5

Season 6

Production Team:


A/V Wizard

  • Additional script edits
  • On-screen talent
  • Record, edit, produce and upload videos
  • Asset production, development and procuring
  • YouTube thumbnails
  • Ongoing improvement efforts


  • Posts video announcement in relevant channels
  • Shot out on CC
  • Preps post for bDAO socials and coordinates with account holders


  • Provides quality control and feedback prior to publishing
  • Responsibilities fall under and are remunerated for under said role in the AV Guild

The WRRVS project is requesting 157,000 BANK

This is not a salary. Video contributors will be eligible for remuneration on an individual video basis only after being published on YouTube. Ship = pay.

  • Wordsmith - 3000 BANK / video
  • AV Wizard - 12000 BANK / video
  • Hypemaster - 1000 BANK / video
  • YTQC - AV Guild bounty budget

16000 BANK per produced and published episode (MAX = # weeks/season)

Please note: no videos were produced during the first two weeks of the season, and the Hypemaster role begins from video #4 of this season


Bankless DAO will be the focus of all brand assets, bumpers, etc and the style guide by Design guild will be followed.


All additional logos, branding, etc, will be acquired from individual projects and posts as needed.


  • Video view count
    • 50 views average per video
  • YT subscriber count
    • S6 goal +10%
    • 600 subs start of S6
  • Shipping consistency
    • 10 videos / S6
  • Objective quality standards being met as reported by YTQC team
  • General sentiment, feedback, comments (YT and Discord) with a feedback form posted to be posted in #daogeneral at the end of the season
  • Videos are entirely dependent on the newsletter being published. As such, metrics should allow for the possibility of the newsletter’s failure to ship, and be allowed to adjust accordingly.


The project is not actively pursuing revenue at this time, as the main focus is building a reputation and a viewership, as well as bolstering existing projects and acting as a means to share the work of the DAO with a broader audience. However, revenue in future seasons could take the form of:

  • Direct ad placement (standalone or part of a weekly rollup newsletter package)
  • bDAO YouTube channel monetization
  • Direct minting and viewer support on Web3 platforms (i.e. Lenstube)


Liquidiot, of former AV Guild fame, is the Production and Technical Lead for the Podcast Hatchery. He has participated in several audio and video projects, both within and outside of the DAO. A collection of his handiwork can be found here: https://bit.ly/3QMCcNr

Hiro Kennelly is a writer, editor, and coordinator at BanklessDAO and the Editor-in-Chief at Good Morning News. He is also helping to build a grants-focused organization at DAOpunks.

WinVerse is the marketing coordinator at Writers Guild. He is also the Guild care assistant at DAOlationships, and contributes as an editor over at Podcast Hatchery.

Droste currently hosts and has produced 30 of 38 shipped episodes of the Making Bank podcast since January. Former AV Guild coordinator and treasurer/secretary, current YouTube QC squad. He has produced several video explainers for bDAO projects and has collaborated on these and other projects within bDAO. Making Bank: Spotify Apple | Dash collections: videos audiograms

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So let’s just ignore the typo in the poll (note = not)

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The videos are always great containing all the updates in the DAO :relaxed:

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Vote yes for Pedro :ballot_box:


LFG, let’s do this …

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love your videos! It a yes form me

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This is an easy Yes from me, as well! It’s a great video series, drawing on the highly informative Weekly Rollup Newsletter content, it’s well-produced, and it usually gives me a giggle or two in there somewhere (which is good for the mental health).

BANK ask checks out.



I’m totally biased, but I also know good stuff when I see it. The weekly wrap up videos are total :fire: :fire: and some of the highest-production quality and timely content coming out of BankessDAO.

It deserves your vote :ballot_box_with_check: your eyeballs :eye: :eye: and more awareness :mega:

bDAO Strong :mechanical_arm: :pray:


This will be great! People prefer consuming video content so will surely add value. An idea that could fund the project is -

  1. We could say a few lines in our youtube video about the weekly roll up sponsor and ask them to bump up the sponsorship fee a little bit.
    This would make the videos almost self sufficient

Love the Weekly Rollup. Wish everyone had time/inclination to read it. Absent that excited by this offering’s potential to extend the Rollup’s, and the DAO’s, reach. And the ask seems like a bargain for the value added. Congrats and thanks to the team of dedicated bDAO contributors that put this together.


Awesome stuff you guys are doing.

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I was thinking along the lines of something like this as potential path we could take. Sponsors are going to want to see subs/views/reach, basically numbers, so we would need to beef said numbers up before we approach them with this as an option. However, it could be an easy upsell as a value add at some point in the future.

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Agreed, definitely worth exploring for season 7.

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Full support, I look forward to watching these videos.

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arent we already paying AV guild, the hatchery, and marketing department for this work?

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This project was funded by the AV Guild in S5. In Season 6 however, the AV Guild spun all projects out of the guild that are not focused on talent development. Podcast Hatchery never did anything with video, nor would this content fall there. The Hatchery is undergoing a restructuring this season as well. As for Marketing, I have no idea. They are free to use these videos in any of their campaigns.


Love the series and talent. Not sure I missed one yet. Just one more example of why and how wagmi. Appreciate the effort and talent. Build it, they will come. Reasonable ask. Press on!